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Glock Gunsmith's Bench Mat
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Glock Gunsmith's Bench Mat - A "Must Have"!
Ronnie M - Pine Bluff, Arkansas (my profile)
This is definitely a "must have" for the Glock followers. In addition to all of the ready info available on the mat, the construction is great, size is great, and it can serve numerous purposes besides just being a good surface for working on your maintenance projects. I even like the suggestion provided to me by GlockStore as using the mat for a large scale computer mouse pad (great idea!!!). I'll probably put some clear plastic over my mat while using it for working on Glocks (to protect the surface from contaminants, just in case!), so that I can help preserve the mat for future use and viewing. A GREAT IDEA from Glock, a good price from GlockStore, a useful accessory, and I've even seen them displayed on the wall at some stores and shops. Oh, did I mention that I like it?
Just great
Harry W - Green Cove Springs, Florida (my profile)
Keeps all the parts in one area without them sliding around.
glock gun smith mat
jojogunne - waukesha, Wisconsin (my profile)
these are so cool! i cant believe you dont have one of these.they last forever,and you get to show off your favorite pistol at the same time.
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