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Lone Wolf Barrels
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.45 Lone Wolf Barrel
James R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
Picked up one for a G-21. after first round was chambered I could not get the gun to cycle. after a few rounds were ran through the barrel it would not even chamber at all. I had to send it to Lone Wolf for repair/ replacement. Plus a small handling fee ???? I will see what happens when it comes back from Lone Wolf. Maybe a good paper weight.
Lone Wolf 9mm Barrel for G23
Kent - Western, North Carolina (my profile)
It could not have been easier - absolutely nothing to do except drop in the new barrel and change the clip. Accuracy seemed as good or better than my stock barrel. Actually thinking about getting the 357 conversion too!
Lone Wolf barrel for Glock 19
Doug K - Bella Vista, Arkansas (my profile)
I took my pistol out to the range today so I could see if it was as good as I hear. I shot a box of each; Blazer, Winchester White Box and PMC. I had no problem at all with any of them. It fired/ejected every time just like it's supposed to, helped my accuracy also. I feel confident in my purchase for sure!
Lone Wold Barrel
jay s - wylie, Texas (my profile)
Bought this standard barrel for my Glock 19,went right in,a true drop in barrel,accuracy was improved to 1 to 1 1/2 inch at 15 yards and probably 2-3 at 25 yards not bad at all.Still need to break it in and I am sure it will even get better.Why pay 200 bucks for a barstow barrel,this is well worth the money.jd
I like it!
Timothy P - Monterey, Tennessee (my profile)
Ok, I have had this barrel for a week now. (Glock 19 - 9mm) I have to say it is easily worth the amount it sells for ($99.95) Allows me to shoot lead nosed ammo, brass does not swell, so it's good for reloads, and there IS an increase in accuracy. I have had no jams even with the tighter tolerances compared to the Glock OEM. Fired about 200 rds through it so far. I would not consider it for carry use until I've done a few thousand rds through it... but it does look VERY promising!!! The only thing I really don't care for it the Laser etched "Wolf" pic on the top.
Lone Wolf G 22
HeadTrauma - Albuquerque, New Mexico (my profile)
I own a Glock 31 and with the prices of .357 Sig I wanted to pick up a .40 barrel. The price was good and FMJs cycle through it well. When it comes to hollow points I have FTFs big time. My 155gr Federal Hi-Shok's lock up on the feed ramp! I will only use this barrel for plinking and WILL not rely on it for self defense!
lone wolf glock model 21 barrel
rwmckee - keller, Texas (my profile)
bought one for using 200 gr lead swc reloads. outstanding bbl. drop in fit, more accurate than the factory barrel and shot my 230 gr fmj and 200 lswc reloads to same POI. my colt national match won't do that. functioned flawlessly. couldn't have been better regardless of cost. can do without the chem-etched wolf head logo over the chamber but for what i got, i can learn to like the logo.
Lone Wolf Barrel
MIKE S - Elizabethtown, Indiana (my profile)
The standard barrel in my Glock 17 will shoot 18 rounds in a 4in. groove at 20 yards off hand. The Lone Wolf is twice as accurate as a stock barrel.
lone wolf
Jarred H - Pulaski, Tennessee (my profile)
I see no need in buying the more expensive barrels. I have this one in my glock 30 and it is great. Very Pleased
Lone Wolf Barrel
Richard H - Wedowee, Alabama (my profile)
I have this standard barrel in my glock 35. I am very pleased with results. I shoot 98 and 100 on our qualification course. With this barrel my 50 shot groups are 4 to 5 inches tighter.
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