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Lone Wolf Conversion Barrels
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Does what it says.
Chris - midland, Texas (my profile)
What can I say, it does just what it advertizes. You drop it into the gun and its ready to go. I got a conversion barrel for the 9mm to save on ammo and a little less noisy. The only thing I do not like is the Lone Wolf logo on the top of the barrel. They donít show you that in the pic because they put it face down. I like a smooth and clean looking gun without a bunch of logos, words and adds. But I went with that brand because it was almost $100 cheaper then the other.
A good decision
John M - Metro, Minnesota (my profile)
I bought the Wolf G23 to G19 conversion so both my wife and I would be shooting 9mm for several days of training (much simpler than multiple calibers when traveling out of state). I tested the barrel at my local range and was satisfied, but chose to bring the original barrel just in case. With nearly 500 rounds through each gun, neither the G19 nor the converted G23 had any malfunctions that were not specifically set up for the course. And now I can use my cast bullets without leading concern!
G33 40 S&W convversion
Wayne C - Hendersonville, North Carolina (my profile)
I have a G33 and purchased a lonewolf 40 barrel a had 1 or 2 stovepipes at first but I am very well satisfied with accuracy and overall performance! The 40 S&W is a lot cheaper for practice .For the price the barrel is a real bargain!
Lone Wolf 40/9 conversion Barrel for G23
Steve - Raleigh, North Carolina (my profile)
Being the skeptic I am it took me nearly a month to decide to take a chance on the Lone Wolf 40/9 conv. barrel for my G23. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I wish I had done it sooner. This really is a drop in conversion barrel. It worked perfect right out of the box.(w/ G19 15rd mag) The first mag was slow and steady, and the second mag was fast and furious. No feed problems and more accurate than my stock barrel. The only problem I had was that 2 shells hit me on top of the head.(how will I ever be able to go on?) If you're sitting on the fence like I was, Jump Now, you won't be sorry!
So Far I'm Impressed!
Donald C - Farmington, Connecticut (my profile)
I just received the extended/ported .40-9 conversion barrel for my G22 along with 3 KCI G17 mags....most of the reviews I read elsewhere (several places) strongly suggested the use of OEM Glock magazines, I figured I'd gamble with the KCI's....anyways, just took it to the range for the first time - I am so far amazed! The familiar feel of my G22, not quite the kick of the .40 and in the first 50 rounds, I only had 1 stovepipe - in the last round of the mag - and I blame that on the fact I bought KCI's. So far I'm very impressed and I would recommend in a heartbeat to satisfy the 9mm itch - I'll update when I get past the 500rnd mark.
I Was Skeptical
Bruce F - Bentonville, Arkansas (my profile)
Turning my G22 into a G17 by swapping out the barrel and magazine seemed like it was too good to be true. Fortunately, I took a chance and picked up a LW 40 to 9mm conversion barrel. I am very pleased with my initial range time with the barrel. POI was not significantly changed, which was my second concern after making sure it would function properly. The only thing I don't like is the etching on the top of the barrel, but I can live with that. Picking up this barrel and a couple of G17 mags is really like having two Glocks in one. Great item.
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