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excellent for women pp &cw
kelley b - montrose, Colorado (my profile)
Love this gun. Its was my first choice for pp and cw. I bought my used from retailer for excellent price not for $600 for sure. She travel with me everywhere. Ladies she easy to disassemble for cleaning and lubrication. Fit perfect in purse or other baggage. Lots of how tos on you tube. Can't wait save up and buy 32..excellent gun for us women.
My New Carry Pistol Glock 29SF
Wayne B - Aurora, Colorado (my profile)
I recently purchased a Glock 29SF 10MM as a possible upgrade to my carry battery. After shooting the 29SF I have to say WOW! I was impressed with the power of the round and with the very manageable recoil. I have worked thru several carry pistols and calibers and am now sold on the powerful 10MM Glock 29SF as a ultimate carry pistol. I fired 155, 165, 180 and 200 grain ammo, all without a single failure to feed , fire or eject. I would recommend this pistol and caliber as a great option for carry, and I am not a avid Glock fan, but the 29SF has my vote.
Awesome part!
Chris - midland, Texas (my profile)
Awesome part! Some people like the sand paper better but I hate the idea of sticking something to my gun and having to peel it off later. But these things just slip on and off and feel great in your hand. I shot a friend’s gun without one and it just felt weird after having one.
Works great
Chris - midland, Texas (my profile)
I bought the 9mm mag because I got a 9mm conversion barrel for my G23 40. and so far works great. I didn't know much about guns and was a little nervous ordering it and it not being compatible. But locked it in and pumped out a couple rounds with a G23.
Great part
Chris - midland, Texas (my profile)
Felt great during fire. You can def feel the added weight which gave it a better feel for accuracy. I cant see why anyone would ever use the factory rod after this.
Chris - midland, Texas (my profile)
I actually found this DVD cheaper on Ebay, but if I didn’t find it there I would have gotten it through the Glock store. An awesome DVD. It does show you all the new tricked out parts and also shows you how to install them. Which was really helpful because there were parts I didn’t know how to take out, like the trigger. Its also a 2 hour long DVD so you do get your money’s worth.
A must!
Chris - midland, Texas (my profile)
Really good tool set. I only use have of them though. But if you do a lot of work with your guns, its almost a must to have.
Sky Cop Left Hand Holster
clinton m - oklahoma city, Oklahoma (my profile)
Finding a good holster for a lefty is hard. But I finally found the ultimate holster. This is exactly what I had been looking for, for a long, long time. High ride, comfortable, beautiful design and easy to conceal.I like to carry mine cross draw and this is the one!
john - Las Vegas, Nevada (my profile)
Great informative DVD. Bought for assembly/disassembly which helped alot.
Ben Q - Allentown, Pennsylvania (my profile)
Can't ask for anything else, these things are killer bright. Highly visible in daylight or the dark of night.
Gets the Job done, however...
Ben Q - Allentown, Pennsylvania (my profile)
This did the job of installing my night sights on my G19, but the screw on pieces for the hammer kept coming loose, and I spent a good amount of time tightening them throughout. Good value for the money, but fitment needs a little work
Very nice, but just one little thing......
John S - Southaven, Mississippi (my profile)
Got one of these for my Glock 22. Its nice, but there is only one small thing about it that while satisfied completly with the laser sight its self, that I would like to see a little different. The switch is activated via the thumb, but its not a real "positive" switch feeling as sometimes, due to the way the finger contact area of the switch is made, it takes an extra try sometimes at "pressing" with the thumb especially if you have big fingers. I was able to adapt this to my own sense of feeling and pressing action by the addition of a very small piece of plastic stuck to the switch finger contact area to sort of build it up just a little so that its more adapted to me. Not a big thing, nor hard to do, and the plastic piece added is the same color so its not even noticible. LaserLyte recommends a rear sight removal tool, but you can do this with a punch also. I have a rear sight removal tool but could not locate it at the time due to storing some stuff away while getting new floors layed in the house, so I got a little impatient as I wanted to try the new sight out and used the punch method. I placed a few small pieces of cloth between the punch end and the sight before tapping it out. This resulted in no marring of the original rear site so that worked out OK for me. Putting the laserlyte site on was a breeze, used the punch method for that too with no marring to the new sight. Don't hit it, tap gently but firmly :) Although I did not time it, I estimate it took maybe a "not rushing" five to seven minutes to get the old rear sight off and the laserlyte sight put on. Its really easy to adjust after installation, mine started out pre-adjustment right at the white dot on the front sight, and it was only about a minute at the most before it was adjusted to where it needed to be, I sighted it at 25 yards. After four hundred rounds so far the adjustment holds. Oh, something to make sure you do not forget is to sung down the center set screw on the sight. There is some, what seems, incorrect info for the sight here at the glock store site. Here at the glock store, in the information for the sight it says: "Powered by four 4x377 batteries, commonly used in watches, that provide one hour of run time on constant on and two hours in pulse mode." But at the laserlyte web site it says: "Battery Life: Normal Usage - constant on: 5 hours +, pulse mode: 10 hours +" I ran through a few sets of batteries myself to see which was correct and found the information at the laserlyte site ( to be correct. So you folks here at the Glock Store may want to verify and consider changing the info a little here for the product. Do I recommend this laser sight? Well, i've only had it for a short time, and only had to use it once so far for a suspect (no shooting), but yeah, I like it and feel confident in its use and quality. I like the absence of "bulk" on the weapon from those under weapon mounted lasers, and I like it better then those small hand grip mounted lasers, and I actually like it better then that guide rod LaserMax laser I used on one of my other glocks (it kept me from using a tungsten guide rod I wanted to use later). In my opinion, at least for right now, its money well spent and i've already recommended it to some others. I'm thinking about getting a few more of these for a couple of other glocks I have (in one to replace the LaserMax guide rod laser). So based upon my experience with it so far, the cost, the ease of installation, i'd recommend it. (If anyone from laserlyte sees this, i'd suggest a little bit more switch contact area for the thumb by building out the contact surface just a little more, just a smidge more.)
I like it alot .
CHRISTOPHER J - Seminole, Florida (my profile)
I truly like this alot & it is perfect for my glock 22 but i am waiting on a review first on it .. Where is it ???? Chris J , Seminole , Fl.
Awesome DVD!!!
Brent F - Columbia, Tennessee (my profile)
After watching this DVD, I'm very confident that I can perform successful assemblies and reassemblies of my Glocks. Lenny Magill does an excellent job of explaining each of the parts and how they all fit together. I would highly recommend this DVD to any owner of a Glock!!!
Night sights a must
Joey A - Beaumont, Texas (my profile)
For using a glock as personal protection this is a must add. it takes less than 3 minutes to install the whole kit (if you have a good hammer, mat, and punch.) but in low light conditions it is remarkably bright and easy to acquire proper sight. Great add
Great Bag
Joey A - Beaumont, Texas (my profile)
My local range has very small shooting booths. this allows me to bring my primary to the range and not take allot of rom in the booth. Very nice bag...
Nice, except!
William P - Port Coquitlam (my profile)
A nice little mod to my model 22 EXCEPT, I ordered additional ones for my wife and co-worker and the product won't fit their(model 17) gen 4's,(interchangable backstraps)
Goos teaching tool
Daniel C - Bakersfield, California (my profile)
Good practice magazine, nice weight and great for practice or getting used to a loaded gun. Just wish it was a hair shorter for us 10 rd CA folk.
Good fakes, bad quality
Daniel C - Bakersfield, California (my profile)
Like Ryan L said, these dummy rounds are good and weighty, but the yellow powder coating just flakes off rather quickly. Good for adding weight to a magazine to give a proper feel of a loaded pistol.
Truglo Tritium sights
Peter G - Queensbury, New York (my profile)
I purchased these for my Glock 30SF. All of my pistols have night sights installed for night use. These are easy to install and work great. Do not be with out them.
Extended slide stop lever
Peter G - Queensbury, New York (my profile)
I purchased 2 of these for my Glock 21SF & Glock 30SF. I am left handed and have to set the slide stop with my left forefinger. This accessory is larger and is much easier to use for both a left hander and right hander you just reach up and feel it with out dropping your eyes down to look for it.
3.5# connector
Peter G - Queensbury, New York (my profile)
I purchased 2 of these for my Glock 21SF & Glock 30SF. Install was flawless and gives you much better accuracy as it is easier to squeeze trigger. Much less pistol movement.
Mag Extension
Peter G - Queensbury, New York (my profile)
I purchased 3 of these for my Glock 21SF. Installation was easy and they work perfectly I now have 3 mags for my 21SF that carry 17 rounds each. They do stick out beyond the bottom of the grip about 1 1/2 inches a small sacrifice for 17 rounds.
mag sleeve
Peter G - Queensbury, New York (my profile)
I purchased 2 of these I thought it would be nice to be able to shot my Glock 21SF mags in my Glock 30SF. They do work fine except that the fit is not tight there is a gap on either side of the sleeve depending how you install it. The gap does not inhibit the sleeve from working just does not look good.
CCSir - Somewhere, Ohio (my profile)
At first I was a little skeptical about this holster. I have tried several different leather IWB holsters only to find that they all collapse after removing my firearm. To my surprise this one worked better than any other I have tried. It still requires a little work, but doesn't require me to completely remove the holster from my waist, then re-holster the gun, then put my firearm and holster back inside my pants. Firearm inside the holster is extremely secure. It's made of GREAT quality leather. Secures nicely to all of my leather and 5.11 belts, and is set at the perfect angle to be worn at the 4 o'clock position. Thanks and DeSantis
Says that it will fit the 19 but it does not
J - Eau Claire, Wisconsin (my profile)
This item will not work on the Glock 19. After cutting and sanding the brass I had got it to fit, but it is not worth the trouble and time to get it to fit buy something that you know will fit your gun. I do think that this would fit the full sized guns but it will not fit the compact.
Great Product
James R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
Works well with any size handgun. Feels a little heavy with a large cal. gun. In no way do I find it uncomfortable. Well worth the money for concealment.
Worth the money
James R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
Added to my G-21. Quick easy and works well.
This is not made for the sub compact Glocks!
striper68 - Fort Mill, South Carolina (my profile)
Well my lovely wife found my glockstore catalog which was conveinetly marked up with a highlighter on the parts that I wanted Santa to bring for my Glock 27. I just put this Hogue grip on it and if it didn't have to be trimmed for the baby glock I can see where it would have been fine. BUT you have to trim it for the small glock and it looked awful! So awful that I had to toss it in the trash. Before that I tried to leave the top finger weld in place and trim the bottom one off but it still looked like crap. I can see where it will fit the full size glocks perfectly but stay away from it for the baby glocks. For $10 what do you expect.
Durability & Strength
Spazarus - Charlotte, North Carolina (my profile)
I have a Tungsten wedding band. After 6 years of wearing there is not a scratch on it. I've even "tried" to make some sort of mark on it. Not having gone to extreme measures such as explosions or dropping some insane weight on it, my ring still looks brand new. So knowing what my ring can endure I'm immediately buying one.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
Makes a difference in the trigger pull. DEFINITELY. Now my Glock fires nice(er) and smooth(er).
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
Agreed. Only thing I didn't like about it was the corners are pointy as hell. Took some light sand paper to it and it's amazing now. If the corners were smooth and rounded, it'd give it *****.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
I own the light/laser combo. I like it, ALOT. Makes my Glock 22 look even more bad-ass. Fits almost flush with the barrel on full size Glocks. Not the light isn't like the Streamlight or Surefire lights, but it ain't that nasty yellow either.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
Goes great with the SERPA holster. Does it's job. Not angle adjustable, but it works for me. Don't store it with a magazine in it though, the tension won't be as strong as when you first got it, but it'll still be strong. Just not AS strong.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
Great add-on to your Glock. The original slide stop/release sucks. YOU CAN'T ENGAUGE IT WITH YOUR THUMB! Very easy to install, just be careful when re-inserting the pins. You not suppose to let the slide slam forward but when conducting a speed reload, it makes it that much easier. RECOMMENDED FOR ANY GLOCK PISTOL.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
It's great. NOT A CONCEALABLE HOLSTER. But for open carrying your Glock, it's amazing. You can also "cant" the pistol holster forward or backward to about 45 degrees. Good for developing your "finger straight and off the trigger" rule when drawing your weapon. Good Item.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
If you buy a Glock or any size, GET THIS ITEM. Doesn't jiggle, doesn't fall out, and it actually does more than one thing. 1) Keeps dirt and other nastiness out of the channel behind where you magazine sits. 2)It's slanted like a feed ramp, so it HELPS with inserting mags. BUY IT.
Justin - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
I'm iffy on this piece. When I first got my Glock 22 RTF2, I immediately installed it. VERY EASY to install. I the recoil difference is somewhat noticeable. However, when I bought my stainless steel guide rod, I noticed when chambering a round, it still feeds properly but it wasn't as smooth as before. It has more friction when sliding over the first round to be chambered. Haven't tested it on the range yet with both parts installed (I work people). So bottom line, if you get this piece, I wouldn't recommend using it with a stainless steel guide rod. On the other end, it's only like $9.
Amazing Magwell!
Josh Biddle - Berry, Kentucky (my profile)
If this would allow me to rate it 5 1/2 stars I would. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a solid magwell from an excellent company. I started shooting IPSC matches just this September and Im a noobie to all this and I installed this magwell in under 3 minutes. It's simple and straight up does the job! The parts fit perfectly and I couldnt have asked for an easier install. The only thing I did was add some blue Loctite to all the screws it came with. Love it!
James C - Jacksonville, Alabama (my profile)
I like the metal plug instead of the plastic. The push pin keeps it in place and I haven't had any issues with it falling out. A little pricy, but a good product overall.
Worked well
James C - Jacksonville, Alabama (my profile)
Great product. Improved my grouping and made the gun recoil feel tighter and more controlled. Definately a good buy.
mark - durango, Colorado (my profile)
I bought these extensions for my wife's G26. Simple to install, +2 rounds, can't go wrong with being able to have all of your fingers on this nice gun.
Disappointed in the laser sight.
Dave S - Sherman, Illinois (my profile)
Very disappointed in the quality of this product. Aligning the sight is simple. the problem is that after a round or two, it loses it's alignment. I can see no way of locking it down. The instructions are pretty simple. I have removed the product and just accepted the fact that I wasted my money. Unless of course someone can tell me what I am doing wrong when I align the sight.
Too much Info is no good sometimes..
Kurtiss T - Lancaster (my profile)
The upper is considered a gun part and no FFL paperwork is required. Get it Donald W???
worth the wait?
trackdog - boston, Massachusetts (my profile)
any other back orders out there? a month wait for me on this part . well we will see if its worth the wait.
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
If you plan on ever plan on dropping the slide on your Glock one handed, then I consider this product to be essential. It offers dramatically improved purchase on the lever while still offering a very streamlined and snag-resistant package. I don't understand why this part is not stock on all Glocks.
If you're thinking about adding this part to your Glock, do it!
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
Replacing this connector is easy to do and, particularly when used in conjunction with the titanium safety plunger, it will produce a dramatically improved trigger pull. Great product!
Worth it
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
I'm not convinced that the titanium construction helps at all with this product, but it is more smoothly radiused than the stock Glock part which makes it smoother in operation. The Gold coating will only last a few hundred rounds, if that, but it doesn't seem to be important.
Outstanding product!
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
This product is easy to apply, durable, and effective. I prefer the rubber model to the sand, and it is the right balance of grippiness without grabbing onto onto fabric etc.
Great light!
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
This is a great quality, compact, light which mounts flush to the end of the barrel on full-sized Glocks. It also closely matches the width of my Glock 21. Unless you need something which burns longer or is more waterproof, you won't go wrong with this model.
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
I have the in-barrel model of laser. The product works just the way it should, and it provides new opportunities for practice. My target responds to more than just the "Beamhit" laser, though: I can also set it off with my Anschutz LaserPower rifle. As such, I suspect that you could buy the target for $300 (see the accessories page) and the Magic Bullet Laser Ammo for $160, and have an in-narrel system for $460 rather than $800 for the Beamhit in-barrel system. If you do order the Beamhit in-barrel model, I recommend buying several extra batteries. The batteries last quite a while, but they seem to constitute 3 stacked and taped "SR626SW" watch batteries. I haven't tried making my own cells for this unit with three SR626SW batteries as I haven't been able to find batteries of that model locally.
Does what it says, and a little nicer than the flat version.
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
This product does exactly what it says. The quality of the plastic matches the finish of my Glock 21SF very closely, and the fit is good. I prefer the curved bottom of this model to the flat design of the "Backstrap Channel Insert". Adding this product to my frame has also allowed me to more consistently guide magazines into the well. Recommended!
Does what it says
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
This product does exactly what it says. The quality of the plastic matches the finish of my Glock 21SF very closely, and the fit is good. I prefer the rounded "slug plug" to this flat version, but both do the job just fine.
Does not compare to other products
Ryan L - Halifax, NS (my profile)
I like the copper heads of these dummys, and the weight is nice, but overall I am extremely disappointed with this product. Please note that these are NOT snap-caps: there is no soft brass (like Tipton) or hard rubber (like A-Zoom) insert in the primer space to help protect your firing pin. Rather, there is simply an open channel. As far as your firing pin is concerned, there is no difference between pulling the trigger with an empty chamber and pulling the trigger with one of these in the chamber: either way the pin touches nothing but air. Also, the yellow powder coating is not at all durable. Simply loading into a magazine or clambering the very first time dramatically scratched up these dummys. Do you want yellow powder-coating residue on the inside of your mags and chamber? I don't! I just don't see much benefit to this product. Tipton, A-Zoom and I suspect others make good quality snap-caps which will help you protect your firing pin while dry firing. Those products also offer a more durable finish with their respective hard plastic and anodized aluminum construction. Those might not be quite as heavy as these, but they have none of the downsides of this "Dummunition". If this product had a more durable finish and some type of snap cap in the primer socket then it would be perfect. As is, however, you may wish to look elsewhere.
kleen-bore handgun cleaning kit
Ruben A - 29 Palms, California (my profile)
Everything i thought it was and more. Your discription was right on,it was delivered right on time. Also the kleen-bore cans of solvent were larger than i thought they were. Thanks
Great Conceal Holster
Rick B - Charlotte, Michigan (my profile)
Fits on belt and sits really well. Rides pretty high on belt, and allows easy concealment. Best conceal holster I have had.
Do Not Buy
Robert R - Blacksburg, Virginia (my profile)
I would like to add to Tobias and Josh K remarks. Adding this part caused my G23 to also miss feed. The additional thickness of this product adds additional loading to the recoil spring which does not allow the needed movement of the slide. This will cause the bullet to either stove pipe up out of the slide or will jam the bullet down into the magazine.
Perfect Paddle Holster
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
This is the simplest, easiest to wear paddle holster that I have used for my Glock 27. It's made of the ingenious design of polymer sandwiched between leather on both sides for the best of two worlds. It goes on and off very easily and lays flat against the body, keeping my weapon exactly where I need it without print under a jacket or sportcoat. Draws and reholsters quickly and easily and durable; I've used mine for two years and it still looks new. A fine investment for those who carry strongside at a reasonable price.
Awesome, for Competition Use ONLY!
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
This spring kit is a quick, ease way to very noticeably lighten and smooth out your Glock trigger, without the trial and error of having to match the appropriate striker spring to trigger spring (if the ratio is too heavy in favor of the trigger spring, your weapon won't properly reset). HOWEVER, this kit IS NOT for duty use, as, even if it fires just fine at first, after a year or year and a half when the springs break in, light primer hits on factor ammo and even MISFIRES will result, potentially getting you killed on the street, in your house or in the line of duty. It doesn't cost much, so, replace this spring kit every year to keep your competition and target guns shooting smoothly and reliably. For duty/combat guns, stick with the regular striker spring, put in a reduced striker safety spring and get the extra power trigger spring, for the perfect trigger weight for duty/self defense use. I personally shun reduced power mainsprings/striker springs for ANY combat weapon-I've just seen too many fail at random times with regular ammo.
Crazy Don - No. Little Rock, Arkansas (my profile)
Practice ammo (FMJ)AT Walmart for about 1/5th the price in 50 to 100round boxes...AAND were talking Winchester And Remington Quality here...Sooo???
Crazy Don - No. Little Rock, Arkansas (my profile)
Great for shooting comfort ... helps recovery time between shots... more costly and getting harder to find at local stores
sounds good so far
Crazy Don - No. Little Rock, Arkansas (my profile)
went to a local gun show a couple of weeks ago ... the venders claim 2 to 6 additional (no commitments in order to cover their asses) rounds and sell for only about $5 dollars less ... sooo... sounds like a good deal to me ..they are more costly at the local gun shops
way to much money
Crazy Don - No. Little Rock, Arkansas (my profile)
you can buy a box of 100 fmj rounds at Walmart for less than $25 ...Im not the sharpest knife in th drawer but ....
It serves it's purpose
MetalGlockSolid - Bellevue, Washington (my profile)
I bought these to differentiate carry mags from target mags. I know the Glock mags are polymer and most likely will last as long as the pistol but I'm snooty like that. They fit perfect and worth the few bucks.
Very good training device
Frans D - Rochester Hills, Michigan (my profile)
I have a Glock 26 and now I finally can devote a lot of training time towards the draw, aiming and firing techniques.. The first results are very encouraging..I believe it is money well spent. The alternative of buying ammo and going to the shooting range has its limitations for this type of training.. I had some set up issues but after a call with Lenny Magill this all got straightened out.. I will also make this known in the forums I participate in..
must try
trackdog - boston, Massachusetts (my profile)
got a hauge grip for my 2nd g glock 23. then i decided to try the pachmayer grip glove with the finger groove cut out. so i then tried both and at the same time it is the best feel ive had. hauge with the finger groove and grip glove over it with the cut out . you need to cut the hauge for underneeth fit but i cant belive the feel and fitment. at the range its the best. beefy but comfortable
4 piece chrome pin set
Maurice W - Killeen, Texas (my profile)
The 4 piece pin set I received in the mail, ( you noticed I left out chrome ) IS NOT CHROME!!!!
Drake T - Sioux City, Iowa (my profile)
Yeah, not only will it help your grip, it will actually improve your reloads. You know how without a mag well and you are just practicing reloads and you get the lip of the magazine caught on the grip of the gun? The magwell will actually in a way act as a funnel so you can get it close to the well in the gun and the magwel will funnel it in. I use a similar one on my Glock 35 for USPSA and I love it. If you are just putting this on your personal defense gun, I'd get the polymer one, but if you are getting one for your competition Glock, I'd get a heavy aluminum one just to help with recoil somewhat.
Standard Glock Product
KB - Marina, California (my profile)
This is a decent product as far as durability is concerned. However, I ordered the one for the post-2002 G34, which originally came with an extended slide stop from the factory. The one I received here was the basic, flat version that comes on the other models. The flat version is ok, but the extended version is far superior. Customer service was nice, and did not give me any problems with the return.
combo safe
kansas shooter - somewhere, Kansas (my profile)
I have order 3 combo safes well worth it, i will be buying more, i am able to put my 24c glock into one if it does not have its magwell on tight fit, the safes foam does sink but a gun that safe and with you worth the smell. i wish the safe was a inch longer though.
Glock Model 22
Joe P - Medford, Oregon (my profile)
Good buy, work's great in my model 22 ...better than the plastic JUNK !!!
Neat little tool
Joe P - Medford, Oregon (my profile)
Hate it ...Don't buy this!!!!
A Well Added addition to my Glock 30 SF
Ora G - Buena Park, California (my profile)
Purchased this item to replace my factory guide spring. Took it to the range and the performance was better than I expected as to how much better this spring improved my weapon. This guide is a needed addition to your weapon, and it does increase accuracy, and reduces muzzle recoil.
William D - Shepherd, Texas (my profile)
Just purchased holster, like everything about it. Hides weapon easy with no pinching of skin or readjusting of holster
Are these grips as good as they say?
Gregorie R - The Colony, Texas (my profile)
YES..a resounding yes! If you haven't purchased one yet, you should get one. Or, better yet, put it on your wish list so your significant other will know what to get you this Christmas. Just take your time and carefully place it on over your grip, and you'll instantly feel the quality that went into this glove. Even though I have adjustable backstraps for my Glock 22, I'll be getting one of these as a 'gift'. I bought one for my Glock 23 (compact 40) and it makes a remarkable difference. You can see the quality in the design, and feel it in the rubber compound. it is by far the best glove that I have ever used on a handgun. The old saying..."fits like a glove", applies here most assurredly.
Jerry dunk - IL, Illinois (my profile)
Great idea! Lasted 4 months and the part started falling apart!
Still going strong after a year of abuse.
Kirk R - Estancia, New Mexico (my profile)
After more than a year of hard shooting in all types of conditions and ammo, this part does not even show any signs of significant wear. My shooting improved with the added weight up front to help the muzzle jump created by the .45+p ammo that I shoot. It is nice to actually buy something that performs and works beyond your expectations. Almost unheard of these days.
This heavyweight works!
David E - SE Mich, Michigan (my profile)
I have one of these on a G24 USPSA Limited gun and it works great! Can't miss the well on reloads and the weight really stabilizes the gun. Works fine with a couple of different extended base pads I have.
A Must Have!!
Scot C - Richmond, Virginia (my profile)
If it's good enough for the FBI & other LE agencies to put it on their Duty pistols, them it must be for a good reason. I've put it on every Glock I've owned since 1996 to include my current Glock 23. It makes all the difference in the world. It's a tactical Must!!
2 Thumbs Up!!
Scot C - Richmond, Virginia (my profile)
I'm a Galco fan. I currently use/have this holster in Havana Brown & a Galco Summer Comfort IWB Holster. I love them both. The CBH holster is of great quality & very comfortable. Almost no break in time. It was a perfect fit to my Glock 23. This holster IS my FIRST choice when carrying!!(When my attire allows)
Summer Comfort
Scot C - Richmond, Virginia (my profile)
I'm a Galco fan. I currently use/have this holster & a Galco Concealable Belt Holster in Havana Brown. I love them both. The Summer Comfort holster is of great quality & very comfortable. The pistol rides high. I highly recommend you wear a quality leather belt with this holster, especially if you use this holster with a smaller pistol than a Glock 23. Since the pistol rides high, the holster feels like it wants to flip out depending on how you move/crouch down.
Works great
Art R - Kellogg, Idaho (my profile)
DO NOT USE A DREMAL!!! Those people are not installing this product properly. It is suppose to be a very tight fit. A few taps with a small hammer is all it takes to get the piece into place. Works like a charm
Joseph P - Erie, Pennsylvania (my profile)
This hat sucks,but what do you expect from something made in China? Made for a Chinamans head!
high price but great concealment
billy m - anniston, Alabama (my profile)
great product i use it everyday to carry my glock 30 45acp even with gun fully loaded it stays in place and is comfortable to wear everyday cost is kinda high plus shipping was $13 but its worth it going to oorder a few more
You should know you are in trouble when the Glock Store defers to Manufacturer
Dean A - Chandler, Arizona (my profile)
I purchased this tool and Read the disclaimer in the box not to contact the Glock Store but contact the manufacturer Kaiser Shooting Products. I saw the Video made by the Glock Store Owner which made allot of sense. But when I tried to use theThe slide kept slipping in the anti marring tape that is falling off the tool I first tried it on my M&P 45 and I finally gave up using it on that gun and reverted to a M&P Tool I had that Pushes on the blade not the dovetail. then I tried it on my brand new Kimber Pro Agis 9mm a $1,300.00 dollar gun not only did the slide keep slipping on the tape but it marred the slide I am pissed
No Modification Necessary
Mark H - Arvada, Colorado (my profile)
Please take the time to very carefully seat the screw lock piece properly. It takes some dexterity and no sanding, filing or Dremel smoothing is needed. It is a precision fit. Get it started by hand, gently tap with a small mallet until it is about 1/8 inch below the surface, hold the well in place and gently tighten the cap head screw. It installs easily and looks great. Very functional.
Tool - 96003, California (my profile)
Made from stronger material than the original parts. Unless you feel the need to take your pins out daily these are great.
Fobus Ankle Holster for the G39 Glock
dragunwoolf - Jeffersonville, New York (my profile)
Just my luck, I tried this holster as soon as I received it. First thing I noticed was that the pistol rocked back and forth as I shook it. I turned it upside down and gave it a hard shake. The pistol slid out so I strapped on the rig and briskly ran up some stairs in my house in shorts. The pistol flew out. At a quick walk the rocking motion makes noise. I spoke to Fobus and was informed that they are using a 45 acp rig and due to the slim receiver and wider slide you will find a looser than average fit. As instructed I sent it back hoping for a better unit to be returned to me.
glock 20
Kyle R - Baudette, Minnesota (my profile)
It is a nice accessorie for your gun . fits nice on your hand. but a pain in the ass to but on!!!! I did the hot bowl water and windex to but it on help out some...
mottly3m - Portland, Oregon (my profile)
I purchased these pins in hopes of producing less wear on frame from dry fire kit exchanges. (Look how pretty they are in the pic) They probably would except for one thing. The recesses in trigger and block pins have not been chamfered and the edges are very sharp. Found out the hard way that these are very effective at shaving polymer out of the pin holes. Not enough to wreck frame in one shot of course, but Jeez!
Phantom 30 - VPS, Florida (my profile)
Just Recieved this product yesterday. Tried it on. Getting the right size is important since its a snug fit. I did. I was hoping to use the mussle shirt version over a standard T-shirt so it would stretch down enough to let the holster portion ride lower. It worked. The retention strap has a hard metal snap not velcro. The only improvement would be to have dual snap locations so you can use a forward snap to pull the butt in towards your body more and make the snap closer to you release hand. The other option would be to replace the snap with a velcro strip fully across the pocket area so retention can be adjusted to user needs. Hope the elasticity holds up during repeated washing and the snaps don't rust.
So far so good!
nick b - Ferriday, Louisiana (my profile)
Just got my V Neck shirt today. So far it gas been great! Fit is perfect and holds my Glock 23 tight to the body. Everyone I showed it to was amazed I had a gun under my arm. Conceals very well. I had the shirt on for 5 hours without any complaints as far as comfort goes. Takes a little practice drawing your weapon. Been sneaking away and practicing every chance I get. I'll update in a week. Love it so far !
cleaning glock 26
Fred G - point st.lucie, Florida (my profile)
this tool does not help you. I happen to be 1 handedand i need a tool to help break down model so i'm able to clean it.
Andy K - Boston, Massachusetts (my profile)
i own a glock .23 .40 cal this is awesome the metal firing rod is way better then the plastic rod. Ten Stars is my Vote!!!
Almost Good
Nate S - Logan, Utah (my profile)
OK, this light is nice and bright, and I love the way its designed as far as operating the on/off/strobe switch, and the overall looks of it. However, the more I shot with mine the more problems I had with its reliablity. It seemed as if the shock from the weapon discharging rattled a connection loose somewhere in the light. Now that I've shot with the light several times it's almost unusable because of it's reliability. Sometimes when I activate the switch the light turns on, or maybe it doesnt. Or maybe it just goes straight to the stobe effect without "double tapping" the switch like its designed to work. At this point I leave the light on my weopon only because the holster I have is desighned to have the light, and I looovvve my holster. But becaue I never know how, or if the lights going to work I rely on my flashlight when light is needed.
Ian F - League City, Texas (my profile)
The kit came in fairly quickly so that's a good thing. The two pins and the slide lock are shiny. But the slide release is dark grey. I tend to think that the main piece that is most easily visible would be the nicest and shiniest. Definately not shiny.
Excellent Product
Dave O - Norwich, Connecticut (my profile)
This is my daily duty holster. It is durable, light weight, and an all around great holster. The lining protects the finish, there is no play once my weapon is holstered either. The locking mechanism allows a quick draw and has great retention. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good duty holster. The only draw back is the lining tends to drain the oil out of it once cleaned, but is quickly fixed with a rag. 5 Stars!!
must have
phillip h - New Castle, Pennsylvania (my profile)
I have put this product on a g22 and a g27, its a must have for any glock.
Very satisfied
James F - Roseland, Florida (my profile)
No trouble installing on my G19 (followed direction from video). Fits my hand well. Seems like money well spent
Great Idea
waylon w - hazel green, Alabama (my profile)
Just got it, neat little tool and tried it, works great. Only problem I've had is the fit is way too loose. I wrapped it once with electrical tape cut hole for pin of course problem solved. I use a 19c I've heard heavier calibers have problems of falling out but not a problem with mine even when it was loose, I'm just picky.
Glock Mag holder
Greg S - LaBelle, Florida (my profile)
This product is very durable. I have had mine for many years this has quick access and comfort.
Excellent Item
Gary C - Victoria, Texas (my profile)
This is an excellent item for sat-t. I use it on my Glock 27 and have no problems with it.The only thing you might find is when it comes down to a fast draw and fire you could very well loose it.I am looking for some glow pain or tape to make it more easily to find if I lose it. But other than that it's a FIVE STAR item. Thanks
tungsten guide rod
trackdog - boston, Massachusetts (my profile)
order for this product is very slow so if there is no hurry than i understand its worth the wait we will see. 3 weeks and counting
What a Steal!
Joe - BD, Wisconsin (my profile)
I bought this light thinking it wouldn't do nearly the job the other more pricey lights do but oh man was i wrong! I got the light more for walking out to my stand during bow season because i've got wolves on my trail cam (oh boy...) and figured i'd like to protect my butt while walking on the land in the dead of morning. This light is very bright. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it lights everything up! Taking it off to use as my off-duty gun is a snap. Hats off to Glock for making this super bright well priced weapon light. By the way, it does fit perfectly on the weapon. It's extremely snug against the rail of the gun.
what happen when i place a compensated barrel to standard 21SF
fayloga w - quezon city (my profile)
Great Conceal and Carry
Bernard M - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Prior to purchasing this shirt, I was carrying a fanny-pack. Screaming Gun everywhere I traveled. This is by far the best approach to concealment I've found thus far and believe me - I've tried many! It's realy easy to forget it's even there. My Glock 17 and 26 both fit very comfortably for all day wear. I too would like to see the option to order one side closed as I was visiting a friend and they had no ideal I was wearing it until the extra clip fell out. How embarrising that was, however, I would recommend this to anyone as I have more on order myself.
truglo fiber optic
honey - hudson, Michigan (my profile)
I can focus on the sights much quicker. They are also very visable in low and no light situations. I would recomend these sights to my friends.
Pretty good and lots of fun
Char C - California (my profile)
Bought the .22 conversion kit for my Glock 21SF. Have ONLY used the recommended ammo (Remington Golden, CCI MiniMag) - have had a few problems with jams, mostly failure to extract, seems important to keep the slide and its components VERY clean. Otherwise, it shoots nice tight groups at 15 and 25 yards - used it for my very first Small Bore Falling Plate match this weekend and did fairly well with it! It's definitely a nice quality kit in a good hard case with cleaning tools included.
Magazine Sleeve
amin_aur - Norman, Oklahoma (my profile)
I purchased this magazine sleeve so I can get a better grip on my Glock 27. Previously, I had a grip extension on the nine-round magazines and wasn't happy with the way the pistol fit in my hand. So I purchased two thirteen-round magazines and two magazine sleeves. I'm happy with the results because I carry more rounds and the pistol fits in my hand much better. However, the magazine sleeve has a big gap between the top of the sleeve and bottom of the pistol grip. I think it could have been designed with tighter tolerances. Also, I think this product is a little over-priced.
Zap Stick
Michael J - Baytown, Texas (my profile)
Just because it is small,doesn't mean that this stun gun doesn't pack a big punch. Compact,easy to hold and the sound alone will surprise any attacker. Great price for piece of mind.
ISIDRO S - malolos (my profile)
Does not fit.
RICHARD S - ORLANDO, Florida (my profile)
Finally after using bit of pressure, it was on. None of the magazines would catch, it slid right out. I took it to my neighbor who is a cert. Gunsmith He could not get it to work and he told me of many officers who purchased them and had the same problem.
Great Practice Accessory
Tom R - Colorado Springs, Colorado (my profile)
I was not sure purchasing this practice aid if it would be that worthwhile. I took the risk, and purchased it since there were no reviews at the time of consideration. Fortunately for me, I am very pleased with the product so far. Why? The quality and accuracy is outstanding. Granted it is expensive, but for me it more than worth the price. I was concerned that it might not be accurate. It seems to be very accurate. I have used it hitting targets 35 to 40 feet in my home. Taking it outdoors in the evening, (so I do not attract attention) and with Tridium sights on my Glock 22, I consistently hit targets 100 to 150 feet way. The laser produced dot on the target is very small but very visible. The dot hitting the target is illuminated for a very short time but more than adequate duration. Using it has resulted on honing my accuracy, holding the weapon steady, improving my stance, my grip and encouraged me to really concentrate on aim before squeezing the trigger. It gives you instantaneous feedback on your aim. It is very rewarding to me when I make the hit and likewise discouraging when I mess up. Having the laser bullet helps me analyze my source of errors and improve my technique. Comparing it with the cost of using ammo at the range, it has more than half paid for itself in just one week of practice and not even having to leave the house. I highly recommend it.
robert b - stockbridge, Georgia (my profile)
I had recently ordered this part after not being satisfied with the Dawson Precision product. This was a great switch. The product is a quality made piece of polymer that has performed to the highest standards. Great price in comparison to the others that are offered. Easy installation, with a tight fit. I understand that others have had to dremmel their products. However, I think that it is meant to have a tight fit. Great product.
Ryan S - Cleveland, Ohio (my profile)
OK first of all I ordered this item along with the steel guide rod, and the black/silver slide cover. everything came on time EXCEPT this item. and it never said it was back ordered until i saw my order sheet. OK and almost 3 months later this item finally arrived. Im upset because its NOT CHROME. its a dull silver like the guy before me noted. the pins look chrome but the slide release and the slide lock are dull silver. and the finish is wearing out after 3 or 4 releases!?. awful quality. and the slide release is wearing into my frame after the 3 or 4 cycles!? I don't know what to say except.. very disappointing.
Horrible Fit
robert b - stockbridge, Georgia (my profile)
This is a great idea for a product. However, I did order this product and received it with an improperly sized bolt. The bolt was fit for a direct screw in and needed to have an angle. This inhibited the magazine from properly seating into position. I did return the product and asked for an exchange. Glockstore did quickly resend me another magwell. however, again I received an improperly made product. This time the screw hole was cross threaded and the bottom plastic portion of the well was cracked. Its a shame because the product looks so cool and really did have a nice weight to it. I did however order a glockstore magwell and am confident that it will work very well, as all there products do. Sometimes simpler is better. The magwell is for a Glock 19. In my personal opinion I would much rather spend half the money and have a product that works. Rather than spending $80 on a product that doesnt. Very disappointed. Stick with Glockstore products.
Chris B - Federal Way, Washington (my profile)
Adds a nice touch to the black but it is not chrome. It is dull silver almost like a galvanized look. Not what I expected but still looks better than black.
Complete 21 upper $595?
Donald W - Jupiter, Florida (my profile)
Why bother? You can buy the whole gun for less.
as advertised
kevin w - landover, Maryland (my profile)
works with no problem assembled in 2 minutes even looks well. you will get your rounds in with no problem in my 23 i just loaded 14 and let sit overnight and added 15 round the next day because of brand new spring.
chrome kit ???
Pete - Humble, Texas (my profile)
I thought I ordered a 4 piece chrome kit, but it looks like I ordered a 4 piece dull silver painted kit. Chrome is supposed to be shiny isn't it??? Where's the bling???
Not What I thought
Citation - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Bought this for deep concealment and with a Glock 23 or a Walthes PPK/S the handles rubbed my arm Raw. Besides that the shirt is comfortable. and it does hide the weapon Great. Got 2 stars due to the rubbing and the high price.
Some Fitting Required
dunnly - Eastpointe, Michigan (my profile)
Purchased for my Glock 36 and would noy fit through the hole in slide. I tried from both sides just to verify that I was not being stupid. I had to use some emery on the end of rod to get to fit. Just a nuisance when you expect better! Should function fine now...hope all is well.
grip mod
trackdog - boston, Massachusetts (my profile)
just installed the mag enhancer. needed a quick file on the plug or insert.took 10 min. tigtened down the allen and wow what a huge difference in comfort. must have if nothing else
Tried this product but to expensive for what it is.
GLOCKPC - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (my profile)
I tried this product in a gun shop here and is a really good way to practice indoors. Only problem, its too expensive. Its a laser pointer with a buffed up button for the firing pin. How expensive could it be. I'm not knocking Glock store or the product. If you want this product to sell make it more manageable to buy.
Powerful Lightweight Compact Easy
Brandon S - Tigard, Oregon (my profile)
I picked up one of these for my XDm .40 for home defense, and I love it, It's amazing what one little LED can do, i can light up trees as far as I can see at night, it has a nice paddle switch at the rear that is very natural to find in a hurry. I use it on my Xdm with a 4.5 inch barrel and it only reaches about the 4 inch mark. It weighs about 2 oz with battery, and is a great bang for the buck. The only issue is that The paddle tends to snag if used for carry. With that said I give it a 4.5 rounded up.
ERICK R - SABANA GRANDE (my profile)
mag well for glock 20 21
christopher d - derry, New Hampshire (my profile)
this magwell is a bad doesnt stay on the pistol correctly...the magwell is brass the peice to hold it to the pistol is plastic and the screws are a very fine machine screw which doesnt have a good hold into the plastic ......bad design...i wouldnt recomend this product!!!!!!!!!!
Lasermax red
Hugh Y - Blountsville, Alabama (my profile)
I bought two of these for our Glock 21's. I was hoping the laser sight would help improve the wife's shooting plus it greatly improves self defense capabilities at night and low light situations The sight mounts easily and was easy to sight in. The activation switch is ambidextrous and is easily activated with the index finger. At 30 yds. the laser is hard to see in bright daylight which is why I gave it only 4 stars. The sight is compact and seems to be well built. We've shot in excess of 200 rnds. without any problems. I was able to alter our holsters by removing a few stitches to allow more room for the sight. If you're looking for a laser to use during bright daylight you might be better off with the green laser. The price difference kept me from ordering the green laser.
Backstrap Channel Insert too tight a fit for GLOCK 17 New Gen 9MM
Eugene S - Fayetteville, North Carolina (my profile)
This item cracked my pistol grip as soon as I inserted it into the channel of my GLOCK 17 New Gen 9MM. It cracked from the bottom of the pistol grip to the recessed hole where the insert snaps into the pistol grip. It only cost $7.00 and I covered my pistol grip with one of my backstrap extentions that came with my pistol so no damage can be seen from plan view.
Glock 26
Kyle R - Baudette, Minnesota (my profile)
Delivery was awesome, brought it for my glock 26, it was easy to conceal and drawing it in and out was good, Held the gun in place nice and tight. One bad part about it is that it had pinch points were it pinched your skin.
Jason T - Fayetteville, North Carolina (my profile)
Well it dropped in as advertised, but i noticed a good bit of increased perceived recoil in my main hand, it dropped down nice and no jams, but i was a range that didn't allow double tapping, read a few things from glock on why they use the polymer one, and i can see why. So i'm still testing and undecided.
Like it
Jason T - Fayetteville, North Carolina (my profile)
I like the recoil buffer in my g23, it took away a bit of its perceived recoil; and if it also improves the life of the lower frame, i'm on board all the way.
Wallet holster
Leonard R - Santa Fe, New Mexico (my profile)
Works well for badge wallet, or smaller wallet. Will not accomodate a thick or larger wallet.
Comfortable ankle holster
Leonard R - Santa Fe, New Mexico (my profile)
I recently purchased this item. Its proven itself to be very comfortable with I place two magazines, or a magazine and a knife / multi tool. Has adequate padding.
15 rounds
RICHARD S - ORLANDO, Florida (my profile)
Works great, all 14 of the clips I've had for a long time. Any other clips - immitations are worthless. Good job guys.
Cheap yet effective choice for conceal carry
Jeff B - Danville, Virginia (my profile)
I installed this product on my Glock 22 Gen 3 and this product has offered me multiple advantages over a conventional holster for concealed carry. For starters, instead of having to fiddle with the attaching of a holster each time I change attair, I simply only require slipping on the firearm; besides saving time, this may seem like a small deal, but it has become as casual as putting on a pair jeans. Next, I have come to count a tactical light as a necessity for home defense, but I would continuously need to take off the light between trasitioning from home to work and vice-versa when I returned home for the night. However, with this item I am able to leave my Glock as it is. Lastly, unlike a holster, which would require a belt, regardless if I am wearing a pair of jeans or summer shorts, thanks to the weight of the Glock, I can take my Glock practically anywhere(as long as legality permits me)and anytime. Thanks to the weight of the Glock, this means I do not have to waste training & money on a smaller pocket pistol, requiring new ammo as well on a caliber I may not be confident in, when I can carry a full size sidearm that I am both confident in it's reliability & caliber. Even so, the Clipdraw allows for a comfortable carry thanks to the smooth design on the Glock & if someone finds a little uneasy carrying a concealed firearm with the trigger exposed(i.e. not protected by the covering a holster), you can always buy a Saf-T-blok which has stayed secure on me while carrying. Overall, between it's versatility & ease it has allowed me, I am very satisfied with this product and it is nice for those on a tighter budget who may be able to save money by choosing this product over conceal holsters that may cost up to, if not more than, two to three times as much as the Clipdraw.
A perfect match-up
Anthony A - West Point, California (my profile)
For those that don't know, the DeSantis Super Fly (for Glock 27) fits in the zippered compartment of the Maxpedition M-5 Waistpack like it was custom made for it. And even more impressive: it does so with the Pearce +1 Finger Extension installed; a perfect match-up.
frank v - tehachapi, California (my profile)
TNT- Tactical/Non-Tactical Pants
James P F - Los Angeles, California (my profile)
I am very impressed at the quality of the pants. The snap and zipper are very good quality as is the basic material of the pants. The rear pockets have the magnets and they snap shut and hold the pockets tightly. After trying the pants I am ordering another pair for backup. Thanks for another good product! Jim Feick
talon de chargeur dawson pour G17
Montanaro M - ARNOUVILLE (my profile)
c'est très esthétique ;j'ai fait argenté la culasse couleur alu ;cela donne un très beau look ;de plus la prise en main est génial!!
A must have!
Chris B - Federal Way, Washington (my profile)
I saw Mr.Lenny Magill use it in several videos and had to have one. I have a 4 piece chrome pin set and installed it easily with this punch set. All you need to disassemble every part of your Glock. This is all you need. Well worth the money!
Fits perfect
Chris B - Federal Way, Washington (my profile)
Installed on my G30. Was a very snug fit to insert but it does what it is supposed to. Covers the backstrap channel and looks very nice. Ads a nice touch to it especially with a mag inserted. Well worth the money! I agree with other posts, it should come stock for those without the lock.
Chris B - Federal Way, Washington (my profile)
Very nice gloves. Fits nice and snug but is flexible enough to move around in. Well worth the money!
Very Useful
Chris B - Federal Way, Washington (my profile)
Ordered for 45. Has everything needed to clean and protect your weapon. Well worth the money!
Very Nice
Chris B - Federal Way, Washington (my profile)
Looks very nice and made with excellent quality. Perfect canter and fits like a glove. Very impressed on the quality and how quickly I received the item. Thanks Magill!
great holster
ralph j - wilkesboro, North Carolina (my profile)
like this holster so much bought one for each of my glocks 17,19,26,34
Performs as advertised.
Kristopher K - Newberry, Michigan (my profile)
Recently purchased the tactical trigger,a 3.5# connector,and buffer recoil pad. This combo went into my new Glock G22. The weapon was purchased for personal defense & L.E. competition shooting, which requires the use of your duty model. The difference between, the duty weapon I carry (8 lbs pull & standard trigger), this glock whith the factory setup (5.5 lbs) vs. the tactical trigger and lighter pull is night and day. Taking up most of the pretravel this combination has a smoother pull and a crisp reset. This has increased my accuracy and speed. By leaving the 10% pretravel, it still maintains a level of saftey for daily carring. It was an easy install that I did myself.
Not so good!
Jim Kid Willoughby - La Honda, California (my profile)
The extension piece does require modification for a proper fit, also be careful how much you tighten down the Allen screw that secures the enhancer to the grip. I followed the instructional video suggestions to securely tighten the Allen screw and it cracked the screw hole right on the mold line of the enhancer. This is not a Glock product! The Glock Store did offer to replace my broken grip enhancer.
Rich - Nevada City, California (my profile)
It took less than five minutes to install this upgrade on both of my Glocks 17 & 22.Safety check,field strip. Pulled the trigger housing pin.Lifted the assembly up just high enough for access to the connector. Used the new connector to remove the factory part.Slipped the new part in followed by the trigger housing pin.Slapped the slide on and did a functions check. This part not only reduces the trigger pull it can increase your rate of fire. As combat vet,and a seasoned shooter,this upgrade is a no brainer.
I had a misleading first impression
William B - Wichita Falls, Texas (my profile)
I ordered this to carry my Glock 27 in the Galco IWB holster. I usually wear this holster with a 1 1/4 inch heavy leather belt. This wasn't very comfortable. The rig tended to shift and sag with the leather belt. The belt had to be very tight to kee this from happening. I took the new belt out of the package. My first thought was, "what a piece of garbage." It felt like a thin, cheap plastic belt. I tried it on with the Galco holster and wore it the rest of the day thinking I would probably send it back the next day. The longer I wore the rig, the more comfortable it became. The IWB holster is comfortable and never shifts or sags with this belt. I am sold. Follow the sizing instructions carefully. Order two inches larger if you are carrying IWB. I just wish it also came in brown. I would have a second one.
Fobus Evo Makes for Quick Draw, Easy Carry
David R - Ocala, Florida (my profile)
I am an IDPA shooter. This holster gives me excellent retention, and with the adjustment loosened a little, my draw time has improved. It is very comfortable, and I use it for CC frequently. One holster will fit my Glock 17, 26 and the 23. I love this holster, and recommend it's a great value.
worth the wait!!
Michael B - dallas, Texas (my profile)
i had to wait a little while for this one but once i got it in my glock 17 it made a huge difference. since it gives more muzzle control and reduces flip i was able to get much tighter groupings. i would definitely say this is a must have for any glock owner and at only $50 you would have to be stupid to not own one
Great System!
daniel f - Mohave, Arizona (my profile)
This is a fantastic system. Very bright at 60+ lumens. I have to agree with both other posts. It is great for home defense, leave on weapon and leave weapon on nightstand. Yet agai, i can not find a duty holtser that will fit this system, and thats very disapointing.
Wayne P - Lewisburg, Tennessee (my profile)
Makes the pistol feel like its part of you and helps with the RTF model grip being so rough.
Best Sight Tool Hands Down!!!
Ely T - Las Vegas, Nevada (my profile)
I will start by saying I have several Kimbers and Glocks. I was able to sight each one in about 3 min flat with the UNI-200L tool. I own the Meprolight universal and the UNI-200L puts it to shame!! What a great product that is build very well and made in the U.S.A. This is the best sight tool on the market no questions about that!!
Not Worth Your Time
Frank W - Greenville, Louisiana (my profile)
I was very unimpressed with this tool. My Kimber moved every time I engaged the sight. I spent more time resetting the slide than anything else. Also the protective rubber coating peeled off right away. Overall I would not waste your time or money on this item.
V-Neck Shirt
Lydell C - Houma, Louisiana (my profile)
Excellent Concealment Shirt only thing i have a problem is with the storage for the Magazine i lost one, so i tested tested with another clip running and it feel out. So i would Like to see if you could close up the hole to make a tighter fit for the clip not to fall out. But i am still recommend this item to everyone.
Good Mod
george s - san antonio, Texas (my profile)
Got one for my G19. Had to Dremel the insert just a bit to get it to fit. Easy installation, about 3 minutes after Dremel time (about 3 minutes). G19 feels really good with this mod added.
Excellent for G21
Christopher W - Bangor, Maine (my profile)
This sheath fits my full-sized Glock 21 and distributes the weight evenly, making this a very comfortable concealed carry sheath for those of us who don't want to sacrifice the amount of firepower for a smaller-sized handgun. This holster rides perfectly and sits very close to the body. The only drawback is that it's a little hard to get a firm grip on the pistol when drawing, but for the conceal-ability (I know I'm wearing a pistol and, when looking in the mirror, I can't even tell I'm wearing it) and price, you can't get much better than this!
Christopher W - Bangor, Maine (my profile)
If you own a full-sized pistol like my Glock 21, be sure to buy the larger of the two safes. I installed this slim case in my car under the front passenger seat with ease. The lock on the case works smoothly, and the case, overall, is ingeniously designed. After installing and locking the safe with my Glock 21 inside, I hauled and shook the case aggressively, and the dual padding inside kept my gun in-place and secure. A+!
Christopher W - Bangor, Maine (my profile)
This is a must-have for all gun owners! This brush has excellent bristle placement, and effectively reaches underneath the rails and in the hard-to-reach areas of my Glock with ease.
Fits G21!
Christopher W - Bangor, Maine (my profile)
I actually had to struggle to insert this into my Gen3 Glock 21, and is an excellent fit. Some people have had sizing issues; I haven't taken the firearm to the range yet, but assume that the insert stays put unless I post another review saying otherwise. A must-have for all Glock owners!
Improved greatly
Mark P - Sherwood, Arkansas (my profile)
Used this in conjunction with a NY #1 spring. Good constant weight with my trigger pull. Has improved my shot grouping.
Great sights
Mark P - Sherwood, Arkansas (my profile)
Installed my self without difficulty. Greatly improved my shot groups. Used my laser max sights to line them up.
Work ok
Mark P - Sherwood, Arkansas (my profile)
Worked smoth, larger safty trigger. Not sure it made much differance.
Improved pull greatly
Mark P - Sherwood, Arkansas (my profile)
Decreased over travel as advertised. Installed wighout problems. Can use a NY #1 spring, installed with a snap.
Almost perfect replacement
Jason - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (my profile)
I had purchased my 26 used and the factory plastic spring was just total junk, if you're disassembling your 26 and your slide is getting stuck, it's probably because your spring is getting hung up on the frame - this is what you need! Drastically less flex on the spring and now every field strip goes wonderfully. If it weren't for the stupid logo/branding on the muzzle-end of the spring it would be 5 stars.
A must have, should be factory
Jason - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (my profile)
This extended slide stop is an absolute MUST have, it should be the first accessory you buy. VERY comfortable to use, TEN TIMES better than the factory slide stop. It make the stop easier to engage AND disengage, everyone I know who has a Glock is jealous of my slide stop.
Good Piece, with Peace of Mind
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
All you need is that plastic guide rod to break when you need your gun, this piece removes that fear and provides you with the peace of mind that your Glock is even more reliable. Also, the tip of mine was black so it didn't stand out on my all black Glock which was a plus for me.
Good Product
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
Installed easily and made a difference. The only problem i had was that I had to take the gun apart and put it back together like 5 times as I adjusted the over-travel screw. Once I got the screw adjusted I love the part and it can get rid of almost all the over-travel and help you get that follow up shot off faster.
Didn't notice a difference
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
I installed this with the Ultimate Trigger Stop and I did not notice any difference in the WEIGHT of the trigger pull, I did think that the trigger pull was slightly smoother, but about the same weight. Now I did not measure it or anything like that, but in your hands is where it matters and I did not feel a difference in pull weight. Overall a good product, and cant go wrong for the price.
Some issues with Glock 35
Jonathan C - LOS ANGELES, California (my profile)
The tungsten guide rod was one of my first modifications on my Glock 35 and was used inconjunction with the recoil buffer. However, on the first day at the range when using it I experienced a few FTF and double feeds. At first I thought it was my magazines but after experiencing at least 1 FTF or double feed every 10 or 20 rounds I knew it wasn't the ammo or my mags. I then swapped out the tungsten guide rod for the stock one and out of 50 rounds I experienced zero failures! I did notice a reduction in muzzle flip which is the only plus side that I see. If your range doesn't allow double taps or rapid fire then I don't recommend the tungsten guide rod.
Highly Recommend
Jonathan C - LOS ANGELES, California (my profile)
Got this as one of my first mods on my Glock 35. Had a bit of trouble installing it the proper way but finally secured it. The great thing is the weight but still a bit on the pricey side.
Why not?
Charles L - Falls Church, Virginia (my profile)
Seemed like a no-brainer to me. Bought the .357 barrel for my Glock 22, fired a couple hundred rounds thru (thus far), and haven't had a single issue. And WAY easier sell to my wife on a barrel than pushing for a whole new pistol.
Andrew H - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
This video is outdated. 22 yrs old. The guns are not used that much anymore, the holsters are nothing like the ones used today. The video quality is marginal. Looks like it was transfered from VHS format to DVD. Don't waste your money on this one.
Med A Little Small
James D - Rusk, Texas (my profile)
Great product! I will order another. 36 waiste a little small for medium. Order 1 size up!
Great Shirt
Richard - Ft Laud, Florida (my profile)
Great shirt, use it every day in both work and off duty. Works well with most weapons, even my back up (smaller cal. weapon) Strap interferes with drawing the weapon and with out it I have had the weapon come out of the holster when bend over. I own 5, both black and white, have found that wearing the black with a nice jacket over it, makes a good look and accessibly to the weapon.
Recoil Buffer
Larry H - Sandpoint, Idaho (my profile)
Just purchases the recoil buffer and s/s rod/spring combination. Waiting to test fire on a Glock 20. Am curious to know what the Glock factory thinks about the buffer and why they do not install one on factory Glocks if in fact it is a wear reducer. Most reports sound favorable. There is bound to be a lemon along the way however.
Great DVD
Mark P - Sherwood, Arkansas (my profile)
Loved it. Step by step instructions an the break down and midifications. I recomend it.
glock 35
braindead - Isanti, Minnesota (my profile)
When I ordered the barrel compensated I went by the picture and I presumed it would be like that and not have 4 holes drilled into it. Have not fired it yet! since last August!
Good quality
Rifleman Dan - Morehead City, North Carolina (my profile)
I bought the black version and love this shirt. Good quality, excellent feel...but will shrink after you wash it. If undecided on size order one larger. One bad ass shirt.
Exellent buy!!!
Rifleman Dan - Morehead City, North Carolina (my profile)
I put 2 on both magazines for my Glock 30. After 200 rounds I cannot tell any difference in magazine function. Works flawlessly. The grip is excellent, and more firm in my hand than the smooth finish from the factory. An excellent buy for noticeable grip.
Best range bag....period
Rifleman Dan - Morehead City, North Carolina (my profile)
I am an avid shooter of both Glock pistols (21/30) and rifles (Arsenal SGL21-66). This bag is perfect for either weapons system. Both of my Glock cases fit perfectly in the interior removable carrier and there is plenty of room for all my range gear, ammo, and cleaning supplies. I bought this bag due to the large capacity magazine holder which will hold eight magazines for any pistol or 3 Bulgarian AK 30 round magazines. The side pockets are perfect for rifle mags as well, or hearing protection. Overall the best range bag I have ever owned, and well designed. My range member card fits in the outside protector spot so I never forget it nor have to pull it out of the wallet. I will probably use this bag for the rest of my life.
guide rod
DAVID G - omaha, Nebraska (my profile)
excellent weight, better long range accuracy. allot less muzzle flip. over all 50 bucks for it , not bad for the performance of the product.
Undercover Concealment Shirt
David C - Henderson, Nevada (my profile)
I use it with my Glock 27. It conceals very well and is confortable. I sometimes forget the gun is there. Does not interfere with any movements. Retention strap is useless. Unles you are rolling around on the floor you do not need this strap.
Complete Glock DVD - It's worth it.
Jeff R - Chino Hills, California (my profile)
This DVD is excellent. Everything you need to assemble/disassemble your Glock is in the video. The DVD is professionally done with great camera work. I bought "Glock Reference Guide Book" along with the DVD. The DVD and the book go together like peanut butter and jelly.
( :
Jacob G - Auburn, Michigan (my profile)
I was fearful that if I replace too many mechanical parts out of my Glock 21, it would / could compromise it’s unwavering reliability. I was skeptical that such a small component could do all as advertised; I was wrong. I highly suggest adding this to your wish list. It makes my firearms trigger pull much smother. So much so, my accuracy did improved. Worth the purchase!
better grip
tobias - hughes springs, Texas (my profile)
I found the install of the decal grips to be very easy, just clean and stick on. The grip of the sandpaper feel is very good espically in rain or a hot and sweaty day. A great investiment for not much money compared to sending off your weapon for a custom grip job.
great product
tobias - hughes springs, Texas (my profile)
I installed this item alog with a recoil buffer in my Glock model 22. While at the range I had problems with jams every second to third shot. I removed the buffer and the problem stopped. The stainless rod and spring appear very durable and nicely made. I believe the rod and spring are a great addition to my gun for not alot of money.
not worth a penny
tobias - hughes springs, Texas (my profile)
I installed this item along with a stainless guide rod and factory rated stainless spring into my Glock model 22 I use for on duty. Me and my night partner went to the range to try these new items out. I found my Glock jamming every 2nd to 3rd shot with the buffer installed. I removed it and the jams stopped. I would not suggest this item to ANYBODY! The new guide rod and spring however are great with no issues. $10 down the toliet.
Too short
Robert D - Harker Heights, Texas (my profile)
The one I received seems solid enough and the bag said it would fit my Glock 22 but was too short and just fell out of the slide. I wonder if I got sent the wrong one somehow by mistake. Does it adjust by the hex nut at the end?
Glock hat
Doug S - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
Great hat.Maybe makes a thug ask himself if I'm packing.
Love it!
Robert L - Villa Rica, Georgia (my profile)
Used for conceal carry and was great. Secured well and blended in. Great holster!
Great DVD!
Robert S - Cherokee, North Carolina (my profile)
This is a great item that all Glock owners should have! Also you will have to buy the upgrades! :) but it is worth it! The upgrades do make a world of a difference!
Must have item!
Robert S - Cherokee, North Carolina (my profile)
if you own a Glock you should buy this so there is no misunderstanding about your weapon! As Robert O said below buy the Dis-assembly Tool with this DVD!
Nice Product!
Robert S - Cherokee, North Carolina (my profile)
Nice product at a fair price! If you need this type of holster buy one now, you wont be sorry!
What else can be said?
Robert S - Cherokee, North Carolina (my profile)
All of the reviews tell you how great this item is! so i really cant add anything except buy one now!
Good for what it is!
Robert S - Cherokee, North Carolina (my profile)
Really helps to keep metal parts from going everywhere but the place you need them!
Best Straight blad Knife!
Robert S - Cherokee, North Carolina (my profile)
Best Straight blade Knife you can buy bottom line! What else can be said All pros no Cons! I use this knife for skinning deer, gathering ginseng roots and skinning coon, and snake hides etc! Will sharpen razor sharp using a good shaping system. Up in the mountains where we live i use this knife almost daily!
Sahagun - Abilene, Texas (my profile)
WOW!! I love it. Super bright. Fits like a glove.
John - Pleasant View, Tennessee (my profile)
The item pictured with the serrations behind the Glock emblem which removed the model number, and the word Austria, it being EXACTLY what I was wanting. I purchased this option and mailed it away. GlockStore staff was wonderful, but this option listed is outsourced, in which I was in direct contact with the Gun Smith through the entire process. The gun smith that conducted the process advised me that he didn't do this type of custom work pictured, that he has put serrations in the front but his way was to do so at the very end which removed part of the Glock logo. He agreed to do it for me as it was pictured, but said he wouldn't do it this way again. The process would first include milling (removing) the etched model number and word austria, in which he would mill the total width of the serrations until the engraving was gone, which is pretty shallow, and then mill the serrations from there. I asked him to re-mill the rear serrations to the same specs as the front so they would match. It took just over 4 months until I had a finished product back. My original slide was damaged because they milled way to deep, and it broke through to the inner slide groove on one of the rear serrations, and it was unable to be corrected, they had to provide a replacement slide. Not all the requested work was done on the replacement and part of the extra work was refunded then and they skipped re-milling the rear, and the front is still WAY to deep and looks bad not matching the rear at all. The refinishing was horrible, and I am having to refinish it again because its that bad. They send the milled slide to yet another company that does the refinishing, and I'm sure they do a great job. In my case they only did that on the first original slide of mine, they didn't bother on the second replacement slide. Lots of grief, out the money, wasted time, ruined product, unhappy! I'd like another Glock replacement slide so I can take it else where and start at square one where they left me...
Love it!
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
Put this in my G 23 and it works great. Heavier than the plastic one and seems more durable. Highly recommended.
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
This trigger works great in my Glock 23. Feels smoother and much stronger than the original.
Great Product
Billy Joe - DeQuincy, Louisiana (my profile)
This extended slid lock is a great product and an addition to you gun you will not regret. I added one to my G22 Gen4 and could not be happier.
A lot of fitting needed for G22 Gen4
Billy Joe - DeQuincy, Louisiana (my profile)
The mag well is a quality product, BUT I have a G22 Gen4 and I had to do a lot of sanding on the wedge that fits into the handle to get it to fit. other than that its works fine and is a nice product.
Too expensive
Johnathan O - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (my profile)
I got one of these for .45 metal staggered (S&W) and couldn't adjust the retention enough to be securely moving around with a magazine in it. The way it adjusts is really for carrying your mag bullets forward; I carry mine bullets backward, so it doesn't work for me. I think these are way overpriced that little peculurlarity. The only good thing I can say is it is well made and looks nice, it is after all Galco gunleather. I would recommend there cheaper Mag Lite carriers, which aren't adjustable, but are made tighter so they just fit your mags, giving good (but not excessive) retention.
Well worth it
Johnathan O - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (my profile)
I use these for G19 magazines. They are very well constructed. They don't flop around on your belt, the snap is very secure, and they have just the right amount of retention for 9mm/40cal Glock magazines. The price is more than reasonble.
Good but not perfect
Johnathan O - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (my profile)
Great in general, good retention, but not too much for my G19. The cant is just right, but my only complaint is it rides a little high. It would be both more conceable and natural to draw if it were a little lower. Fairly comfortable, of course not as comfortable as any belt holster.
Chuck V - Elkins, West Virginia (my profile)
This is a super nice holster. Fits my Glock 27 perfectly as well as my Glock 23. Very good quality leather. Holds weapon close to your body.
phall - MA, North Carolina (my profile)
i got the 13 round for a glock 21 .45 ACP and the bullets rattle when loaded and sounded like a change jar on your hip and it is an awful fit .......luckly our local gunsmith traded me one that works awesome
Noticeable Difference in Shooting...
Joshua W - Ontario, California (my profile)
I found an immediate difference in shooting with less recoil on my G22, but like other owners, my buffer has also split at the top. It almost looks as if the guide rod slammed into the recoil buffer and split it (the split is shaped like the end of the guide rod). Even so, the recoil buffer still works as advertised. I've shot 400 rounds through the gun, with the recoil buffer, since the split and it hasn't gotten any worse. I'll buy a couple of spares to put on the shelf in chase the split gets worse over time.
HKS Mag loader
stRanger - Virginia, Minnesota (my profile)
Agree with both previous reviews, could be stronger to prevent lever from being pushed aside and the adjustable base can be wider to give it more support. One other thing - the loading lever has a taste for human flesh. The grooved surface can bring on a blister in no time. I taped over mine with black duct tape - problem solved. All-in-all after using it for a while checking it out it is worth the money but can stand improvements.
stRanger - Virginia, Minnesota (my profile)
It works very well as intended but gets a bit of criticism on two points. Pops out easily so it doesn't slow down the draw and fire but flies immediately to the furthest, darkest corner. Being black it is tough to find at times. I placed two small patches of yellow duct tape on mine - helps much in finding it. It is displaced when in my Kydex holster by the indent into the trigger guard that holds it securely in place. Haven't seen any problem resulting from that yet, but something to think about.
Doesn't get any better than this
Biker Bob - Watsonville, California (my profile)
I do a lot of traveling on my motorcycle. This safe is the perfect size to carry in your saddle bag. One of the best items I've purchased.
Raymond S - wyoming, Illinois (my profile)
Doesn't Ship
Ed - Bellingham, Washington (my profile)
After ordering the threaded barrel/compensator and paying for 3 day delivery, with no indication of the item being out of stock, the barrel arrives without the comp and a back order invoice attached. When I checked my order history shows it as being delivered with the barrel. It truly is a Phantom Comp. Singed Soon to be Phantom Customer.
Anthony - crosby, Texas (my profile)
Unbelievable! Nuclear power! These are not only cool but function above my expectations! I can't believe their brightness. I have a set on my G20 and my G23. I recently purchased a new G27 with factory night sights and these are identical. I believe Glock factory night sights are Meprolights. 100% satisfied
Billy - lothian, Maryland (my profile)
i bought the decals for my glock 27 that i currently use for conceled carry they were easy to insatll fit perfect and it def was well worth the investment woould reccomend them to anyone i just wish i ordered the sets for my other glocks at the same time
A Great Value
Thomas C - Winona, Minnesota (my profile)
I used this holster for my S&W M&P 9mm. I was very satisfied, with its preformance. You can adjust the kant.It does not conceal with tight clothes but it is always ready to draw.
Very good investment
Wayne W - Tupelo, Mississippi (my profile)
I got the rubber finish for a Glock 23. It works well for me and I am very pleased. Very good investment.
Put your $10 toward a better holder.
Wayne W - Tupelo, Mississippi (my profile)
I guess this magazine holder is okay if you don't use it for practice or training purposes and don't do any serious bending or twisting while wearing it. I took two training classes and realized halfway through my first class that it was not intended for multiple magazine insertions and extractions. I actually had to purchase a better magazine holder from the onsite store to complete my training class. The metal sides have a tendency to bend out of shape and the magazine can pop out of the holder if you put significant outward pressure on it. Even at $1 I wouldn't purchase it again knowing what I know now. Put your $10 toward a better holder.
Great holster
Kris T - midland, Michigan (my profile)
Great holster comfortable,just enough retention after broken in[tip.w/your firearm use a pair of womens panty hose place your unloaded gun in side the pantyhose and run the gun in and out until you see the leather break up this works on all leather holsters it will not harm the finish on your gun . works better with my 511 pants or dress pants than w/jeans. Rides a little high in my jeans for some reason. Great holster when seated for long periods.
Super Dependable
Juan B - Jacksonville, Arkansas (my profile)
I've owned my Dart for over 6yrs now and the construction, design and durability is simply awesome. It's feather like weight makes it very easy to conceal on your person without any discomfort, and after 6 years of use it's as sharp today as it was the day I purchased it. For the price and I loved the design I thought I would have to replace it often; but for the price that would not have been a problem. The one I have is the only one I need; even after 6 yrs. Highly recommended product. My only negative to this item is lanyard extremely too long. I am 6'3" and with the supplied lanyard the dart reaches my waistline. No biggie, just purchase a shorter lanyard or wear it somewhere else on your person.
josh b - baileyton, Alabama (my profile)
i just recieved this holster for my glock 19 and it is a great holster. it fits well,feels well,and conceals well. it holds tight to my body and has great retention. its also very easy to put on and take off.
Glock slevees
mike f - hazel green, Alabama (my profile)
Got the G17 and the mag sleeve for my G26 not happy at all with the slevee fit.Glock should have there bottom spank for selling this.
unhappy so far.
Ryan P - orlando, Florida (my profile)
trying to holster into this thing is horrid. this holster is way too tight. if i were to put the weapon into the holster, it's to the point where the holster is soo tight, it tries to pull the slide back. i had to use a heat gun to melt the plastic, and it still doesn't draw correctly. i purchased this holster in hopes to make my first IDPA match shoot, and now i have to find something else. very unhappy with this product.
fill the pinky cut out
joseph b - paris, Tennessee (my profile)
I hate to rate this product because i dont yet own it but i plan to order a few... i hate the factory cut out on my 17 were my pinky goes........ya digg
C.N. - Troy, Michigan (my profile)
This iwb holster is constructed very nicely. My compliant is that the tilt forward, along with the shorter glock 26 barrel, it wants to flip over, and out of your pants. Not good. It may be better on a different gun, or body (I am 6'2"-190lbs), but I find this one of my worst holster purchases.
Alum. Trigger
braindead - Isanti, Minnesota (my profile)
Works great, in my G38, But I think the price alittle high, should come with adjustable trigger stop!
preachers boy - Abilene, Texas (my profile)
This is the best thing I have put on any of my guns. They great in low to no light, and perfect white sights in daylight. Spend the money, they are worth every penny.
Large spring retention flange failure
Philip J - Jackson, Tennessee (my profile)
I was shooting today and my Glock 27 had a major malfunction in cycling. After finally removing the upper receiver assembly, I found out that the large spring had expanded over the smaller spring. The flange holding the large spring in place somehow sheared off making it non-functional. I had replaced the (stock) guide rod with this one. It does make the gun heavier, but if I can not trust it to work repeatedly I may go back to the stock guide rod. Up until now, I was satisfied. The maker promised to replace it and I have sent the old one back for Quality control purposes.
ERIC F - Searcy, Arkansas (my profile)
I ordered this holster for the glock 21 with the glock gtl light. i just got it in today and its great. i have had holsters like this before for the streamlight m3 light and this is just as good. it fits the gun and light great and is comfortable to wear on your duty belt.
Tough but good looking
stRanger - Virginia, Minnesota (my profile)
While looking for the right belt to carry my 21SF I spotted the Matrix belt. After having twice destroyed the Chines made trouser belt of comparable cost purchased at the local mall in less than a month, I got one Matrix for saving myself some embarrassment while lugging my Glock at the same time and a longer one for wearing over the jacket/parka in colder weather. Tough belt and yet stylish enough for daily use.
Personalizing my 21SF
stRanger - Virginia, Minnesota (my profile)
I wanted something to make my 21SF a bit more personal so I chose the slide cover plates. Finding the right color took a bit of experimenting. I settled on white or red. Something to consider is the colored slide cover drawing your eye away from the sights when rapidly acquiring the sight picture. White did that when I used colored duct tape to simulate the plates. For me, red proved the best. Just a thought.
Chris V - Austin, Texas (my profile)
After wrestling with this item to get it installed on my magazine, I was disappointed to find that I could only get 1 extra round into my Glock 27 magazine instead of the 2 it promises. I tried it with both the spring it came with and my original spring. Neither allowed me to load that last round. I'll be sending it back. Not worth the cost for 1 extra round. P.S. I bought some Arredondo mag extensions for my Glock 22 from this website and they worked great! Wish this would have too.
Glock 21SF
john b - grand rapids, Minnesota (my profile)
Don't fit the Glock 21SF.
Not to bad
Steven F - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Purchased this from the Glock Store and received it very quick though USPS. Instructions not really good but it is easly to figure out after a minute or two. Have it on my Glock 23 duty weapon and I really like it thought it may get in the way but nope fits really well. The 23 being smaljer fits to my hand with no problem better than normal. It forces your hand into the right position to shoot with out trying to get it straight first. Only 4 stars because I thing the metal one would be better but I have no reason to complain about this product.
i like
Hung W - Hualien (my profile)
hi! can sean to Taiwan?
a complete rip off !!
Michael C - Marietta, Georgia (my profile)
I have seen many instructional videos on the Glock pistols.. this by far is the worst I have ever seen. Glock Store shouldn’t even offer to sell it. The information contained in this video is bogus. It will teach you nothing and put you to sleep. If you have no clue how to properly clean and maintain your Glock, DON’T pay any attention to anything in this video, or you might as well throw it in the washing machine and hit spin. These people at AGI are gun smith’s ?? At what this video cost they are professional thieves.
A bit overpriced with design flaws
Kristy F - Tulsa, Oklahoma (my profile)
I like classic, tailored styles and this purse was within my budget so I bought one. After carrying it for about a week it seems to have turned into a hobo bag. When I sit my purse down, it flops over to one side. This is because the interior zipper compartment and the outside zipper where my .357 is held, are both on the same side of the purse, so it's always lop-sided. A plus is that since it's made of micro fiber it's easy to keep clean. I just wish it didn't flop over, I could have ordered the hobo purse and gotten the same effect. My overall opinion of the purse is that I feel like it's sloppy.
Alex A - CAIRO, New York (my profile)
Great jacket only complaint that I have is that the holster pockets are to deep and big for a 2/12' revolver, as it drops down into the big pocket's and cannot be retrived, To grab the gun quickly, when needed, It should of had a sewn in elastic holster inside the jacket pocket's to accomadate small revolvers.
Excellent holster
- Powers, Oregon (my profile)
I used one of these holsters for 20 years. I bought it with my first Glock, model 17. It finally broke a couple of years ago and I couldn't find another until now. Excellent holster with very good retention.
Very Comfortable
Thomas J - Winter Springs, Florida (my profile)
Fits my Glock 30 perfect. The soft material is very comfortable. Great holster for the price.
KEN A - Conroe, Texas (my profile)
I purchased this item with the hopes of a good fit. I was hoping to put a G17 mag in my G26. I found the fit to be very loose and it had gaps between the gun and the extension. I am very displeased with this purchase. I like the feel better when I just stick a g17 mag into the g26 bare with no sleeve. I have two of the short extensions 1-2 rounds extra type on the two MAGS which came with the gun. I guess I will stick with them and just carry a g17 bare mag if the need ever presents itself for the extra rounds. ANYBODY WANT TO BUY A MAG EXTENSION?
Joe G - M, North Carolina (my profile)
Great feeling and looking holster. holds my glock 21SF at just the right angle for quick and easy draw. Did not take much breaking in at all for me. Its my second Galco i also own a IWB Galco for my 9mm baby Glock 26 i also bought from great website and great products. thanks glockstore for a job well done as always for my eveyday glock and gun needs.
3.5 pound connector
lester j - philadelphia, Pennsylvania (my profile)
What can you say about this part other than it was the best thing that happen to my glock 30. Thumbs way up.
great part
patrick m - elizabeth, New Jersey (my profile)
put in my glock 17 trigger pull is a lot smoother and lighter great part.
Too tight
E. C. - Vernon Hills, Illinois (my profile)
I bought this for my Glock 19, the fit is very tight, making the draw very hard. Since it is plastic I don't know how much it will stretch.
White Glock T-Shirt
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
Cool shirt, looks great. No shrinkage problem here.
FBI Concealment Holster
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
Very comfortable, I can wear this holster all day and hardly know it's there.
Tip Top!
Big Bob - North Bend, Oregon (my profile)
This unit is the best I've seen, cable wraps around the car seat post and gives you a place to store your weapon without fear of loss. A+ product.
Glock Enthusiast
Joseph I - Summerfield, North Carolina (my profile)
Had my new Skeletonized Striker installed today by the Glock Armorer at my shooting club. My Glock 26 shot flawlessly. What a difference this striker made along with the 3.5 Lb. connector, titanium plunger and stainless slide rod. Great upgrades for a gun that shoots good right out of the box. The sales reps and management team at the Glock Store were very helpful during my upgrade process.
Benjamin M - Mount Airy, North Carolina (my profile)
Great value. Holds my Glock 23 mags very secure, yet allows fast access. Very comfortable and easy to conceal.
Fast & comfortable!
Big Bob - North Bend, Oregon (my profile)
I own one of these for my S&W 4006 auto. I like it so much I plan to buy one for my Glock 23. You can adjust the tenison it takes to draw the weapon, nice custom touch! I would recomend this to any one who wears a jacket daily, good concealment, easy to wear all day.
Good fit, Great look!
Big Bob - North Bend, Oregon (my profile)
Nice addition to the Glock 23, fits well, easy to install, you'll no longer be just part of the crowd!
Need to fill the gap!
Big Bob - North Bend, Oregon (my profile)
I put this item on a 15 round mag for use in my Glock 23, it dosn't fit the gun well at all. Has a real gap between the mag & the weapon- just not a well made or matched fit to the gun. I wouldn't recomend this product,magwell works much better!
Nice but never wear...
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
This is a nice belt but the 1.25" is a bit small for me & my holster, in my opinion. I personally prefer a thinker/taller belt.
Bling Bling Only
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Just adds a little bling to your Glock. I already owned the Sure Touch Extended Chrome Slide Release so I give the extended slide lock to my father.
Want Extra Ammo...
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Want to carry an extra magazine or two? Invest in this pouch! My G23 (.40) magazine fit in perfectly and holds it tightly.
Worth The Investment
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I added the Aluminum Trigger to my G23 with the 3.5# Collector, Titanium plunger, & Titanium Striker. I can say I LOVE my trigger pull much more than a stock Glock. I will be order this trigger for my G36 as well!
A Good Buy!
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I added the Titanium Striker to my G23 with the 3.5# Collector, Titanium plunger, & Aluminum Trigger. I can say I LOVE my trigger pull much more than a stock Glock. I will be order this Striker for my G36 as well!
Good buy for CHL holders...
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I recommend this shirt for conceal carry holders that are having problems finding a good/nice shirt to where while carrying outside the waistband. I was very impress with the quality of the shirt. Don't think you'll be disappointed as well.
Why not?
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I added this little plunger to my G23 with the 3.5# Collector, Titanium Striker, & Aluminum Trigger. I can say I LOVE my trigger pull much more than a stock Glock. I will be order this plunger for my G36 as well!
A Must Have!
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I've had one in my G23 for a year now and gotten use to the 3.5# pull. Just purchase a G36 with the stock 5.5# pull and dry fired both. Wow! I didn't realize how much this little piece make trigger pull easier and smoother. I will be placing an order for this collector right now for my G36!!!
Get a grip!
Big Bob - North Bend, Oregon (my profile)
How could something so simple make such a difference. This item allows for a non-slip grip everytime, great add-on.
Much better grip!
Big Bob - North Bend, Oregon (my profile)
This item not only added some weight to the bottom of my 23, it also made for a very comfortable grip. I can now draw the weapon with all of my fingers having a place to rest.A + product, would recomend to all compact Glock owners.
Michael J - Galveston, Texas (my profile)
Very comfortable for day-long wear. Good retention with no problems drawing my 27.
Harold H - Fox Island, Washington (my profile)
CR Speed holsters are great! Fast & secure. If handgun is locked into place one can be assured it will stay holstered. I had two and like a fool sold the one for my Glock. Now I must buy another. Hal
Titanium Striker Problem or Customer Service Problem.
Joseph I - Summerfield, North Carolina (my profile)
Would not work in my Glock 26. After the Glock Armorer at my shooting club installed my new 3.5 lb. connector the trigger would not engage the Titanium Striker. To be sure it was the striker, he tried another 3.5 lb. connector that he had in the store, that wouldn't work either. I had him put back the original Glock striker and the gun works fine. I sent the Titanium Striker back and was told Glock Store found nothing wrong and they were out of stock till January. I am now waiting to try the Glock Store's new Polished Skeletonized Stainless Steel Striker, that I'm told will be in next week. Word of Caution, "You be the judge".
Sdpaintballa - SD, California (my profile)
Now I don't play in the dirt with my Glock's, but it's darn good to know that I can with this Awesome plug. Snap it in and Enjoi.
Sdpaintballa - SD, California (my profile)
Save your glock's frame and buy this simple buffer, and never worry about it again. Thousand's of rounds shot with glocks and they last. Just stopping by to buy one for my new glock 21. :)
Must have!
Sdpaintballa - SD, California (my profile)
I just bought a new glock 21, so of course I had to buy this. I wish so much that Glock would start to put this as standard equipment. I only buy Glock's and Xd's. A lot of people don't know this but the standard one was not designed to use to drop the slide. It was intended to lock the slide back. So to chamber a round after you lock the slide back they just want you to pull the slide to release it. As opposed to using the lever. However I to use this to drop my slide on all my glocks. Anyway's BUY IT! easy install.
Any OEM part is always a perfect replacement or addition.
Morid R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
I am converting my G35 to shoot 9mm, this mag is the first thing you need along with the conversion barrel. These are original mags, what else do you expect from OEM parts? Works like a charm.... I don't expect to have any problems, oh and I am adding a +2 mag extension. I will be able to carry 20 rounds of rock n roll 9mm.
A must to have accessory for all glock shooters
Morid R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
This accessory is extremely essential and simply a must to have. The more bullets you can have in your mag, the more firepower you pack. I don't expect a kid to do it, you have to have strong hands in order to take the old base plate off and install the new one, other than that its easy to do and it takes only a matter 2 minutes of your time... You might have some problems with the spring that comes in the kit. What happened to me is that when I installed everything together, the follower simply wont go any further down on the last bullet #17. I installed it on a .40SW G35 Mag. I fixed the problem by just using the original spring, and no problems!!! If you ask me whether I recommend it or not, I highly do recommend this addition to your mag. Just get it!!!
concealment purse
dawn waters - plainwell, Michigan (my profile)
I have the dyna holster bag, just got it, it is very nice, the gun compartment is very secure and handy, good quality leather, I will need to get the handle shortened some. The only thing I would have liked better is if it had an inside pocket, everything gets a little jumbled together, no place for small items other than the bottom. However it is the best one I have gotten, neat, big enough and attractive, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a gun purse, thanks
Best damn sight tool ever!
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
I wish that I had known about this tool years ago. It puts every other tool that I have ever used to shame, including the obscenely-priced Meprolight universal sight tool (thank God I didn't buy that thing!). I switched a rear sight from one Glock to another tonight in two minutes flat, installation included. It is so small, yet easy to use that a child could do it. If you own a Glock, Browning, Sig, 1911, HK or XD then buy this thing, you'll love it!
Why go only +2
Anthony Harper - Virginia Beach, Virginia (my profile)
I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do this myself but I figure out how to get the base plate off without a glock armors tool by watching a youtube video. Fits great in my Glock 23. I just increased my 13 round magazine to 18 rounds. Fits tight but never the less fits 18 rounds. So now I am carrying with 18 + 1 in my Compact Glock 23. Not yet range tested. Hope to test it this week.
mag holister
gary m - bayarea, California (my profile)
works real nice
Recoil spring
Henry T - minneapolis, Minnesota (my profile)
Fast shipping and fantastic customer service. And as always Glock parts are drop in and shoot. Keep GLOCKIN'
Good gear for cheap
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
Can't beat this for the price, all Glocks should have one. The model I have on my G22 has a slant on the side facing the magazine which act as a magazine funnel/magwell for faster mag changes.
EP3 Medium
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
I have the medium EP3 model and I love them. They are comfortable in your ears and they block out the harmful noise while still allowing you to hear people talk. Great for all day use at the range or on the job.
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
It took me longer to get the base plate off the mag than it did for me to get this on. Easy to install. Small profile for 5 more rounds in my G22. I can carry my G22 inside my pants at about 5 o'clock and not have an imprint with this extender on and my Glock in my Galco N3 holster. Great upgrade, thinking about getting a few more.
Great item
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
Most of us know that consistency has a lot to do with accuracy and these grips help you get that consistency needed for the same grip on your pistol every time. The palm swells help the grip fill my hand with that perfect fit. Also the grip is much more gentle on your hands for those days when you put a lot of rounds down range.
David D - Ohio (my profile)
Holds my Glock 21 perfect, dose need stretching
Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever......Gotta Have!!!!!!!
Ronnie M - Pine Bluff, Arkansas (my profile)
This is another of those items that should be standard equipment on all Glocks. At the moment, only the G34, G35, G37, G38, and G39 come from the factory with this little jewel, but it's quick and simple to swap this rascal out on any other models. Just remove the slide assembly, push out the locking block pin from left to right, then push out the trigger pin from left to right (moving the slide stop lever slightly if the pin locks up and doesn't want to can bind on the edges of the hole through the lever), and once the trigger pin is clear to the right of the slide stop lever then the old slide stop lever will come right out. Position the new slide stop lever with the hole lined up for the trigger pin, push the trigger pin back in from right to left (which will go through the hole on the end of the lever), and just make sure that you have a small bit of slack on the trigger pin so that the slide lock lever isn't bound up on the pin (there is 2 relief cuts on the trigger pin for the slide lock lever hole to ride in, freeing it up slightly....only 1 of the reliefs will be near the lever itself at a time). Then push the locking block pin back in from right to left, making sure that the top of the spring on the end of the slide stop lever is beneath the locking block pin, and then you're ready to put the slide assembly back on again! Instant swap-out, and a much easier slide release from then on!!! If the trigger pin binds up on the way out, it's catching the edge of the hole through the end of the lever, so just hold some pressure on the lever while you try to push the trigger pin through from left to right, and eventually you'll clear the relief cut on the pin that has caught the hole in the lever.....and the same thing can happen when pushing the trigger pin back in from right to left if the lever hole isn't lined up properly. If you install the locking block pin first, it makes it tougher to put the trigger pin in due to the spring that sticks up on the end of the lever. What are 'ya waitin' on??????? Get the new extended lever on order TODAY!!!.....if you spend more than 10 minutes installing it, you're doing something wrong.....and that lever is going to come out every time you remove the trigger assembly anyway.....the Glock disassembly tool makes things a lot easier to drive the pins out, and if you do get the pins mixed up, well Glock took care of that by making all 3 pins different. The trigger pin (which goes through the lower part of the locking block and also through the slide stop lever) is the largest diameter of the 3 pins and has a relief groove on each end for the slide stop lever to ride in......the locking block pin is smaller, and is slightly smaller once you get away from each end.....the trigger housing pin at the back of the grip is the smallest diameter pin, and it's the PLASTIC pin, so with that knowledge you can't mix 'em up.....dimensionally, the pins really aren't all interchangeable, so it's just a matter of getting the right size pin in the right size hole, and keep in mind that the plastic pin goes into the back of the grip at the trigger housing.
E. C. - Vernon Hills, Illinois (my profile)
This sleeve on a 17 round mag makes a good fit in the Glock 19.
Good produst
E. C. - Vernon Hills, Illinois (my profile)
This mag and a sleeve make a good fit on the Glock 19
Replaces my other sight pushers!
Travis B - Alexandria, Virginia (my profile)
As a Firearms Instructor for a federal agency, I have been carrying 3 or 4 different expensive sight pushers to the range for years. While this tool takes a minute to set up for gun slides with different heights, it replaces having to buy a different expensive sight pusher for the Glock's, Sig Sauer's, HK's, Beretta's, etc. I wish I had originally bought this tool because I never would have needed all of those others.
Great Holster
Stephen T - Escondido, California (my profile)
During the past 20 years I have been in a plainclothes assignment for 15 of them. I have tried several different IWB holsters and found all of them to be wanting, until now. I too an a very large person and IWB holtsers just didn't keep the gun in place and stable. This holster is the exception. There is absolutely no shift or movement by the holster. My weapon is secure. I bought the Scorpion for my Glock 27, and though it is not listed, it also handles my issued Glock 23 well. And it is comfortable, even with my "tight" jeans. The only negative I can say is it did take over three weeks to get the holster after it was ordered because it was on back order.
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
It works OK but could be made stronger. Maybe a metal side plate?
Love it!
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
Makes my Glock 23 look great! Get one for youself and see.
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
Easier release in my Glock 23, much better than the original.
James M - Vancouver, Washington (my profile)
Bought a couple to use the larger size mag in my G23. It does not fit snug and pinched my finger when shooting. It is better than nothing on a larger capacity mag, but I think I will try something else.
Great part
Tim M - Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (my profile)
I have 1700+ rounds on it through my glock 22, noticeable difference, worth every penny. It has indentations from coming in contact with the frame, but no splits, great product!
Great product!
Jerry M - Canton, Michigan (my profile)
This is a slick item for adding capacity to your magazines. I installed it on a factory 15 round magazine for my 19 and it works and looks great. Make sure you work out for a few days before you attempt to wrestle the base off your magazine; but it's well worth the effort. You can get the Korean +2 mags for just a couple of bucks more than this extension, and they work fine. But for your existing mags this is the way to go.
Works great
jay s - wylie, Texas (my profile)
Notice a heck of a difference now when shooting my Glock 19,also installed the safety plunger at same time.One not of caution,be careful when taking off the spring cups as one of mine flew off,took me 30 minutes to find the little basta**.lol Anyways just have to install the 3.5 connector and will be about done with mods to this Glock.Really alot of fun working on and installing mods on these Glocks and accuracy is great.Parts have all been great and work as noted.
worked great
jay s - wylie, Texas (my profile)
put in a 20# for my Glock 19,big difference in muzzle flip,plus the stainless steel rod will last and won't crack unlike the plastic one Glock puts in.
We'll see
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
I've yet to go to the range and see how this new upgrade functions under stress, but as far as I can tell now, it seems to be in order. If any of you own much older G21's(1996) as I do, this drop in upgrade is a far cry from the stock part. Obviously with the ability to control the triggers overtravel the housing different, but the ejector seems quite HUGE. Don't fret, I called up the GStore to make sure it was the right piece, lol. I'm looking forward to trying it out, but am in no doubt that it'll be fine.
Worth the money
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
It looks better, feels better and trigger squeeze is smooth. The safe action piece is much larger than the stock trigger's(which I like) if that means anything to anyone; you get what you pay for. Remember, you're not just paying for a quality upgrade, but the effort it takes to make it.
Standard Sand Grips
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
I think they're great. Of course, my main concern was the grip itself, so I never applied the slide pieces as I've never had a problem racking the slide as is, aside from the fact that they look awfully gawdy. There is a piece that's applied under the trigger guard which I thought was useful and helps, I think, with my two handed grip since it rests on my weak hand index. A cheap way to go for a sound grip on your gun and something that should last a very long time.
Great Sights
Bret R - Spokane Valley, Washington (my profile)
Best sights i've ever used! super fast finding your sight when you pull your gun to shoot. takes some getting used to after using standard 3 dot sights, but ill never go back. would recommend to anyone
Unzips by itself
Garry B - BELLINGHAM, Washington (my profile)
I actually like the way this conceals my weapon, but it has come unzipped twice. Once my weapon fell out on the ground. Fortunately I was at home walking up to my front door when it fell out, so it didn't happen at the store. To have any chance that it won't unzip I have to not use the quick open tabs sown on the inside cover. My weapon is a Glock 30 SF, so it's not a huge weapon. But if I need to get it out quick, I'm SOL.
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
The trigger squeeze is a lot smoother, even with my stock trigger(which I'm compelled to upgrade soon). Great part.
Safety first
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
Well, there isn't a whole lot to say about this part. It's not much different from the stock part, but the added feature of being able to visually or feel if the chamber's loaded is great. ANY safety feature one can add to a firearm is a plus. I know, I know, many of us that are safety conscious continually check to make sure the firearm's "safe", but I never shirk being even safer. I'd recommend this to everyone.
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
I liked it from the first time it was introduced in "Building the ultimate Glock", it just made a hell of a lot of sense, but when I finally received it and held it in my hand I knew right then that it would deinately have a positive impact on muzzle flip/control. I "double tap" just fine with the stock spring, but this part has just upped the ante.
Helped recoil but jammed frequently!!
Josh K - Phoenix, Arizona (my profile)
I was very excited about this item. It definitely gives you a noticeable difference in felt recoil, but it gives me at 2-4 jams per magazine in my Glock 23. I used it with and without the stainless guide rod, with no difference. I removed the recoil buffer and the gun functioned perfectly. Tried replacing it and the jams came right back. Seems to work for many people, bummed that it didn't work for me. :-(
Super comfortable rig on the leg...
Kent F - Alpharetta, Georgia (my profile)
Another great deep concealment option. I have one that fits the Glock 26 and one that fits the Glock 19 & 23. If you have boot cut jeans, it doesn't really print at all unless you are really looking for it. You can't tell at all on the Glock 26. A tapered pair of slacks doesn't really work to well. Also, not a fast draw option, but at least it is on you and very comfortable. You can get away without the calf strap, but I like having it for add support. In combination with the 'Concealed Magazine Ankle and Knife Holster', you will have all your bases covered. I've worn it all day, and hardly notice it after a while. A great way to carry a backup gun
Very secure way to carry a firearm, but slow draw and slow to re-holster.
Kent F - Alpharetta, Georgia (my profile)
It is not a fast draw, but fits very securely a Glock 26 or smaller. Works best for thinner guns. The bigger guns like a Glock 23 or 19 will work, but it prints a little too much depending on how tailored your clothing is. It doesn't protect against moisture that great and is a little difficult to re-holster. But it is a very nice option to have for deep concealment. I have the black v neck and the white v neck. I am somewhat in shape with a minor pooch belly, and it makes my pooch disappear, and my wife thinks it is sexy. Overall, really nice product.
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
Really, what can one say about a stock product? Not much, but in regard to backup parts, this is one I think's necessary. Though the parts we all buy here are well manufactured for the most part, you just never know when you'll need a replacement. I carry two of these, just in case.
Better than the U.A.T.
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
I found a need for a front sight tool and first decided on the "Ultimate Armorer's Tool". I'd say it was Ok, but I really didn't need the brush or the little flathead. However, comparing this tool's take down punch and sight driver to the UAT's, this is a much better product. It feels better in your hand, the sight driver doesn't "scrape" your slide as does the UAT and is much stronger in my opinion. It's a better manufactured tool and is worth the price.
An Excellent Upgrade
Bruce F - Bentonville, Arkansas (my profile)
I picked up two of these. One for a G21 and another for a G22. Several weeks ago I tried the G21 spring with good results. This afternoon I tried the G22 version and had good results as well. I bought the white factory spring weight replacements for both. I will probably be putting these in all my Glocks.
Too High for Me!
One November - Fredericksburg, Virginia (my profile)
Very comfy holster, and very well made. Its retention is outstanding. Overall it is an awesome holster. BUT it rides too high for my preference. I wish the loops were a little higher so we could holster lower. Still, this holster is a great purchase and I recommend it!
Great Holster for its Price
One November - Fredericksburg, Virginia (my profile)
Great holster for its price: Pros - It is comfortable to carry with a G23 (my case), sturdy and fairly easy to reholster. It rides considerably low and conceals the gun almost completely. The screws will stay in place for a long time. You may angle it with ease. Cons - The inner seam rubs uncomfortably onto the skin, nothing major but it can get old after a couple of hours (wear a shirt). The clip is really hard to lift in order to secure to the pant (which is a good thing for security reasons). It is actually a great purchase! I recommend it to anyone!
Fobus holsters are great
Tom M - Johnstown, Pennsylvania (my profile)
I own two of these holsters for a Glock 30 and Colt 1911. They hold the pistols secure and are comfortable to wear in almost any situation. Unlike other paddle holsters i have tried, the Fobus keeps the pistol tight to your side, and is very easy to draw and re-holster the pistol. Best bang for the buck I have found.
Money well spent
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
I installed it today on my G21 and it's a welcome addition! It would be nice for this to be part of the standard package when purchasing a Glock as so many have already mentioned, but at it's pricepoint, it's quite a small price to pay for convenience. It would do you well to purchase one if you haven't already.
Great tool to take to the range
Dave - Hampden, Maine (my profile)
The Uni-2ool is a little expensive but so are the other must have accessories of anybody serious about improving their shooting skills. This tool makes changing or simply adjusting fixed dovetail sights a simple task and is compact enough to tuck into your range bag. Let's face it, we all love our tools and an opportunity to show one off that really works the way it's supposed to, so take it to the range and show it off.
Knowledge is POWER!
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
I can't think of any other cost effective way to learn how to properly learn to dissassemble and reassemble your Glock except trial and error(and who wants to do that?!), so it would behoove you to get this DVD. Lenny Magill takes you through the gun piece by piece and shows some techniques as to how it's done. Attention to detail's the name of the game and at the end you'll feel much more confident about breaking down your Glock for maintenance and replacement of parts and putting it all back together. A must have DVD for any model Glock owner!
Ten Dollars Well Spent!
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
What a world of difference this after market component makes. I have an older Glock and I suppose after so many years the slide lock wore down, but upon installing this piece, I'll never have to worry about that again! The extra 3mm gives you a fine hold to remove the slide with ease.
It works!
KKirk R - Albuquerque, New Mexico (my profile)
After about 400 rounds of .45+P, no noticable difference in the products condition, but a difference in felt recoil. I don't care if I have to buy a case of recoil buffers, the wear and tear it saves the weapon is well worth the investment.
Makes a great gun even better!
KKirk R - Albuquerque, New Mexico (my profile)
I knew right away that the purchase of this item was one of the best additions to my Glock 21. The added weight up front made a huge difference in the handling characteristics and accuracy of the weapon. As an added bonus I don't have to worry about a broken part when the chips are down. I also recommend purchasing the recoil buffer, it makes a difference in felt recoil, and will make your Glock last even longer. A small price to pay for piece of mind!
A must have Glock DVD
techie - Haverhill, Massachusetts (my profile)
A very informative, educational and entertaining DVD to say the least. I've looked at many of the upgrades before, but until this video, did not quite understand the impact that these upgrades could provide not only enhanced performance of my Glock, but my overall performance at the range and perhaps even in a real world situation. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already. THANKS LENNY!
Invaluable DVD!
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
If you have a Glock, and you want to hop it up or tear it down, you need this DVD! Magill's announcer voice and infomercial-like (in a positive way) presentation combines to form a very informative and entertaining production. His easy going manner comes through and encourages the viewer that he/she, too, can accomplish what's being presented. The menu is handy for jumping straight to what you need to do. Most importantly, Magill prefaces his instruction with safe firearm handling practices. One caveat: you'll need a strong will to keep from buying all the hop-up parts he presents.
Nice Vest
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
For the price, it's not a bad vest. The material and construction seems durable, though after its first wash the top stiches on one of the velcro tabs came off and a 1" section of seam stiching on one of the sleeves wasn't even so the (cloth) end started to fray a bit. All this just adds to a "worn-in" look, like jeans. Its utility is better than some vest due to the different specialty pockets. You can carry everything you need for a full day mission or hiking trip and have it easily accessible. Excellent cover garment for sure with great ventilation. The waist adjustment tabs are practical to accomodate your sidearm or to cinch the vest down closer to the body. You could possibly use this vest at the trap range in a pinch. I chose the tan for the non-tactical look and to be more inconspicuous in public. People will think I'm just some outdoors type or photographer--which I am, also. I just wish they came in grey, like the one in the ad picture.
You Need This Tool
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
If you're gonna fiddle with your Glock front sight, save yourself the frustration and get this tool! Specially designed and it WORKS!
Excellent Tool, Good Value!
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
The price seems steep at first, but if you own a variety of guns with set groove sights, this will prove its worth in the long run. Since it is not model specific, it truly lives up to it's name. Changing or sighting in your sights is a snap with this device. Highly recommended.
The one to get!
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
I prefer this plug as it sits flush with the butt of the gun. Clean install and fills that empty channel. I recommend this butt plug...sorry, couldn't resist.
EXCELLENT Holster!!!
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
An excellent holster at an awesome value! The smoothest/fastest holster I have for my G23. Almost no break-in required, just loctite and set the retention screw and it's ready for immediate use. Paddle is easy to take on and off and can be used without a belt--though not as secured on your waist--and is adjustable for cant and used as a cross-draw holster. The ride height is about mid-rise, not high rise like in the ad picture, at least for the G23. The leather does seem thinner than most pancake/belt holsters if I have to nit pick. I am very satisfied with this holster.
Great Product
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
Bought this for my G23 for when I go jogging or don't want to wear cover clothing. Works as advertised!!! Conceals my G23 and a spare mag cleanly and provides a layer between your skin and the gun. Works great with any loose waisted pant or shorts and an untucked t-shirt--or tucked in and bloused over your waist. Wearing a belt complicates it's use, specially in reholstering--so I don't recommend wearing a belt. A slight drawback, is that the gun/mag can "jump" and feel loose when doing more vigorous activities. Just be sure to secure the velcro fastener tighter around your waist to increase retention--but it won't be as comfortable to wear for long periods. I highly recommed this holster!
Well Made Holster!
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
Bought this for my SIG P226. Awesome looking holster and great craftsmanship. Very sleek with a great finish and holds gun close to the body--easily conceals my 226 with little outlining. Supports gun weight very well being a moderate high rise. However, DeSantis warns you in the instructions that the initial fit of the gun will be tight--this is an understatement. This holster requires a long and thorough break-in period for you to even draw the gun, much less for "speed". Due to it's symmetric design, where the mold of the gun is equal on both the inside and outside face of the holster, and the lack of a pre-curve at the slot supports, the gun is pressed solidly against your hip. Without a built in precurve, the holster flexes inward, specially at the trigger guard area, which provides extreme clamping friction. Even with the retention screw loosened completely, you will NOT be able to draw your gun until after break-in--at least, I couldn't. To break it in, I strapped the holster on my thigh, using the belt slots I would use, to provide the curve and support on the inside face of the holster. I then cycled my (empty) gun in and out of the holster (with my thumb on the butt end of the slide to keep it from cocking back) while watching TV for a few hours. Soon you will start to see wear on the suede on the inside face of the holster, especially by the trigger guard--and you will see lot's of suede residue on the gun--this is a good sign. Check for smoothness and adjust the retention screw with it strapped to your thigh or while bending the holster. Strap it on and enjoy your Speed Scabbard Holster. Draw speed and smoothness will improve even more with regular wear and use.
Nice Basic IWB Holster
Ramon G - K-ville, California (my profile)
Bought this holster for my G23. Well made and durable. Initial gun fit is very tight and needs a good break-in for a smooth draw. Just work (unloaded) gun forcibly in and out for at least 200 cycles and store gun in it for a few days should start smoothing things out. The more draw-cycles the better it gets. Very concealable and comfortable for all day wear once you find the "sweet spot" on your hip. Requires a narrow, dress-width belt. Rough-side out keeps holster in position on waist. J-hook is good, but a swivel option would be better. Reholstering is not a strong point with this holster--you will need your other hand to help ease the gun back in, as well as looking the first few times. Overall a good value and very usable.
Wally F - miami, Florida (my profile)
excellent design.
Best upgrade yet
Nick S - Norwich, Connecticut (my profile)
This is probably the best thing I have ever bought for my glock. I had a lot of trouble trying to release the slide with the factory part. Once this is installed you will never slip off the grips. Very easy to install and very easy to use
Not bad
Nick S - Norwich, Connecticut (my profile)
This will definitly help those of you with smaller hands not have to reposition to drop the mag quickly. May come in the way of some holsters as it sticks out pretty far. Haven't had any problems with it at all yet.
I like it
Nick S - Norwich, Connecticut (my profile)
This is a great little addition for people with smaller thumbs. Made it much easier for me to lock the slide back. Honestly the piece feels a little cheap in your hand, but once installed it performs great.
Great Piece
Nick S - Norwich, Connecticut (my profile)
Great addition to my G22. Peace of mind too knowing that I don't have to worry about the factory plastic rod breaking. Great piece!
BIG change for a small piece
Louis - Tampa, Florida (my profile)
Immediate and noticeable difference in trigger pull
BlackHawk Carbon Fiber Holste
Lawrence l - Tell City, Indiana (my profile)
This is a Great holster, SERPA locking system is great once you put your gun in the holster its there till your ready to get it out. Very durable and light weight I Strongly suggest this holster to anyone. A++
mag/light combo pouch
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
Now I have the right mag pouch to go along with the Tactical Roto Holster.It is perfect for having A spare loaded mag and A good tactical light with you to go along if you half to check you residence at night for unknown sounds.Its A must.
Fobus Tactical Roto Holster
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
I just made A review on Galco Halo holster.I like the concept.But this one I like A little more.I am not into paddle holsters but this maybe the first.Your concept has the application to keep my Insight M-6 light/w Lazer attached and ready for action.The paddle rig would make this A great night holster as well as A rig to take for concealment when Wisconsin gets it.I hope it soon.
halo belt holster
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
This holster is very interesting to me.My Glock G-22 with a lazermax built in lazer and a Insight M-3 light would make this A pretty good security blanket.
Merlin Pack
Steve - Boca Raton, Florida (my profile)
This ppack is the best concealment item, especially for a Glock 26 or similar sized weapon. Easily concealed and one would never think you had a weapon in it. I have had many friends comment on the pack and not even realize it concealed a weapon. Even when they picked it up. Comments that it was heavy and had a lot stuff in it but never thought it might be a weapon. Awesome product.
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
This thing works great, accurate and intimidating! Get one, you won't be sorry.
Feels GREAT!
Louis - Tampa, Florida (my profile)
I opted for the tactical trigger since my G17 is a duty weapon but I must say even having the stock 5.5lb connector the pull still feels lighter. I will certainly be purchasing the 3.5lb connector...I don't see how they can say the trigger pull is 2-2 1/2 lbs because it's so not. Shorter reset is a god sent...I shot such a tighter group with this new setup!!! No regrets at all!!
Louis - Tampa, Florida (my profile)
Why even review this? We ALL know this piece is an absolute necessity and by all means should INDEED come as standard equipment on all Glocks. Even if it costs $100 I would still buy it !!
My 2 cents
Louis - Tampa, Florida (my profile)
Installed this to my G17 today and put 100 rounds through it. Upon cleaning I noticed my guide spring scored a notch into it. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not...only time amd more rounds will tell. I still gave it 4 stars because anything meant to prevent excessive wear is a good thing to own.
Glock Trigger (Factory Replacement)
glen m - troy, Missouri (my profile)
Simple to replace, just drop in. I recommend the break down/reassemble dvd..
Complete glock DVD
glen m - troy, Missouri (my profile)
This dvd is all you need! It shows you how to break it down, and put it back together with ease, you just have to pay attention.
Chrome 3 pin kit
glen m - troy, Missouri (my profile)
Makes the weapon damn good looking, gives it some bling! bling! so to speak..
blackhawk c.f. holster
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
An outstanding holster.I have one for my springfield armory 1911 and its the only holster i use when i go to the range.rides nice and snug to my body and is very secure.The one bad thing is that they don't make it for A friend's gun.He's got a px4 storm.YET. ken
s.w.a.t. tactical holster w/light
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
i will half to get this rig for my new Glock and my insight m-6 tact-light with lazer.I like the fact that I can keep my light on the weapon holstered.Nice.
s.w.a.t. omega croos draw/eod vest
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
I like what I have read.But the true to me is to get one and put it through my testing trials.
single magazine pouch
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
I have both the single and double mag pouches and they work well for my G22/40 mags.
high cap. glock factory mags.
Kenneth D - baraboo, Wisconsin (my profile)
I am replcaing my old g22 glock for A new one shortly so I will need A good supplier.A friend suggested your site and I am impressed.The G22/40 is ben very loyal and A top pistol.Upgrading it to A new one will make my day. ken
Worth Buying
James P - Las Cruces, New Mexico (my profile)
This item is worth every penny, too bad Glock pistols don't come from the factory with this item. I had a difficult time releasing some of the slides on my Glocks but with the extended release installed it's so much better, there is no comparison. I have installed this release on all of my Glocks. You won't regret buying it.
A Commonly Overlooked Accessory That Makes A HUGE Difference!
Ronnie M - Pine Bluff, Arkansas (my profile)
I fitted up a polymer mag well on my G34, and I quickly noticed multiple improvements. The mag well gives the pinkie finger side of the hand a nice resting place and adds significantly to a more firm feel of the grip, it almost seems to assist you in getting lined up quickly, it makes for faster and easier mag insertions, adds virtually no extra weight (the polymer model), and an unseen extra is that it gives you a firmer grip on the handle (if you found yourself in a situation where someone was attempting to take your Glock out of your hand to turn it against you!). Overall, it adds quite a bit of a secure feeling to your hand on the grip, yet it's not so large as to be obnoxious or in the way. And, in a roundabout way, it helps seal up the back of the bottom of the handle too. It's a pretty snug fit to get it positioned up fully into position, then the Allen head bolt draws up the lower portion of the mag well into the locked position against a smaller wedge insert that goes up in the back of the grip, so it's not going to drop off! I've shown it to several other Glock owners, and they were surprised at how much more of a solid grip feel the mag well gives you. Whadda 'ya waitin' on???....order one today and give it a try, and chances are that you'll be pretty happy with this addition.
Not for Glock 21
William B - La Mesa, California (my profile)
I Got one for my Glock 21SF. Its work great till the last three round in my 10 round mag. Then it would start to kick side way off the very small adjustable support post.
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
This add-on works perfectly on my Glock 23. Easy to install and looks great. A must have for the Glock enthusiast!
two thumbs down
Aaron W - west point, Utah (my profile)
does not fit my g30 (not g30 sf)at all
Trickster holster
william F - fayetteville, New Hampshire (my profile)
Excellent product.Very well made fits in pocket without printing.Fits gun like a glove.I ordered mine for a Beretta 950 .25 and I couldn't be happier with it.
Glock 23 .40 cal Magazine
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
Original factory magazine,perfect!
Glock Grip Frame Insert
Tom W - Fort Worth, Texas (my profile)
This part does exactly what it says it does. A must for any serious Glock owner. Highly recommended.
Extended Slide Lock : "GOTTA HAVE"!
Ronnie M - Pine Bluff, Arkansas (my profile)
This is definitely one of those simple, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive upgrades that you just can't pass up on. Even though the 3MM extension of this slide lock doesn't sound like a lot, it does make a HUGE difference in gripping and releasing the slide (versus the factory slide lock). It's long enough to get the job done right, yet it doesn't stick out in the way. After you feel the difference in this extended slide lock, you will wonder why Glock doesn't make this extended slide lock as standard equipment. After installing this upgrade, you will appreciate it every time you need to remove the slide assembly.
Guide Rod
preachers boy - Abilene, Texas (my profile)
I could tell the first shot, this is better. Grouping is tighter, able to get back on target faster. This is a must have for any Glock.
Works well, but....
EZRider - Saint George, Utah (my profile)
I installed this in my G26. Functions very well. However, it is not flush with the end of the gun and the bright chrome finish should be black to match the color of the frame. Works great, but looks clunky...
gary m - bayarea, California (my profile)
this is not worth you money! very uncomfortable but if you are on a budget you will get what you pay for. cheep is not the best route to go. I went with the summer comfort holster and i am happy
summer comfort
gary m - bayarea, California (my profile)
I like it! I forget its there.
Scott H - Fort Hood, Texas (my profile)
I just got my holster today and tried it on to see how it rides. I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately I'm currently deployed to the Mid-East and it'll be a month or so until I can wear it with my G22. I'll update this as soon as I can though.
Video Demo
Kevin B - Reno, Nevada (my profile)
THE BEST VIDEO DEMO EVER..I will buy any hoster she is selling....
Fairly good
romeo b - West Covina, California (my profile)
I have tried this dummy rounds in my glock 17 and my opinion is its fairly good for its purpose. I have used the A-Zoom snap caps and its really much much better..
What can I say?
j w - Unknown, Indiana (my profile)
This thing is great! You already know the benefits of it, so I'll throw out a few things you may not know. The spring is much stiffer than the stock Glock spring. This may be a plus for some. The switch is kind of hard to flip the laser on or off w/o a chambered round. You can do it, but it as smooth as butter w/ a round chambered. I guess that is what really counts, but we all know people are going to show the laser off a little bit, so I'd say that is the only negative. The only other thing that kept me from going a perfect 5 was that after having this for some time it seems to have taken a beating at the front. You can't tell unless your weapon is field stripped, but it has lost the paint around the tip & has been battered a bit. I shoot allot & the recoil buffer pad would probably fix this. I'm unsure if it would work w/ the LaserMax. I don't want to sound negative, I paid allot for this & I'm happy with it. I would buy it again, but I hope I never have to!
If your looking at this holster, check out the Clipdraw also!
j w - Unknown, Indiana (my profile)
My 1st complaint was that I buy jeans at 36 waist. I bought the Belly Band at the same 36' because the video made it sound like it would have extra Velcro if it was to snug. I could wear it, but it was extremely tight, so I had to use that extra Velcro to make it bearable & then it just didn't have the support I was looking for at all. I was using it w/ a Glock 19, but I wouldn't dare try to wear it & move outside with my competition big boy! I gave it about 3 days to try & break it in, but there was no way. Either suffocate or have it attached end to end way to loose to fell safe & confident. I was going to try it the next size up & instead opted for the Clipdraw. I only wanted this type of holster to use on pants or shorts w/o a belt. However I loved the Clipdraw so much that I just never had the desire to wear 1 of these ever again. The Clipdraw became my everyday carry choice no matter the outfit. if you don't like the idea of attaching a clip to your glock or firearm of choice I'd recommend this, but be sure to order it the next size up over your normal pant size. i hope this helps. It is not bad & it defiantly does what it says it will do. I'm actually glad mine was to small, because I may never have tried the amazing Clipdraw! Just my 2 cents.
j w - Unknown, Indiana (my profile)
I love this thing. It is stiff like the 1st top review states. It isn't an issue when drawing at all just re-holstering. After You wear it or use it daily like I have for 6 months it gets really broken in, but in a good way like a reliable glove. I can clip on gym shorts, on the inside of just a belt under a baggy shirt, or over jeans & a belt easily now!! Re-holstering isn't a problem at all & it feels secure, because I tuck it away so deeply. I can open carry & have even used it for open carry in a busy restaurant when wearing a tailored suit. It still looked professional. I tried the Belly Band 1st, because my whole purpose was to carry when in gym shorts or exercise clothes. i never expected to use this as my holster, but I would never go with it on any gun I ever have again. Be patient with it. Only reason it doesn't get a perfect 5, because mine came new & the finish looked brownish & awful! It looked like it just came out of a torture test! I considered returning it & asking for a black & clean replacement. I just thought aww... it needs cleaned. After using only regular gun oil & cleaner w/ just a patch it totally striped the finish all together. Making it nonreturnable! I had to use paint stripper, prime, & repaint it myself to get it to match my Glock. Now it looks a little rough again in a few spots, so I'm considering repainting. I'm also considering just buying a new one, but even it looks good the finish can't come off w/ just regular cleaning!! If you can paint well & don't mind it is GREAT!!
rock solid holster
roger e - san franciso, California (my profile)
I got one of these last mouth i wear it when i walk my dog at night with my glock22,and somstimes foget i am wearing it.The holster is well made and only took about a day to break in,i couid not find a better holster for the price.Galco is a cut above the rest.
Perfect Fit
Ray-Bob - Granbury, Texas (my profile)
Perfect fit on my G-22. Very attractive, well made part.
Good fit in G-22
Ray-Bob - Granbury, Texas (my profile)
Fits like a glove on my Glock 22. Very much worth the price.
Perfect Fit
Ray-Bob - Granbury, Texas (my profile)
Perfect fit on my G-26. Looks like a factory part.
Ray-Bob - Granbury, Texas (my profile)
Installed these on my G-22 and G-26. Should be standard equipment. Highly recommended.
Slug Plug
Nathaniel W - Little Rock, Arkansas (my profile)
Awesome product! Fit my G23 perfectly. This is a must have for any Glock owner.
Very Nice Holster
Morid R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
I like the holster very much, its durable and comfortable to wear. easy to adjust to match the required gun pull resistance. I also use it for concealed carry, it doesn't stick out too big.
Port-A-Fold Target Stand Works Well
Chuck - Tucson, Arizona (my profile)
The portability of the target stand works well. The setup time and placement is quick.
Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights
kevin g - Suitland, Maryland (my profile)
If you use your Glock for personal defense please get a set of, Tritium sights! Just like in the picture these will glow green in dark lighting. During the day they are light the standard white dots !
FBI Concealment Holster
kevin g - Suitland, Maryland (my profile)
Great holster I use it at work. Has a retention device so it makes it hard to snach your weapon from the holster. Also conceals a full size Glock 17 very easy.
Bill E. - Union, New Jersey (my profile)
Great product @ a great price! Very helpful when cleaning my Glock 22.. It's one less place for me to clean & it looks like it came stock from the factory. Highly recommended if you want a clean gun & a clean look!
Bill E. - Union, New Jersey (my profile)
I've been using the EP4 version for a few months now, & I have no complaints about this product. While at the range, I can hear conversations & at the same time I'm still being protected from the harmful surrounding noises.. Highly recommended.
Bill E. - Union, New Jersey (my profile)
This grip is by far one of the best additions to my Glock 22. The feel & comfort of it is simply amazing. I didn't think that "perfection" could be improved, but i stand corrected. I HIGHLY recommend this anyone who is looking to improve their grip, & at this price, you can't go wrong.
Outstanding product
SC Shooter - Bloomington, Indiana (my profile)
I was a little skeptical at first that this might stand out a little much on the gun, but it looks sharp...especially with the three pin set and that Bar-Sto barrel. From a function standpoint, this release has just enough extension to facilitate one-handed operation without having to shift your grip. Should definitely be a factory standard.
These are very comfortable
Amy - Memphis, Tennessee (my profile)
These shorts are very comfortable but drawing the weapon is not as quick as from a belt holster. They are great for the times when a holster and belt are not an option.
Glock Sight
Chris D - Monteview, Idaho (my profile)
I am not the sharpest tool in the shed so a few instructions would have helped. I lost the front sight without knowing it, so had no idea how to put a new one on. Lastly, I am not sure on return ordering. The shipping and handling for an item no bigger then a bread crumb (and weighing less) was a bit outragous. But the item itself is fine. And it arrived good.
Backstrap Channel Insert
Alejo M - Fresno, California (my profile)
It fit perfect in my G22 RTF worth every cent!!!
Tungsten Guide Rod
Alejo M - Fresno, California (my profile)
Bought this for my G22 RTF and when to the range and i was hitting double taps. It's worth the money!!!!!!!
Recoil Buffer
Alejo M - Fresno, California (my profile)
I bought a recoil buffer and Tungsten guide rod for my glock 22 RTF when to the range shot about 100 plus rounds and work perfect, no jams. But when I got home to clean it I noticed the top had a crack in it.
Great fit for the G19
Sahagun - Abilene, Texas (my profile)
Great part great price. Fits my G19 like a glove.
Left handed like me? Replace your extended mag release with this standard one.
Morid R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
I am a left handed shooter, and extended mag releases bothers me alot and doesn't feel comfortable at all. I replaced it with this one, and I don't even feel it when I grasp the grip.
Extremely Recomended for Glock Owners!!!
Morid R - Dallas, Texas (my profile)
Now that's exactly what I am talking about. That little channel insert fits perfectly on my glock, I love it for the fact that it closes that little hole reinforcing the backstrap and keeping it clean at the same time. I just love the way my gun looks with it. I'll never take it out!
A Great Addition To Consider
Ronnie M - Pine Bluff, Arkansas (my profile)
I must say that the new optional captive spring stainless steel or tungsten guide rod and spring assemblies available (in the selection of recoil spring weights) is a good addition for your Glock. The various springs available allow you to "fine tune" your recoil slide to the loads you are using, and both the stainless steel and tungsten rods are superior to the factory plastic guide rod provided. If you're looking for a bit of extra muzzle weight, the tungsten rod will provide more than the stainless steel version. And, the color coding system gives you a quick reference if you are switching spring weights. I opted for the extended tungsten guide rod and non-captive springs before these products became available (flush fit for the G34 and G35), so I can't comment on the results of this product directly, but I do like the concept and feel like it would make for a great option. If I do elect to go back with a captive spring and guide rod assembly, these will be on my shopping list! I'll be waiting to hear from the actual users of this product to see how they perform in the real world application, but I'd anticipate good results.
Glock Gunsmith's Bench Mat - A "Must Have"!
Ronnie M - Pine Bluff, Arkansas (my profile)
This is definitely a "must have" for the Glock followers. In addition to all of the ready info available on the mat, the construction is great, size is great, and it can serve numerous purposes besides just being a good surface for working on your maintenance projects. I even like the suggestion provided to me by GlockStore as using the mat for a large scale computer mouse pad (great idea!!!). I'll probably put some clear plastic over my mat while using it for working on Glocks (to protect the surface from contaminants, just in case!), so that I can help preserve the mat for future use and viewing. A GREAT IDEA from Glock, a good price from GlockStore, a useful accessory, and I've even seen them displayed on the wall at some stores and shops. Oh, did I mention that I like it?
.45 high capacity 25 round magazine
brian s - las vegas, Nevada (my profile)
this magazine SUCKS!!! i wish there was a no star rating. If you try to load 25 rounds in the magazine it bulges out and is too fat to fit in the gun. I was even fine with only loading 20 rounds in it..... But i just got back from the range and i let off 1 shot and it jammed. it tried it again and it was the same story. DO NOT BUY THIS!! on a brighter note, I also bought the 9mm 33 rounder that came from Glock. i haven't tried it yet but i have heard a lot of good things about this magazine.
Galco IWB holster
Earl V - Royal Oak, Michigan (my profile)
I have been carrying concealed weapons for at least 45 years as a retired police officer and working special security. It is one of the most comfortable and secure holster available. I wasn't a big fan of IWB holsters but but this one is great and very comfortable and totally secure and concealed. Buy it and you will be very happy.
Chrome pin set
Kelley M - Cleveland, Texas (my profile)
I love the look now and it does tend to stand out a bit.
Sonic Defenders
Gary B - Port orchard, Washington (my profile)
I have used them for about 1 year on the range. I think they provide a good level of hearing protection and also allow the user to hear conversation, instruction etc. and this adds an additional level of safety on the range. Gary B.
Outstanding barrel
SC Shooter - Bloomington, Indiana (my profile)
I added one of these to my 23 and I absolutely love it. The tolerances are very close (as you would expect) and the look is sharp to say the least. From an accuracy standpoint, I've only put 300 rounds through the barrel so far, but tried a five shot pattern at 10-yards yesterday from a solid rest (not a vise) and got a grouping of 1/2-inch center to center with mid grade range ammo. I highly recommend this barrel.
Highly Recommend!
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
If you use your Glock for homedefense protection get these, or a set of, Tritium sights! Just like in the picture these will glow green in dark lighting. During the day they are light the standard white dots.
I like it
James A - Three Rivers, Michigan (my profile)
It does what it says, stops the gun from falling out but let's you draw quickly at the same time.
accessories glock
omar jose c - canovanas (my profile)
information under glock
Justin B - Quitman, Texas (my profile)
i got a couple for using 13 round mags in my G30. Doesn't fit well, but I guess it does the job.
great grip
Justin B - Quitman, Texas (my profile)
i put one on the ten round mag for my g26. glock should really make the floor plate easier to remove, but once you get the grip installed, the trouble is well worth the benefit.
Justin B - Quitman, Texas (my profile)
This is the best ten bucks I ever spent. My G30 was extremely hard to break down before, but now it's a snap. Just wide enough for the extra grip you need, but still doesn't snag on anything. buy it! buy it! buy it!
Perfect solution for a crisp, slack-free Glock trigger
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
After some very fine adjustment, I was able to remove all of the pre-travel and overtravel from the trigger, while being careful to keep the striker safety from being disengaged (look up the magwell to see what it is doing to determine that it is properly engaged). Once I did this, which is no sweat for any armorer, the trigger was amazing for a Glock, none of the mushy feel that they are notorious for, only a crisp, slack-free trigger that is close to being on par with many semi-custom 1911s* and doesn't move the sights from the target. Also, the trigger safety is wider, which means that it doesn't blister your finger if you reset the trigger when shooting hundreds of rounds, which happens even if you contour the too-thin trigger safety on the Glock to match the trigger. This part is not cheap (although $100 less than from Glockworx), but for the serious Glock aficionado, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. *Lighter trigger pull achieved with Fulcrum trigger, in addition to a 3 1/2 pound disconnector, titanium striker, titanium striker safety with lighter spring and stronger trigger spring, with all contact points polished to a mirror sheen. Have an armorer do the polishing and installation if you're not sure how to, but you can buy all of the necessary parts here, for the best prices that I have found.
Don't hesitate to try this!
carabidus - Naugatuck, Connecticut (my profile)
Like many of us, I was skeptical at first. I thought "There's no way a gun larger than the Ruger LCP could ever work with this holster". I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! I could not be more impressed with this product! I carried my G23 all day in a cross-draw fashion with gym pants on one occasion and jeans on another. I never had to re-adjust the band or worry about the gun slipping out. I'm not a very big guy (6' 190 pounds), but concealment was excellent nonetheless. It is far more comfortable than my $140 IWB holster, which I may never use again!
Mac - Washington, District of Columbia (my profile)
Better then factory. You shoot better and you have peace of mind knowing it will not break. Good price too.
This Company makes barrels for Marines-Semper Fi
Mac - Washington, District of Columbia (my profile)
Great Barrel - Great Price. Replaced my Glock 20 with this and can see and feel the difference. Shoot everyday and all my devil dogs has this barrel in there Glock 20s.
HandAll Grip
Mike H - Corpus Christi, Texas (my profile)
Easy to install. I put the grip into slow boiling water for about 3 minutes and it slid right into place.Fits my Glock 22 perfect. I have big hands and palm bulges really feel great when gripping the gun. Great service and fast shipping- 10 stars!!
family man
kevin w - landover, Maryland (my profile)
yes its an idiology for someone who lives alone to use this product but its a must have if you have children you do not want to become a statistic.............................
i love this product !!!!
giuseppe g - las vegas, Nevada (my profile)
i love this product !!!!
Glock Pistols
Kenneth D - Columbia, South Carolina (my profile)
This was the poorest quality CD That I every watched. The video was very grainey the instructor hands were almost always in front of the camera blocking your view. He would remove a part and you would not have a glue of where it came from. His gun cleaning would make most people cringe, the gun was completey soak with oil when he completed his cleaning.
Fantastic pants..great fit and great summer weight for the desert heat
mpur66 - las vegas, Nevada (my profile)
Got one pair of these and couldn't be happier..These are the perfect weight for the summer hear here in Las Vegas. Great fit and comfort..Really no way to improve on theses except if the price was to be reduced.. Worth every cent of the present price though..Ordered some on another site but on sale need to have length shortened for the good fit..Just order them here, the difference isn't worth the trouble to get alterations done.
Experience earned over time that is passed along clearly and efficiently!!!
Mark M - Redmond, Washington (my profile)
Through repetition, Lenny Magill clearly offers excellent advice on everything from holsters and concealment to specific shooting instruction and practice. Lenny always leads with safety habits and gun ownership responsibilities. The videos represent many years of experience as there is a time gap from the first two to the third video. This gave me even more assurance of the quality of information as the safety advice remains consistent but the shooting and concealment advice is even more focused. Experience earned over time that is passed along clearly and efficiently. Great stuff and a great place for a newbie to begin!
concealment shirts
unchained - mt vernon, New York (my profile)
when the shirt arrived i was pleased with it works well in concealing my pistol. quite comfortable as well. the store however needs to improve on its delivery system as other colours have been backordered. i hope they arrive soon
canvas concealment
unchained - mt vernon, New York (my profile)
very good product. i would recommend it
Great Holster
Benjamin M - Mount Airy, North Carolina (my profile)
Bought this holster several months ago. Much more comfortable to wear than my composite holsters. Holds my G23 very secure. Requires some stretching to ensure a smooth draw. A great value.
Nice Bag, but Some Assembly Required
Bruce F - Bentonville, Arkansas (my profile)
Let me start by saying this bag is really nice. I really like being able have all my gear packed up and ready to go. This bag will hold all your range gear and tons of ammo. Just drop your pistols in the padded pouches and head to the range. The bag ships flat so at first you will be wondering is how can this really be a 4 pistol case and only have two pouches. You have to insert the pouch dividers yourself which is no big deal once you figure out that you need to do it. The stiff plastic pieces that go in the ends of the bag insert are another story. These are a pain to get positioned properly, but with some patience they can be coaxed into place. Once that's done, you have your bag set up and ready to go. A small instruction sheet on inserting the bag stays and pouch dividers would be helpful.
Ported Compensator Review
Franklin C - Rock Island, Illinois (my profile)
wOw! This Ported Compensator should be called the "Phantom Compensator". Why is this? Because in order it a month ago and haven't received it yet! It's backordered. It's a "Phantom"...
These used to be called SAP gloves..........
Richard M - Unadilla, Georgia (my profile)
and they work every time you have someone who just refuses to go down when ordered to. Back handing someone with these gloves is like getting hit with a nightstick and then some. Excellent product and I highly recommend them.
Great Tool
Mike B - Rio Rico, Arizona (my profile)
Great tool, easy to use, best tool ever.
Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Andy K - Boston, Massachusetts (my profile)
Stainless Steel is better then plastic. I put this in my Glock 23 .40Cal. Now the kick of the gun is not so bad. Andy Kokolis BodyGaurd.
Excellent Choice!!
Dave M - Piketon, Ohio (my profile)
I recently purchased the steel guide rod with the captive 20# spring and I have to say it is a must have for any Glock owner. I have the Glock 23C and the factory spring weight was 18#. Adding the extra 2# to the spring really makes a difference when firing. And the stainless guide rod is a lot better than the factory plastic (should be standard). Excellent choice, excellent product, very pleased!
A great upgrade
Glockfan2008 - San Diego, California (my profile)
The Glock pistol is great as is right from the factory; but adding this is well worth the investment. I put one on my Glock 22 and it feels great. Remember a spring alone will not improve your accuracy, constant training with your firearm will. This is just a tool to help you along your way to a lifetime of great shooting. It's up to you to do the rest. Anyways...A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!
Good mag pouch
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
Holds the mag steady but the belt clip is not adjustable like the SERPA holster is. I would recommend getting 2 and putting them on the black hawk paddle to keep them from sliding around on a thinner belt.
Great holster
Justin G - Granger, Indiana (my profile)
This is the holster that I use %90 of the time. Easy to reholster and draw from. I tend to wear more fitted/tighter shirts and the holster sticks out from your belt a little, making concealed carry impossible. However, if you are wearing a jacket or baggy sweatshirt this holster is great for concealment and reliability. Can also wear with the paddle on sweatpants if they have a drawstring!
Mag Extension
Yovanel Kalil - Carolina (my profile)
Wow, This kit is awesome. I am gone test on Tusday. The spring is a little hard to put rounds. Im only put 17 round in my factory 13 .40 Mag. Very easy to install. My 23 looks a little intimidate. Jajaja
Channel Insert
Yovanel Kalil - Carolina (my profile)
Excellent fit to my 23, Looks really nice.
Just great
Harry W - Green Cove Springs, Florida (my profile)
Keeps all the parts in one area without them sliding around.
Must Have
Harry W - Green Cove Springs, Florida (my profile)
I got this for my glock 21 & 30SF. It makes it so much easier to release & to lock in place. It does not cut into your thumb like the factory piece.
ugh backorder
David H - Evansville, Indiana (my profile)
i would love to write a review for this product if i had them yet, been almost 3 weeks still no pants. on backorder and wasn't told untill i recived half of my order.
Under Armor Shorts
JP - Houston, Texas (my profile)
These compressions shorts are my new favorite holster. I often wear sweat pants while in public and have found that these shorts keep the glock a lot more stable than other traditional IWBs. GREAT concealment! Keeps Glock close to body, esp. handle at waist area. The shorts are very comfortable as well.
Too Tight
Jason - Bonita Springs, Florida (my profile)
Great looking holster, but holds my Glock 23 way too tight, unable to draw gun from the holster without having to hold the holster with my other hand. It is extremely comfortable and I wish it had the ability to adjust the gun retention.
Difficult for gym freaks
Michael H - Vail, Arizona (my profile)
Overall this is a good product. It conceals my Glock 23 well. However, It's difficult for me to grasp my weapon when reaching for it.....My wife loves it because she says it's like watching an animal trying to scratch it's back where it can't reach....How nice of her....
Original Belly Band
Michael H - Vail, Arizona (my profile)
Great product and very comfortable to wear. The first time I used it was when my wife and I joined her parents for dinner at a local restaurant. My wife knows that I always carry whenever we're out and about. It wasn't until after sitting so closely that my wife thought I had left my Glock 23 at home. The cool thing about the Belly Band is that you can position it to fit your needs. I should have purchased this product a long time ago.
Awesome Holster
Nick S - Independence, Kentucky (my profile)
Very comfortable, very concealable holster. Great leather quality as well as comfort on the leg. Very easy to get used to and perform normal everyday tasks while the holster is attached. Galco makes a great product, perfect for Glock owners who need great concealed carry options.
Rubber Grips
Nick S - Independence, Kentucky (my profile)
Just put the rubber grips on my 33. Feels great in hand as well as making grip easier whn shooting for long periods of time. I didn't like the look of the decals for the slide, so I took them off right away. Overall a great product.
steve - no, Pennsylvania (my profile)
i bought this for my glock 27 and use it for appendix carry. it has exceeded my expectations. the holster extends a litte past the slide which helps reduce pinching and poking while carrying. the pouch holds the extra magazine just right so that you don't even notice it. even with a +1 extension the mag sits below the top of the slide but does not go past it. the spring clip even has what seems to be a thick piece of leather reinforcement behind it. i couldn't ask for more.
Great holster Well made.
Bruce A - Indy, Indiana (my profile)
This is a very well made holster with no loose threads and molded to not rub the front sight. Thick quality leather and made for the specific gun. This holster is very easy to concel and is reasonably confortable. I have a glock 27 with night sights and it carries very well. For the price I do not believe you could do better.
Must have!
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I really like this release!!! As John G said, this should be standard on all Glocks! Five Stars!!! The Complete Glock DVD was very helpful with installation.
Nice bling over function....
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I'll recommend this for those that would like a larger release, but the OEM one works just fine. More of a "bling" peice than function, in my opinion. Four stars.
Michael G - Brazil, Indiana (my profile)
Nice price, nice product, works well........ What more can I say?
Michael G - Brazil, Indiana (my profile)
This is the perfect companion to my Duty Holster. Very comfortable, hides well, and best of all was the price..... 1/3 of what my duty holter cost. My department uses the ALS 6930? I think thats the #, Great holster as well. This just makes life easy with my off duty carry! I love it! I'll have at least 2 more of these sold by the end of the month......LOL
Scorpion IWB
Ches F - Oakley, California (my profile)
I have approximately 12-13 holsters ranging from shoulder to leather and kydex standard holsters. By far the Scorpion is the most comfortable, most concealable, most efficient of them all. It will fit my Glock 22, 23 and 26 without any adjustment or modifications. It holds all them securely and presentation of each weapon is fast. I have recommended this holster to several people and guess what? They bought it and use it today. I highly recommend this holster to anyone that carries on a regular basis. It presents as though it is a standard hip holster but conceals and wears beautifully.
Potent !
RICHARD S - ORLANDO, Florida (my profile)
BlackHawk! Level II CQC SERPA Holster
Travis E - Fort Smith, Arkansas (my profile)
This is a Great holster I've tried many and this one is by far the best one yet and the fact you get the paddle and belt loops its like getting two holsters in one and the SERPA locking system is great once you put your gun in the holster its there till your ready to get it out and the button puts your finger in a safe and natural postionand the carbon fibor composite is durable and light weight I Srongly suggest this holster to anyone that wants there moneys worth A++
A must for only $25.
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Talk about a great upgrade!!! As mentioned it drops right in replacing the factory plastic rod. I'm sure it will last longer also. Can't wait to hit the range.
Disassembly Tool
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I feel a must have for those that want to fully disassembile their Glock. Highly suggest picking up the Complete Glock DVD - 2009 Edition along with buying this tool.
A Must Own!!!
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Great DVD!!! Saved me a lot of money watching this DVD. Highly suggest getting the Disassembly Tool with the purchase of this DVD.
Guide Rod
Tom - Orange City, Florida (my profile)
Just got my guide rod today. Dropped right in no prob. Looks great too.
Mag Well
Dbl Tap - MV, Washington (my profile)
The polymer Mag Well is a must have for my G17! you get two bennifits for the price of one, 1st you get incredible grip stability and you also get the backstrap chamber plugged. Easy to install!, 10 minutes tops! I like it better than the aluminum one my buddy has, so does he as he now bought the poly and pitched the aluminum.
Recoil Buffer
Alex P - Orlando, Florida (my profile)
I personally have not felt any difference on my glock 19 since putting in this product, but for $10, cannot complain. I have put around 500 rounds with the peice in place and it is still in perfect condition.
Tritium Night Sights
Alex P - Orlando, Florida (my profile)
Great upgrade for any glock. I have had these on my glock 19 for almost two years and still shine bright at night. Great upgrade for anyone with a concealment permit who will be carrying at night.
3.5 Trigger Connector
Alex P - Orlando, Florida (my profile)
This is a great product to significantly change the push or pull of the gun when pulling the trigger. The 3.5 lb trigger feels much smoother over the 5.5 standard trigger. Should be anyones first upgrade.
Glock Tac Light
Alex P - Orlando, Florida (my profile)
I highly recommend this product. Slides on and off easily and provides a sleek look while on. Bulb is very bright. Have had on my glock 19 for almost 2 years and have not even needed to replac the batteries yet. Great for a nightstand glock.
.22 Conversion
Alex P - Orlando, Florida (my profile)
Purchased for use with my Glock 19. Have probably put around 300 rounds through the conversion kit before it started having an issue with jammed rounds. Should only be used with the recommended ammo. Due to the smaller round, the ammo is much much cheaper.
Glock sleeve
Gary J - R, Indiana (my profile)
I have a Glock 26 and I have two sleeves and they fit ok. Don't expect it to fit perfict.If you are looking for a good item to add to your glock try it.
- Granite Falls, North Carolina (my profile)
Too tight on my glock 27. I have to hold the holster in place with one hand and jerk my pistol loose with the other. It is a good looking holster and the roto function is great but it is all for naught if I can't pull it quickly.
Reciol Buffer
MIKE S - Elizabethtown, Indiana (my profile)
The buffer on my Glock 17 with a Tungsten guide rod works well reducing felt recoil. After 400 rounds the buffer is still in good shape.
Bison Lapel Vest
Ronald S - palm bay, Florida (my profile)
I like the casual look and functualness of the vest.
Not BAD!
Zach C - Tulsa, Oklahoma (my profile)
I was actually really impressed with the small $9.99 price tag item. Ultra smooth draw and a tight fit and finish.. Will work for me! ;-) Zach Daniels
yes, yes, yes.
john g - Bakersfield, California (my profile)
This is the slide stop that the gun should have come with. The buldge gives the proper amount of friction/leveredge, with out any sharp edges. The extension is just the right length to operate without shifting your grip, on any size glock. HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!
Is It Worth the Money?
WillThunder - Kernville, California (my profile)
I am a shooting instructor by trade. I was attracted to the Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit for training purposes. Glock handguns are so popular today and I felt that the .22 cal conversion would be outstanding for a new shooter, allowing one to ease into the larger calibers. Like most “Glock preferred” gun owners, I have found that Glocks, generally, are virtually flawless in firing performance. Not so with the Advantage Arms .22LR conversion that you put on your Glock. Understanding that there can be a break in period with some shooting equipment (which I think is a manufacturer’s excuse for poor performance), I patiently began using the AA conversion with several Glocks. The results after 2500 plus rounds: Frequent jams, miss feeds and stove pipes. Great if you want a lot of practice at auto pistol clearing drills. A waste of money for those who believe a gun should almost never fail. Even with Advantage Arms recommended ammo, it just doesn't work as expected. Most common ammo; i.e., Winchester, Remington (with exceptions), etcetera just don't work in this conversion product. High velocity CCI may only fail 1 in 20 (if you’re lucky). My comments are not meant to offend. Glocks almost never fail but this accessory does. The AA conversions are not as reliable; they're are fickle about the ammo you feed them. I own four for Glocks. The AA conversion is good for instruction on many levels. Mainly, to teach clearing a jammed or out-of-battery firearm. Clearing drills are hard to teach with reliable firearms and instruction is generally theoretical. Having a training aid like the AA kit, which will fail consistently is GREAT for teaching. I want people to know about the shortcomings because the AA conversion costs about what one would pay for a Ruger MK III, a handgun that almost never fails – like the Glock. The AA conversion is not worth the money. This is not a plug for Ruger; just an observation. Caution: Depending on this device for personal protection could be fatal for the user. For training only.
Team Glock Turtleneck
Christopher S - Auburn Hills, Michigan (my profile)
If your a big guy like I am go a size larger. It will shrink a bit in the length,neck and sleeve. Tag says 100% cotton, not a blend. Go big!
Great Buy
Darren - Houston, Texas (my profile)
It's a great buy. It fits great and really conceals the extrat mag.
Good buy!
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
Just got it in the mail today and just like the other review, I have to agree with the quality. Very good holster. I got it for my G21SF, but my G30SF also fits it. Makes my kinda wish that I got two of em for left and right but oh well. I highly recommend this product!!!
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
If you use 10 rounders on a 30SF, get these grips for your mags!!!! The stock mag is just rounded and not really anything there but with the PG-30 extensions on there it adds another finger grip that is exact to the handle grips! I have a sleeve for my 13 rounders but to be honest I like the feel of this grip with a 10 rounder better. Just sucks that you loose a few rounds but it does fit awsome!
F**kin badass
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
Love this knife. It is great at opening beer pops as well!!
Good mag pouch
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
Not bad for the money. I got the .45 acp and the 10 & 13 rounders fit well and tight.
Nice hoody
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
Good quality. Does shrink a little in the wash the wife tells me so might wanna go bigger. For the price it's worth it.
Not too shabby
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
Not a bad shoulder rig. Fits well, easy to adjust. As far as concealment goes tho, not very good. With paddle style fobus holster/mag pouch it is kinda bulky and is visable even with jacket on over it. If you want more concealment, probably not the bast way to go. But if your just looking for something "in case" (wink wink lol) not bad for the price.
Mickey - Mpls, Minnesota (my profile)
I went with this sleeve to fit my 13 rounder on my 30SF and I do think it's kinda cheap and is a little loose and doesn't fit all that well. I'm a mechanic so I'm really picky about clearances/gaps and what not so haveing this problem does kinda annoy me. Having said that, I do agree that having this sleeve on feels and looks better that having the mag just stick out with nothing on it. Plus if you really wanna get crazy you can use electrical tap to fill in the gaps. Only problem is that really slows reload time.
Glock 26 12 Round Mag
Tim K - Princeton, Minnesota (my profile)
Nice mag's. Got two and they arrived in good shape and ready to go. 12 rounds in my Glock 26 with the magazine extension is perfect for my larger hands, gives me a place to put my fingers. Get some now before the new administration outlaws them.
Phil - Salt Lake City, Utah (my profile)
Easy install. Perfect fit. This is an absolute must have if you own a sub compact Glock.
Well... I guess it does what it's supposed to.
Phil - Salt Lake City, Utah (my profile)
Seems to be of quality construction. Fits good and tight. But on the G29 it extends a good half inch below the magazine. Why?? I guess it could help in guiding the magazine in for some people. For me it's just in the way and provides something else to catch on when drawing from concealment. If your looking at this for your G29, save your money. Don't get this.
Very Quality Product
Joe G - M, North Carolina (my profile)
My first Galco and first time dealing with i am completly happy with it. using it for cencealment and i wear it in the small of my back with a custome Baby Glock 26 and it is extremly confortable. Is very tight when you first get it but does loosen up to fit the gun nicely. stays in place good also. Best concelment holster for the money. Thanks Glockstore
15 round for G27
G8RFAN - Omaha, Nebraska (my profile)
Excelent fit in my G27. No mis-fires or jams. Works perfect. Buy the magazine sleeve for a perfect fit and feel.
Excellent Item
James R - La Follette, Tennessee (my profile)
Very good undercover shirt. Carries a Glock 32 well. I plan on ordering several to have different styles to use.
Jarred H - Pulaski, Tennessee (my profile)
This trigger is a great addition to my glock 30. I have this amoung many other extras including the 3.5 pound connector. Make sure you adjust it right mine came adjusted so tight the safety were disengaged. Easy to adjust once you get it out of the gun. No need for an armoror or gunsmith as long as you follow directions well. Wonderful trigger, great feel, and great reults
G8RFAN - Omaha, Nebraska (my profile)
Just got my magazine extention. Perfect accesory for sub-compact Glock. Easy to install and realy feals great having a place for the little finger to rest. Graet product and great delivery speed. Highly recomend product and web site.
Righteous Awesome!
RealityFlint - Minneapolis, Minnesota (my profile)
#1 holster I've used so far! I carry a S&W 9mm M&P (full size) and it conceals it perfectly and comfortably. I also carry a mag in the other pouch. I can wear it with shorts, dress pants, or jeans. I was skeptical at first, but trust me it's awesome. It conceals my gun better than any other holster, and I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing. It's snug and safely held in place. I can also draw faster than a normal IWB holster. I was amazed! Definitely recommend!!
Richard P - Cleveland, New Mexico (my profile)
looks very nice
Choose only Glock Factory
nathan p - POCATELLO, Idaho (my profile)
I purchased the .40 sw model of these last year. I never successfully fired it fully-loaded without a malfunction. Even $20 a box gold-dots, fmj's, it didn't matter. Nothing worked. I've been told the Factory 9mm 33 works well, but the off-brand mags should be used only for display and novelty purposes.
Great Addition
Harold E - Lancaster, Pennsylvania (my profile)
this sight is the best for my glock 19 an my wifes 26. we both conceal carry with shoulder holster,in the waist band,and this sight does not get in the way of drawing or reset.Laser is activated by your natural grip when you are ready to shoot it comes on
Great for the Little Lady
Barbara S - Potomac Falls, Virginia (my profile)
I was having a terrible time pulling the slide back and handling the gun in general - I couldn't get any grip, mostly because my hands are not very strong. I was about to give up until I tried these. Now I've got a great grip and I don't need any help!
Great learning tool.
Barbara S - Potomac Falls, Virginia (my profile)
I used these for my first basic pistol class and they were very sturdy. The target areas are marked A-D for easy scoring. A good basic, cheap target.
Would Recommend.
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Excellant product! Fits perfect on my Glock 23. Great feel and more grip. Would recommend.
Would Recommend
Robert O - Houston, Texas (my profile)
Great holster. My Glock 23 fits perfect with smooth & quick removal. Would recommend this holster.
Glock Pistols
Jackson - Flint, Michigan (my profile)
This video does a decent job of explaining the basics but lacks in the camera department. Many times the instructor will be providing details but you can't see what he's actually doing, because of this I would look into Lenny Magill's videos, Complete Glock or Mastering the Mini-Glock, both are head & shoulders above this AGI effort. If you are in the market for something more than the basics, AGI's "Making Glocks Rock!" is the ticket and doesn't suffer from the lack of camera angles this AGI offering does.
Making Glocks Rock!
Jackson - Flint, Michigan (my profile)
I have many videos dealing with many subjects and have to say that Making Glocks Rock! is, by far, one of the most informative videos in my collection. The Glock Armorer doing the instructing spends almost 4 hours sharing tips & tricks that he's learned while working Glock Pistols over the course of 15 years. The information provided is in-depth and is combined with close-up camera work so you not only hear, but easily see what he's teaching. Teaching is the right term here since you will learn many things dealing with Glock Pistols, including a super easy technique for Magazine dis-assembly! This video would be cheap at twice the price!!
great light and great upgrade
randy malorin - copperas cove, Texas (my profile)
this light is so good, my L4 Lumamax is now my weaponlight...the G2 LED is now my carry/off weapon light...the LED Bulb replacement is now in two of our lights (wife and I). I now use regular G2 and 6P bulbs as houselights with rechargeable least until reg bulbs burn out. I will then upgrade these to LEDs. I get 25% more light, very clear and batts last 10 - 12 big bucks...
truly great gear
randy malorin - copperas cove, Texas (my profile)
I own 3 of these for my glock 35,30,and 31...note my model 37 fits perfectly in the model 30...they are comfortable, secure, and easily accessed. I am 100% service connected disabled with 24 years service. I never recommend anything that isn't absolutely reliable. The best.
short life span.
Henry T - Topeka, Kansas (my profile)
it does exactly was it was intended to do, just doesn't last as long as most ppl would like. after about 80-100 rounds you're probably going to be needing a new one, but that just goes to show you the type of abuse your frame would be getting if it wasn't in there.
A Must HAVE!
Henry T - Topeka, Kansas (my profile)
this should be the very first thing anyone gets as an upgrade for their glocks, its that good. A cheap way to increase your accuracy! plus it only takes just a few minutes to put it in yourself.
Tungsten Guide Rod
Henry T - Topeka, Kansas (my profile)
i bought one of these rods and dropped it in my G23 and it helped it out a lot with the recoil. great product when you're looking to balance out the feel of your gun and ease some of that recoil.
Extended slide stop lever
Christopher S - Auburn Hills, Michigan (my profile)
An absolute MUST HAVE for any Glock owner! This should be stock for all Glock firearms! Ease of use and performance are top notch! Does not interfere with grip at all. This is a no brainer'll be extremely satisfied with this part!!
Recoil Buffer
Christopher S - Auburn Hills, Michigan (my profile)
Great idea! I purchased one for my G21 SF. Slight reduction in felt recoil however after 100 rounds I noticed a few cracks had developed. For the money it was worth a try but needs further development in it's composition.
Good product
Rick - Charleston, West Virginia (my profile)
This is a good product. I have the 17 round mag and this fits great and gives the gun more balance. I recommend this item to anyone with the 17 round mag. No problems pinching my fingers. Buy this item if you need the extension for the 17 rounder.
Great addition
William B - Wichita Falls, Texas (my profile)
Received the kit for my model 27 a couple of weeks ago. I just had the opportunity to take it to the range today. It performed flawlessly (use only the recommended ammo). I shot about a hundred rounds of Remington 36 gr. gold bullets and fifty rounds of CCI 40 gr. mini-mags. All performed without a failure. I shot twenty-five rounds of Winchester 36 gr plated hollow points. I had four failures. The failures were varied, failure to fire, one ejection probem, and two feed problems. The gun felt strange with this kit because of the lightness. This is going to be a really fun plinking accessery.
Slug Plug
Paul W - San Diego, California (my profile)
Fit my G17 perfectly. Lightweight and effective, worth the price.
KEVIN K - Cleveland, Minnesota (my profile)
Well besides the magazine floor plate being a big pain in the rear to take off. The product itself was great. It is nice to have something there for the pinky finger. Would recommend everyone to try it out.
David L - Evansville, Indiana (my profile)
Product indicates that it will fit a model 30 but it does NOT fit my model 30SF. Not worth the cost of shipping product back. Mis-leading info, should indicate that it will not fit this model.
hector r - miami, Florida (my profile)
a like
hector r - miami, Florida (my profile)
a like
be safe out of trouble
ELPIDIO - west palm beach, Florida (my profile)
Having a pellet air gun is the most recommended manner of self defense. Because you will be able to defense your self without killing or having death penalty.
Trigger stop
Michael W - charlotte NC, North Carolina (my profile)
Works great installed on my G22 and set where I wanted it to stop.Helps greatly with over pull,If you dont have one get one .
Stewart K - Harrison, Arkansas (my profile)
If you like to shoot without reloading constantly, buy 2 or three of these and you will not have to reload at the range. I have had the last 1 or 2 rounds not getting enough umph from the spring to chamber a round. That is the only downside. Does not happen a lot. I highly recommend this product.
Great Product
Stewart K - Harrison, Arkansas (my profile)
This grip will improve your shooting and accuracy. Very comfortable and better control.
Excellent kit
Richard G - Noumea - New Caledonia - South (my profile)
I managed to buy two conversions for my G17. One is the Ciener, the other is the Advantage Arms. These kits are simply day and night. Ciener is poorly manufactured, rough, has a very poor presentation and their purchasing procedure is not user-friendly. I get at least one jam on every magazine no matter what the ammunition. On the other hand Advantage Arms comes in a nice case, it's more available than the Ciener ( many more stores will stock it ) and after a few thousand rounds it performs flawlessly, accurately, and will take quite a variety of ammunition/brands that does not necessarily need to be of high velocity. If you are looking for a reliable 22lr conversion for your Glock, DO NOT hesitate, that the Advantage Arms and you won't regret it. The only regret being that mags should also be available in 15 and maybe 20 rounds.
Convert Glock 20 to 40 S&W
GEORGE j - tampa, Florida (my profile)
I got a 6in wolf standard 40S&W barrel for my Glock 20 with a stainless steel guide rod,22lb.spring and a recoil buffer. I have fired 75 rounds. All I can say is- SWEET. I will report later but so far its very good.
duty holsters
lavleen s - fremont, California (my profile)
order to (1)duty holsters
V-Neck Concealment Shirt
James D - Oro Valley, Arizona (my profile)
Construction of shirt well built. Good materials. Design in question. Tried my Glock 22 and Sig 226. The grip is really too far forward to conceal. Would be great for a compact. I tried my Taurus B-2 .357 revolver and it loved it's home, but not the big guns. The retention strap is way too far back to be useful. Can't do it one hand. So basically, it's useless. As an emergency well concealed weapons holster, it's great. Just know you can't effectively use the strap and IMO can't use a full size weapon.
Glock Factory Magazines
Dro F - Glendora, California (my profile)
I initially ordered 2 mags for my g21sf. They worked great (5 stars), so later I ordered 1 more. I was not happy with the way the follower protruded out the top opening of the mag so I returned it. The replacement mag was either the same mag or had the same problem (1 star). I tried it out at the range, and the mag did its job. My hang up is for the price, I like things to look and perform perfectly. When I compare the sub-par mag to my other mags, the difference appears to be a lack of material supporting the follower at the top opening. At any rate, 2 out of three gets 3 stars from me.
Great Holster
Jarred H - Pulaski, Tennessee (my profile)
This hoster is very comfortable but depending on the style of clothes you wear will determine how concealable your gun will be. If you wear snug fit shirts there will be a noticeable bulge, but if you wear a somewhat oversized shirt on a scale of 1-10 I would have to give it a 5 for concealability. Overall it is still a great holster at a great price
titanium striker
Jarred H - Pulaski, Tennessee (my profile)
This product is priced a little high, but it does exactlt what they claim. My accuracy has improved with it and the trigger feels much better. I put a 3.5 pound connector in my glock 30 before I put this item in which I believe made a big difference. Both are a must for anyone who wants to improve their shooting.
"Stop surfing the net"....This is it!"
Kent J. - Battlecreek, Michigan (my profile)
This is an excellent and economical security container. Its lightweight, slim profile is sturdy and ideal for a variety of applications. For those times when you can’t carry 24/7, this is the next best thing for keeping your firearm accessible and secure.
TFO Contrast
Marcus C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
Great sights, but the contrast is wrong. The front sight should be green and the rear red. Green is brightest for me and every student I have asked. Since the front sight is the important one, it needs to be MOST visible. FWIW - I still have 'em myself...but will by another set if they start putting green in the front.
Pete V - Sacramento, California (my profile)
i have a G20 (10mm), that I recently upgrade the spring and guide assembley to handle full powere ammo! Upon doing so I made the slide vitualy impossible to remove for my weakling fingers. Then I happend across this site and found the extended slide release or slide lock. I cn't believe how easy it ewas to install. all I did was take a small screw driver and push the spring down and slide the old lock out and slide the new lock in. And VIOLA! done. It works! The slide lock is easily held down and the slide comes right off like it should have always done. A fantastic price at $9.99 and easy to install 5out of 5 atars.
Simply Awesome
Scott S - Central Florida, Florida (my profile)
Feels like it should have been in the firearm from the factory. My wife shot my 27 with this connector and she wants one for her 23, so I'm off to place my order. The stock trigger pull is much more difficult than it needs to be.
Sharp way to dress up your Glock
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
Although I purchased the tactical black one, for a subtle customized look to go along with everything else that I've changed on my Glock, from the sights and slide release to rounding the trigger guard, it is nonetheless sharp looking. If you have a Glock with a hard chrome or NP3 finish on the slide, then the two-tone or silver would make it look dressed to kill. On a deep-black Roguarded slide, the red or blue could also look neat. If it's all the same to you, go with the factory plastic and save a few bucks, but if you want to have a personalized Glock with a touch of class, check these out.
Keep your Glock running right
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
If you replace your extractor spring, which you need to do if your LCI extractor is occasionally not extracting the round from the chamber when you unload your weapon, then you should also purchase this part, as well as the new spring and plunger. For this price, it's just easier to replace the extractor spring, plunger and spring loaded bearing as a set, instead of trying to pick apart the old parts. It makes good sense to replace the above-listed parts every two years to ensure that your Glock is safe and continues to perform flawlessly, for this price, there is no reason not to. It's also an easy piece of maintenance to perform and doesn't involve having to ship your Glock back to Smyrna for repairs (just remember to perform a proper safety check after installing the new parts). Keep your Glock running right.
Good investment to ensure continued optimal performance
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
If you replace your extractor spring, which you should do if your LCI extractor is occasionally not extracting the round from the chamber when you unload your weapon, then you should also purchase this part as well as the new spring, because for this price, it's just easier to replace the extractor spring, plunger and spring loaded bearing as a set instead of trying to pick apart the old parts. It makes good sense to replace the above-listed parts every two years to ensure that your Glock is safe and continues to perform flawlessly, for this price, there is no reason not to. Keep your Glock running right.
Keep your Glock running right
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
Attention Glock owners, if your Loaded Chamber Indicator extractor is starting to occasionally not extract the chambered round when you are locking and clearing your weapon, then the extractor spring is worn and should be replaced. This is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your pistol continues to run without a hitch and if you ever have a complete lapse in judgment, that you do not attempt to dry fire your Glock with a live round in the chamber. ALWAYS VISUALLY INSPECT THE CHAMBER BEFORE DRY FIRING, regardless, but in any case, you should replace this spring every two years or so for this price, so that you can take full advantage of the added safety that the LCI extractor offers.
Good SDW sights
Timothy Oram - Blaine, Washington (my profile)
I find that these sights are great for a self defense weapon. There super fast target acquisition and easy to use. I would no recommend these to a target shoot who is concerned with all out accuracy as they are not designed for that. These are great sights. I would recommend these for sure.
Awesome Grip !!!!
Angel - Southfields, New York (my profile)
A fuller grip feeling on my Glock 19. Non-slip. Gun sticks to my hand. Buy it, you won't regret it. Angel C. NYPD-RETIRED
To be different...
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
If you want your Glock to stand out from the crowd, this part is just what you need. Easy to install great look on my G17.
Nice and easy...
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
Very convenient in the long run, this part will prevent any contaminants to reach the trigger group. Nice look and easy to install. Fits perfectly on my G17.
Do it yourself...
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
This is the perfect, ultimate I should say, trigger stop to do your own trigger job. Easy to install and to tune. This works perfectly with the 3.5 Lbs trigger connector. Excellent addons to my G17.
A good combination !
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
What more to say ! My G17 trigger is now lighter to pull, smoother and crisp. A good combination with the ultimate trigger stop.
High Capacity Glock Factory Magazine
artemio art - isabela (my profile)
pistol magazine
great targets.
derek c - hustonville, Kentucky (my profile)
i got the silhouet targets to help my girlfriend lean to shoot better. these are perfect for training aids.
derek c - hustonville, Kentucky (my profile)
this is one hell of a holster for the price. if you are looking for a good holster you have found it. my friend told me to buy it and boy was he right!!! great rig and fits the gun and my hip like a glove!!!!!
Modified Slide
John M - Mio, Michigan (my profile)
I purchased this slide as part of a build of a new Glock 17 adding this to a CCFRace Frame. This was a great choice, I love the addition of the angled front cocking serrations. Makes throwing the slide a breeze at any angle. I highly recommend the addition of the slide to any glock.
Necessary for any defensive pistol
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
If your Glock came with those cheesy plastic factory sights, then you should upgrade. Night sights are a necessity for any pistol that isn't for target shooting only and I have used a pair of these for years without a problem. I happen to prefer contrasting colors between the front and rear sights, but that's merely my preference. In any case, you should have night sights of some type on your Glock, unless it's for paper targets only. Meprolight makes a very nice set, with bigger, brighter dots than Trijicon, they're one of the best brands.
Great Concealment Holster - Placement CRITICAL for Comfort Though
Jar-Fed - Washington DC Area, Virginia (my profile)
I've been using the Galco Skyops Holster for about 2 years now, mostly when going from point a to b in situations where I couldn't chance someone seeing a suit jacket mid-summer or a un-tucked shirt in a more "business casual" environment. It's been GREAT for concealment and not too bad for comfort, though I learned ALOT when traveling armed: First, I'm "still losing weight," so to be blunt, "fat rolls" can interfere with good placement. I tended to carry (I'm a lefty) with the holster right on the hip bone and the butt not quite angled in an FBI cant. For me, it works. Before that however, I had a VERY uncomfortable ride as a passenger for about 3 hours with my sidearm digging into me (my upper butt cheek to be exact). Second, make sure if you're a lefty like me, after making the switch according to the instructions, GLUE THE STUFF IN PLACE! If you don't, you can end up having the Skyops detach from your belt at the WORST time! Hope this review helps. Stay safe and support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms!
safe-t block
william b - cartersville, Georgia (my profile)
Excellent item. I use it on Glock 23, 26 (and Springfield XD .45). Good for safely having a chambered round in an unholstered gun (back pack, fanny pack, glove compartment, night stand)-- especially if you may be reaching for it in a panic. It is adjustable so you can make it fit as snuggly or loosely as you like.
Great Kit
Corey A - Northern, Michigan (my profile)
Purchased for my 10 yr old to start USPSA/IPSC - practicing with me and shooting local matches. First thing I did was to lube all components with Brian Enos Slide Glide Medium. We shot 300 rnds of 10 yr old CCI Blazer - functioned perfectly and surprisingly accurate. Worth the wait!
Perfect addition for subcompact Glocks
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
I have one of these for my Glock 27 and it makes it much more comfortable by giving my pinkie finger something to grab and controls muzzle flip. It also adds one round of capacity as a bonus. I use my magazine with this grip whenever I don't use my Glock 27 for ankle carry. It's great.
Smart, just might save someone's life
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
This shirt is ingenious, it allows a subcompact Glock, Kahr, Rohrbaugh or similar sized pistol or revolver to be worn under a dress shirt. This is a good option for wear under a dress shirt and sportcoat when wearing a shoulder holster is just too risky. Getting your clothing tailored to conceal the slight bulge makes the setup bustproof.
A Necessity
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
If you intend to install or remove an aftermarket front sight from your Glock, then you need this took, nothing else will work. Does the trick very easily and Glockstore has a good price as well.
Superb Enhancement, Improves Trigger
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
This upgrade not only smooths and lightens your trigger, but it also increases your primer ignition reliability and increases accuracy by decreasing lock time, the time between when you fire and the round discharges, by being 60% lighter and therefore 60% faster than the steel striker. This part isn't cheap, but I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone wanting a better Glock trigger.
Good upgrade, smooths trigger
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
If you want a smooth trigger in your Glock, then you need this part. It is lighter, smoother and produces less friction, due to its coating, than the standard Glock part. This creates a lighter and smoother trigger pull and gets rid of some of the nasty, gritty drag from your Glock trigger. This part, a titanium striker, a 3.5 pound disconnecter and a trigger stop with an internal overtravel adjustment screw are your ticket to a dramatically improved Glock trigger and much better marksmanship.
A Good Idea
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
The loaded chamber indicator extractor is now standard in Glocks and for very good reason: they prevent accidental discharges. Not only can you see if you have a round in the chamber, but you can feel it as well. Extraction while shooting is 100% reliable, but sometimes if you pull the slide back too slowly it won't grab the round and extract it when manually clearing your weapon, so always visually inspect your chamber before dry firing. Regardless, if you own an older Glock, I recommend this upgrade for safety reasons, just realize that you must also upgrade the extractor plunger and extractor spring as well.
No Brainer
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
I don't know why these aren't standard in Glocks, as they make the actual trigger weight around 5.5 pounds, not the 8 pound actual weight with the standard connecter. Anyone who is concerned with hitting their target and not with moronic legal liability should get one, it's a good improvement to the standard Glock trigger, which most people merely tolerate.
Excellent sights
S - Chapman, Kansas (my profile)
After installation, I was not terribly pleased with the sight picture; mostly due to the vast difference between this and standard 3-dot sights. Nonetheless, I went out to the range and my Glock 21C can hammer headshots at 30 yards without any effort. Sight picture is INSTANT for medium range, and this is a great system for front-sight only shooting as well. Basically, once you get a feel for the shot placement with this sight, you'll wonder how you shot without one. Night sight picture is very bright and works well in conjunction with a Streamlight M3. Between the two, most reliable and effective night shooting combo I have ever fired, bar none. Thanks again, Trijicon, for your continued excellence.
Petition Glock to make these standard
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
This piece is something that every Glock owner needs, it makes it much easier to take down your Glock. It saves aggrivation when field stripping your weapon and Glock should make them standard equipment as far as I'm concerned. Until they do, get one, it's $10 well spent.
Great upgrade for $20
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
If you own a Glock that doesn't have this trigger stop, get it, because it completely eliminates overtravel, which means that your pistol stays on target when fired and a shorter reset, for faster follow up shots. It makes the Glock much easier to shoot accurately and is now standard in new Glocks, if my memory serves me correctly. You can also readjust it if you switch out triggers, which is handy and it's not hard at all to drop in.
The best Glock barrel that money can buy
The HUNK - Sterling, Virginia (my profile)
After minor fitting and tuning, my Glock 27 was shooting 1.5 inch groups at 50 feet! Incredible, considering that it's from a 3 inch barrel and I don't shoot very often. Before, my weapon's accuracy was all over the page. Now, I can outshoot some full-sized weapons! If you own any Glock, then get this barrel, period. Unlock your weapon's full potential.
Cool Product
Sean T - Las Vegas, Nevada (my profile)
This guide rod does add a little weight to the front of the pistol. Not only does it help with recoil, it helps with the reduction of movement during the trigger squeeze. The weapon feels more balanced in your hand as well. Great product.
durable for both of mine
Doug and Jake - missoula, Montana (my profile)
i have one ib my glock 20, and glock 22. i convert my 22 to a .357 sig, and it still holds up. i have recently put stanles guide rods in my glocks, they still work for my glocks so far. they reduced recoil and made it shoot smother. i did buy a cupple extra incase one of them broke, but hasnt happened yet. ill post back if anything happens to them. great addition to my pistols.
Doug and Jake - missoula, Montana (my profile)
should come stock, fits tight in my glock 20 10mm glock 22 .40, keeps it clean inside. does everything i wanted it to do, without weighing my gun down.
Great !!!
Doug and Jake - missoula, Montana (my profile)
Instaled easy like i knew they would, obviously just takes place of stock guide rod assembly so thats easy enough, i bought two, one for my Glock 20 10mm and one for my Glock 20 .40, which also converts to a .357sig. In all of them it drasticly decresed the recoil and made for quicker follow up shots, it is very sturdy. it is a great addition to any glock.
Why doesn't this come on the stock pistol?
Jack B - Aurora, Colorado (my profile)
For such a seemingly small item, it makes a big difference. This needs to be incorporated at the factory.
Get a Grip
Jack B - Aurora, Colorado (my profile)
Makes my 30 fit in my big hand. My little finger didn't have anything to do until I got these. Great idea
Benjamin M - Mount Airy, North Carolina (my profile)
Excellent quality, fits by G23 13 round mag perfectly. Conceals easily.
Unbelievable !
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
I have installed the TLR-2 illuminator/laser on my G17... Unbelievable ! Easy to install, to zero and above all to operate. Well designed and fun to shoot with.
Glock Mag.
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
I got two of the 10 rounds mag for my G17. Not much to say... It's a Glock part... No jamming or miss feed.
Clear and accurate !
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
I have installed those night sights on my G17. I find them very clear, easy to aim quickly and most important, extremely accurate.
Very good improvement !
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
Installed the steel guide rod on my G17 and felt the difference right away. Smooth, more control and less recoil. This is a very good improvement for my Glock !
Good investement
Marc L - Quebec (my profile)
Shot over 300 of various ammo with my G17. No jamming to gun or breaking of the buffer. Good investement for the gun.
good holster, great price
Sean N - Rvrsd, New Jersey (my profile)
I looked everywhere for a holster that would fit my G21SF w/ TLR-1 for CC. This was the best and the cheapest by far.
Very pleased
Patrick D - Bretagne (my profile)
Bought one of these for my Glock 17 in 2008, so i could thread the end for an RDS Silencer. Had to lightly sand down feed ramps to make the slide move freely. Took me 1 hour. Shot a few hundred reloads out of it so far. Im very pleased with it, so much that i dont use the original Glock barrel. Thanks ! Patrick
Axel - San Juan (my profile)
Sandra B - CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (my profile)
N.Y. Trigger #2
angelo - kissimmee, Florida (my profile)
Replace your glock factory garbage trigger with the N.Y. quality smooth crisp trigger stiffer pull than N.Y. #1. This part is a drop in replacement part.But you must know the complete glock dissambly and reassembly and part sequence assembly. I recommend the complete glock disassembly/reassembly video or let your local gunsmith install it. it's only a two minute job for the experienced.
concealment holster
banyan - st louis, Missouri (my profile)
Being a glock owner/lover, this is one of the best holsters i've found. The concealment of this holster is tremendous.excellent holster.
Glock N.Y. trigger spring
angelo - kissimmee, Florida (my profile)
Replace your glock factory garbage trigger with the N.Y. quality smooth crisp trigger. This part is a drop in replacement part.But you must know the complete glock dissambly and reassembly and part sequence assembly. I recommend the complete glock disassembly/reassembly video or let your local gunsmith install it. it's only a two minute job for the experienced.
Low Profile Magazine Pouch
KARL B - Venice, Florida (my profile)
Author of Just Call Me Moose! Just received this new pouch. It looks and feels great and makes it easy to access my extra Glock 26 magazine. The horizontal position at the belt line allows easy access, less interference when sitting, and better concealment.
Does the Trick
KARL B - Venice, Florida (my profile)
Author of Just Call me Moose! Just installed the extended locking slide in my Glock 26 and it much easier to disassemble now. The additional 3mm makes it much easier to remove the slide for cleaning and does not interfere with the holster. Make sure the groove of the locking slide faces to the rear of the gun.
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
This video program is full of lots of useful technical information on the tactical medical assessment and treatment of gunshot wounds in the field. Host John Klatt provides informative commentary as he triages and treats a series of victims with convincingly simulated GSWs, but overall the material may be presented at too sophisticated a level and with too much jargon for those without much prior anatomical/physiological knowledge or clinical training -- certainly too much for the lay viewer who has never had an introduction to GSWs. This video is an excellent primer for medical, LE, and military professionals already oriented to some of the key concepts specific to handling GSWs in the field, but it doesn't approach the material in a "brass tacks" fashion that breaks things down sufficiently for an otherwise untrained viewer to treat such injuries adequately and confidently without additional supplemental training from other sources.
handgun basics video
gerard b - monroe, New York (my profile)
i have been teaching handgun safety for almost 10 years .i feel this video gives the most accurate info and details mostly for beginners because of its clarity in describing all aspects of pistol safety and shooting.i show this video to my students as part of my class and always get great results thanx again gerard bufalini n.r.a.certified instructor
Tan S - Rush, Kentucky (my profile)
I test fired 30 rounds though mine with no problems. Easy to install and uninstall. My only upset is that the mags only hold 10 rounds. So buy an extra or two.
Good quality
Tan S - Rush, Kentucky (my profile)
It matches the magazine that come with the kit perfectly. Their are no feeding problems or jams caused buy the magazine. If only it held more than 10 rounds!
9mm Hi Cap mag
J - Columbus, Ohio (my profile)
I purchased this mag for my Glock 26. I bought it because I got tired or re-loading every 10 rnds. (Forget concealed carry with this) Reliable and allot of fun; but one can go through a 100 rnd box in no time at all. This state recently lifted its restrictions on "hi-cap" mags, so it tends to turn heads on the range, not only because it's longer than the gun itself but also because it soon dawns on your fellow shooters who haven't seen it that you just keep shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and... Buy only Glock-brand on this one. There is a less expensive knock off available that tends to jam.
Great Addition
Kyle S - Portales, New Mexico (my profile)
I have never worked on a hangun before, but I am mechanically inclined (jet engine mechanic). I found instructions to install this product on the internet. Installation was very easy, the only tool required is a small screwdriver or whatever you have that is small and sturdy. You only need the tool to push the two pins above the trigger out of the gun. Honestly, if you spend a few minutes on the internet and find the directions to install anybody can do this upgrade. Overall I am very happy with the extended lever. It makes releasing a whole lot easier on my thumb after a day of shooting.
specialist gloves
dennis p - san antonio, Texas (my profile)
great pair of gloves, i'm 5'9" tall and have a regular size hand ( i guess it's regular) i was going to order medium size, i am gladd i did'nt. the ad say's they fit like a wet suit, since i am a diver i ended up ordering a size large for the gloves, they came in yesterday and they fit like a wet suit, a nice snug fit, perfect for my hands. the large size was perfect for my hand
tirlea lucian - zalau (my profile)
OK, not great
Mike P - PHX, Arizona (my profile)
I put the clipdraw on my G26 to try it out. I don't think I'll end up using it much, if at all. It's definitely not a real substitute for a holster, and it feels difficult to use. The clip is very stiff (I know this can be fixed), and tends to get caught on the belt and/or pant waist when trying to re-"holster". Better than Mexican carry though. I wouldn't fault someone who liked it, but it's a different experience for sure.
must have product
steve - no, Pennsylvania (my profile)
if you have a G20,then you need this guide rod. it functioned flawlessly with the stock barrel and my lone wolf 40 s&w conversion barrel. the weight made a noticable difference with my accuracy and follow-up shots. and, the price was lower than any competitor's website.
Recoil Bufffer
Hatchet - Plattsmouth, Nebraska (my profile)
Have had the Recoil Buffer on my G19C for app. 6 months now. I shoot min. 200rds+ every week plus IDPA every other. Using a Tungsten Guide Rod and 13# spring. Buffer is holding up just fine. Worth $10 bucks.
Slide Cover Plate
GLOCK_30 - Debary, Florida (my profile)
This makes your glock stand out at the range from the rest. Nice look
Extended Slide Stop Lever
GLOCK_30 - Debary, Florida (my profile)
Much better than the factory part. A must have on all glocks.
GLOCK_30 - Debary, Florida (my profile)
This part is a must if you want a smoother trigger pull. it feels great when you pull the trigger and adding the 3.5 lb connector will make a perfect trigger.
GLOCK_30 - Debary, Florida (my profile)
I added the connector and the titanium safety plunger at the same time and all i can say is WOW big difference! lighter and smoother triger.
Aluminum Trigger
.308Boy - Long Beach, California (my profile)
Well worth the effort, if you want to improve/lighten the trigger pull of your Glock.
Ti Safety Plunger
.308Boy - Long Beach, California (my profile)
Well worth the effort if you want to improve/lighten the trigger pull.
Fredrik B - Kolback (my profile)
This barrel made my allready good shooting glock rock at the range. Good barrel at a nice price.
GLOCK_30 - Debary, Florida (my profile)
Tight fit on me G30
factory recoil spring sucks
GLOCK_30 - Debary, Florida (my profile)
adding this item to my glock 30 was a big improvement in both accuracy and performance! way much better than the factory recoil spring. a must have for mini-glocks!
Eagle eye
Daniel A. C - Augusta, Georgia (my profile)
I have these on my Police issiue 17 and they work great. Easy to see and dead on center.
Jeff K - Ft Worth, Texas (my profile)
simple. Every glock needs this. One in my model 19 and my model 27. Just buy it.
Jeff K - Ft Worth, Texas (my profile)
This is a must. Shooting improves instantly since less pull is needed, and you can shoot faster once you get used to the weight needed to pull trigger. Add this and the stainless steel guiderod to your glock for less recoil and smoother cycling and your shooting will improve and your confidence will boaster, no matter your level of experience.
Jeff K - Ft Worth, Texas (my profile)
Just a simple metal cover. A bit pricey, but the black/chrome looks very nice on the glock. I always get questioned about it at the range. People have never seen these. Good buy if you want a little different look than everyone else's.
Well Worth It
Jeff K - Ft Worth, Texas (my profile)
Just like the other reviews said. On Model 19, Noticeably smoother cycling and reduced recoil. I shot tighter groups the first time I used it, and was able to reaquire the target quickly. Instantly gained confidence in my shooting with this piece. Ill be buying the model for my Glock27 next. Very impressed.
Easily concealed safe
Jayne D - Portland, Oregon (my profile)
I have used this safe for around a year now. I have it anchored around my driver's seat frame in my car. The safe is slim enough to slide under my seat, and is impossible to detect. I know that I can leave my gun securely locked away in my car if I can't carry it with me. The medium safe is a perfect size for my Glock 26. I'm purchasing another for my hubby's Glock 27. Highly recommended.
nguah choong - johor (my profile)
i looking for G26 holsters.
A great barrel . . . . .
Charlie - Fort Myers, Florida (my profile)
I just received my Bar-Sto barrel for my Glock 23C a few weeks ago. It seemed to fit perfectly and just to make sure, I had my gunsmith take a look at it. He agreed that it was a very nice fitting barrel. I have shot approx. 500 rounds throuh it with excellent results. I plan on purchasing one for my Glock 35 very soon.
Glock Sweatshirt
Weapon X - Hinesville, Georgia (my profile)
Great hoodie!!! nice logo's, good silk screening, and comfortable. The XL fits great. Highly recommend getting one the lowest price I found on the net.
EJP - Patterson, California (my profile)
I bought the sleeve for a Glock 17 magazine to fit on my Glock 26. I even added a Glock Plus 2 adaptor on the same magazine. My off duty weapon now carries 20 rounds and it still conceals very easily under a t-shirt. Outstanding product!
Durability issues with my 23
Dan Z - Washington, New Jersey (my profile)
Fit and function are good but it doesn't hold up in my 23. It splits in half after about 100 rounds or so.
Better Than Stock
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
This unit adds a noticeable amount of muzzle weight to your mini-Glock for reduced flip, but the fit is not quite as nice as that of the tungsten units available for models without the dual spring.
M11X Matrix Double Mag Case
mr.sombat s - Bangkok (my profile)
I want to know about this item. Is it easy to use or when I want to pull magazine.
SPEED - Lake Worth, Florida (my profile)
A Glock, at least the newer ones anyway, are able to be Dry Fired W/O damage. Since this Dummy Ammo has no Spring Loaded Cap, or anything for the Firing Pin to Hit, even if it did matter if you Dry Fired, what is the purpose?? Save your Money!
Not For Everyone
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
Holster choice is very individual and subject to a lot of variables, including body style, clothing constraints, and personal preferences. Having a fairly trim build with slim waist and tending toward clothes that are more tailored than baggy, I had a tough time with the Belly Band. When I had it snug enough to secure even a light load (like a .380 Kel-Tec or a S&W J-frame), it wanted to ride up off my hips, where Lenny Magill recommends it be worn in several of his videos, and it slipped and was basically uncomfortable. (Lenny says putting the band over a T-shirt and underneath a sweater/sweatshirt yields the best results.) On my frame it didn't hide my mini-Glock well for appendix carry. However, it was fairly well made and pretty affordable, so if you have a different body type and/or style of dress the Belly Band could still work for you.
Why Not?
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
You probably never have, and you probably never will. Still, it's pretty entertaining to learn the ins and outs of shooting at and from moving vehicles from experienced pros. Lenny Magill and his guest shooters progress through a series of interesting experiments firing at trailer-mounted targets moving at speed using a variety of weapons. Not necessarily useful for civilians, but fun to see nonetheless. Possibly quite relevant for professional operators in the military, law enforcement, and security.
"Mini-Glock" is a Lock!
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
As a private citizen who chooses a mini-Glock for licensed concealed carry, this DVD was particularly interesting and informative. Lenny Magill covers all the basics of shooting and maintaining subcompact Glock autopistols in his typically smooth and personable style. His concealment draw tips, point shooting discussion, and takedown/reassembly segments are particularly valuable to new mini-Glock owners. This disc with "Building the Ultimate Glock" makes a winning combination.
Slick Rig
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
This is an innovative tactical holster system. The single composite hanger descends from your belt (you choose standard belt, wide belt, or paddle) and is articulated (hinged at one point) to allow full range of motion, making it more stable than most single-hanger holsters with nylon web straps and less binding than most double-hanger holsters, like the Blackhawk. Please take note that NO HOLSTER comes with this thigh rig; you must purchase and install your own Fobus Roto-Holster. In most cases it's still cheaper than a tactical holster with a rotating hood or SERPA lock. Retention on my G17 is superb.
I'm a Cover Lover!
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
Easy to install. Good-looking. Practical. Affordable. Not a bad combination...
Lock Your Glock!
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
This is a great safe. It's sleek and solid, with a very sure feel in operation. It does exactly what it's supposed to do: anchor, secure, and protect your Glock. I am ordering a second one for my other vehicle.
Great Choice For Your Glock
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
This tactical light is a perfect fit for a G17 or G22 -- virtually integral -- and works well with a compact G19 or G23 too. It is nearly as bright as a Surefire 6P at a fraction of the weight, and the ability to point and operate it effortlessly with the gun hand, leaving your support hand comletely free, is priceless. Constant-on/off and momentary controls are easy to use ith either a one- or two-handed grip, offering you a significant low-light tactical advantage at a very reasonable price. I'm ordering a second one of these for my nightstand Glock!
Great Product
Fielding S - McPherson, Kansas (my profile)
If you require an alternative means to carry concealed this is the way to go. Normally I leave my shirt untucked which provides numerous ways to carry discretely, however at times I do tuck in my shirt and can not carry without seeing a obvious outline of a gun. With the cop ankle band, it is completely undetectable and very very secure. I feel no movement at all while walking or while performing physically demanding activities. It is a great product that provides deep concealment at a low cost.
Colors need to be shown
BB - Rolla, Missouri (my profile)
I ordered the Coronado Hobo purse in the color I thought represented by the photo: natural. Actually, the purse in the photos is Coronado's saddle tan color, and their natural is a butter yellow color. I recommend that this site find Coronado's colors and show those along with the purses. After all, it is a pricey purse (and well worth the $$ for the quality), but it would be good to see the correct colors, as well. Otherwise, Coronado's line of purses rocks. I own four of them. BB
Ankle holster
SilveradoBlue - Ozark, Missouri (my profile)
Very comfortable. I like the lining on the inside of the band. It is one of the few ankle holsters to accommodate the Glock 36 that I have been able to locate. I recently rcvd it and the pistol fits in it as stated with no problems of drawing the weapon. Holds weapon close to the ankle and is very secure. I wore this holster along with the ankle mag holder I also purchased from on my other leg, and walked around & performed various types of physical duties with no difficulties or concern of losing my weapon or my 2 magazines thru-out the day and into the evening. This will certainly be my choice to carry my backup weapon.
FBI Holster
SilveradoBlue - Ozark, Missouri (my profile)
I own a few Springfield Armory 1911's. My two favorites are the PX9154LP Loaded Full Size Combat and the PW9701LP GI Full Size Hi-Cap pistols. I have had a problem finding holsters for the GI Model since it utilizes a double stack magazine. However, BOTH the single stack, and the double stack weapons work great with this holster. Their is enough clearance at the top of the holster so that it does not block or catch against the thicker handgrips of the GI Model. I am very happy with the quality of this holster as well. It is very comfortable and carries either pistol close to the body. Considering the GI Model has a double stack magazine, and wider handgrips to accommodate the mags, there is slightly more weight for this pistol, but this holster supports the GI Model as well. It has taken over as my primary concealment holster.
Bad Fit
Kenneth H - Meredith, New Hampshire (my profile)
Nice concept but the one I received was vey loose and would not snap in or stay at all on my Model 27. Gave it to a buddy with a Model 17 and it fits fine. The costs of shipping it back and forth was not worth shipping it back for a refund.
william - harrisburg, Illinois (my profile)
My glock 22 cycles so much better, if you are to buy any upgrade make it this. Well worth the money.
william - harrisburg, Illinois (my profile)
Does what it is meant to do, Makes it look alot cleaner also.
Fits nice in my G20
Frank R - Port Allegany, Pennsylvania (my profile)
pops out with a quick push with my index finger just like a safety switch. Might need extras because it can go flying when it pops out.
Ultimate Glock
nuclearick - Hixson, Tennessee (my profile)
This is an outstanding instructional Video. Lenny does a great job taking you through the weapon and shows how to take good weapon system and improve it with great parts. A Must Have Video for all.
very nice feel
Theresa N - Lake Elsinore, California (my profile)
Very nice part, great feel. Some people find it hard to install spring. Very easy way is to hold, or clamp slide in an upright postion muzzle end down so you can place the striker with spacer sleeve installed in the groove back wards with the lug turned so it doesn't slide into the groove. you now have a base to compress the spring and install the cups very easy with only two hands.
very pleased
Luis c - sunrise, Florida (my profile)
I bought two of them for my glock 23, excellent fit
Bad Part
- Austin, Texas (my profile)
I put the stainless guide rod and the buffer on my glock 22. It did not perform well, my gun kept jamming. It would not let the slide load the new round. After I took it off my gun the rest of the parts worked well. Lucky for me it was not a lot of money.
edgar m - san pablo city (my profile)
5 stars
kenneth w - canby, Oregon (my profile)
I have looked at many IWB holsters and the Scorpion is the most comfortable to date. I carry a Glock 22 .40 Gen3 and was told it was to big to conceal which at 6'4" 275lbs did not seem possible. Wearing jeans, shorts or workout gear this holster molds to your hip and you will forget that you have a firearm in your possesion. I want to thank the Glock Store as it was worth the wait. Regards KW
Great -- Accurate!
kuson - Bangkok (my profile)
Blinking Red really catches the eye. Very accurate- shot a blank shotgun shell at 15 yards with the red dot! Definitely for shooting without looking at sights, which even though I never had to do it yet, would be handy in those situations. Taught my Mom and sister trigger control by letting them fire without moving the laser aim point, and I guess would really give a scare to whoever gets the 'red dot'! However, the spring is rather stiff, and makes my Glock 17 quite hard to recycle -- not sure whether I can do anything since the spring seems captive with the unit.
Great Weight, But the Yellow Paint Comes Off After Some Use
kuson - Bangkok (my profile)
I'm not sure whether my Glock 17 is new and not run in yet, but after excessive dry firing and sliding in/out for about 4-5 days, the yellow paint began to peel off. Not sure whether mine were defects or whether the temperature here is humid, or whether this is normal.
Consistent Grip
kuson - Bangkok (my profile)
Just got it, and after trying it on, this in combination with Hogue grip (I purchased them together) seems to give me a Very Consistent Grip. When my Pinky hits the upper part of the polymer magwell, I know I have MY grip. It also seems to automatically make my grip higher. Will try at the shooting range and update results.
Excellent! Highly Recommended for a Perfect Grip!
kuson - Bangkok (my profile)
I just got via express mail today to Bangkok. It is very soft and comfortable ( I tried it earlier on my friends's Glock 19 while waiting for my order and its a must have!). It has a 'bulge' for the middle part of the palm, to fit contour of my hands -- this is the biggest plus since it gives me Consistent Grip. I've been trying to train myself for competition shooting, and getting the correct grip was quite difficult-- perhaps my hands is too big, or it was hard to get a consistent grip since there was no 'reference feel'. Now that this grip is in place, my strong hand (right hand) would be consistent 100%, and easy for my left hand (weak hand) to land consistently at the right place. And such magic when you get a consistent grip! I do not have to grip on my strong hand as hard, as there is about double contact area than with the default glock grip and find it easier to aim!
give more info
richard s - santa ana, California (my profile)
i'd buy this product if they did a better job of describing it...i'm left handed...what model will fit my glock 26?...whats a m26?...what does m stand for?
Worthwhile mod!
.308Boy - Long Beach, California (my profile)
I installed this part myself! That in itself, was an accomplishment(hehe). But let me tell you- my target groups(10 shot groups) at the range, literally shrunk in tight! I used the same ammo as before. I thought it was me, but then I remembered the polished 3.5 pound connector I installed. Wow! Next, Im going to install the Titanium Striker, and a polished firing pin safety plunger. Wheeee- these guns are fun to modify!
Get one!
Greg K - Fayetteville, Arkansas (my profile)
I bought this to replace the ultra-cheap plastic guide rod assembly that came with my Glock 29. The factory rod literally came apart while I was cleaning my pistol! This part is much stronger, cycles rounds better, and has improved my accuracy. Highly recommended.
Stephen T - Escondido, California (my profile)
This works great! Yes the mag is a little loose, but much better than using the larger mag without it. Well worth the money.
Joshua R - Portland, Maine (my profile)
The complete disassembly and reassembly Lenny does in this video make it worth the price. He's thorough, works at a nice pace, and adds bits of advice here and there. Demystified my Baby G completely. The self defense handling is pretty good, too, but the assembly portion is what meant the most to me. Thanks Lenny. -Joshua
backstrap channel insert
Mr. Z - riverside, Illinois (my profile)
good product. i bought two. they fits my twin model 30's snug and secure. really does a great job keeping dirt and debris out of inner workings of the pistol. A+!!!!!!
Stainless Return Spring Ass.
angelo - kissimmee, Florida (my profile)
A must for model 26.Spring assembly doesent bend like the cheep plastic factory assembly. Smoother stronger slide cycling. Only thing I don't like is the bright un-died ends they should black anodize the ends to match the color of the slide.
3.5 Lb. Connector
angelo - kissimmee, Florida (my profile)
WOW this connector surely lightens trigger pull But remember now do not make this change if you are useing your hand gun for self-protection. as told to me by a gun manufacturer if you use your altered hand gun in self defense be prepaired to possibly go to jail for a long time.The D.A.and the prosicuting attorneys will have a field day in court.
complete glock video
Mr. Z - riverside, Illinois (my profile)
if you own a glock you MUST have this video. it will save you ALOT of money by teaching you how to do yourown repairs and upgrades. if you upgrade ANY part of your glock yourself this video has already paid for itself. very nice product.
belly band
Mr. Z - riverside, Illinois (my profile)
i like this product. it allows me to carry without having to wear jeans or a belt. the velcro holds quite well as do the pouches that hold the firearms. my only comment is i wish the belt was wider to resist rolling over. but all and all its a great product.
concealed carry jeans
Mr. Z - riverside, Illinois (my profile)
i got my jeans today. just a few days after i ordered them. oddly i got them before other products i ordered before them. i was very pleased with the quality of these jeans. the fit was nice. they are also quite comfortable. i really like the way the pockets adjust to fit various firearms. overall a very, very good product.
Glock Ext. Slide Stop Lever
NIGHTWOLF - bixby, Oklahoma (my profile)
Works great i can hold it and aim and slide forward and it stays in the same spot and helps speed up reloading great part well worth the price.
Backstrap Channel Insert
NIGHTWOLF - bixby, Oklahoma (my profile)
Hey well worth the money. Helps in alot of ways. Thanks
3.5 Pound Connector
NIGHTWOLF - bixby, Oklahoma (my profile)
What can i say hmmm works great.
Tungsten Guide Rod
NIGHTWOLF - bixby, Oklahoma (my profile)
Hello i put the Tungsten in my Glock 17c and loved it. Works wounders and helps the recoil. I used it first time in my phase 4 security class on the range with afew other parts like the 3.5lbs triger pull and the ext. slide rel. it helps alot and had alot of fun.
sid b - sautee, Georgia (my profile)
Being new to handguns, I was looking for a way to train myself with the same gun,but, at lower cost.. this conversion is easy to use, well constructed and very reliable. I could not have asked for more. Sid
Customer Comment on the Inner Piece IWB
- San Diego, California (my profile)
The inner piece holster arrived today. After adjusting the trigger guard retention screw, I put it on. It by far is the most comfortable holster I have owned. It, with Glock inserted, fits right into the little area behind my hip but away from the small of my back. I hardly notice I'm wearing it. While driving it does not press into my side or back.
Slide Stop
bemagnum - Bristol, Tennessee (my profile)
A must have for the glock shooter who enjoys shooting or practicing alot.
Great case
Jeffrey V - Whitier, California (my profile)
I have the smaller case and my Glock 19 fits perfectly with room for one mag. It's compact, sturdy, and the built in lock eliminates dealing with a separate lock or multiple locks. Fits nicely in my gear bag for the Police Academy, a little heavier than plastic cases, but I think it's worth it for the protection.
Bar-sto Barrels
bemagnum - Bristol, Tennessee (my profile)
These Barrels are good barrels for the price especially for the glock owner who likes to reload.The original glock barrels are not recommended for reloads or lead bullets this can damage your glock barrels.
Concealed Carry Dress Belt
Donald O - Dayton, Ohio (my profile)
I liked the Black Dress Belt in sz 44"so much that I just ordered a tan belt. Quality is excellent and the contour in the belt makes it very comfortable to wear everyday. It supports my Glock 19 very well.
Glock Factory Barrel
Jason B - Fishersville, Virginia (my profile)
To me this was a simple way to essentially get a two guns by purchasing an additional barrel. As I'm sure many of you have found if you have the 31 or other .357Sig based Glock .357Sig is not the cheapest ammo out there and having the ability to buy the cheaper .40S&W means more range time. if your Glock allows you to buy an additional barrel in another caliber is will be a great investment for you.
BlackHawk Serpa
brad o - el pas, Texas (my profile)
Great product, secure and easy locking mechanism, adjustable cant and belt sizing. Extremelly comfortable and fashionable. Highly recommend along with matching belt by BlackHawk and carbon fiber finshed mag pouch! A+ item!
Tritium 24/7 "dot the I" sights
David T - Phoenix, Arizona (my profile)
I bought these because of the advertising. I was amazed to find that the sights far exceed the ad. Once I installed the sites (after a lot of procrastiation due to percieved difficulty) I was amazed at the improvement in full bright day light picture but moreover upon checking out the sight in total darkness. Installation was a snap once I took it on. I used only provided tools and accomplished excellent sight alignment very quickly. Using the "lock tite" on the rear sights will insure maintained accuracy with rough care.
Hung - Newport Beach, California (my profile)
Glocks are durable like that, they have a new upgraded firing pin on all their new guns. These caps are really good for dry fire practice. I recommend this product for accuracy practice. You can see how much you actually anticipate and you'll know how to correct that with these.
Sheehan H - lauderdale lakes, Florida (my profile)
Nice shirt and it looks comfertable. How protective is it.
backstrap channel insert
Mark - Madison, Wisconsin (my profile)
Outstanding product! Should be standard on all Glocks. I does exactly what what it's advertised to do. If you buy on accessorie for the Glock, make it this.
Glock long sleeve T
leah M - Marianna, Florida (my profile)
Good Quality, Comfy T-Shirt, looks awesome with BDU's.
Quality product
mocarryguy - Kansas City, Missouri (my profile)
I ordered this product, and was very pleased with it. The quality is top notch, but the sizing I don't think is indicative of the true sizing. I have a 44" chest, and ordered a size 46. When you put a full size gun in the pocket, it becomes too tight, and will "print" the outline. I sent the vest back and have ordered the 48 in it's place. If you are not going to carry a gun in the pocket, I would still go up one size. Overall, I am impressed with this product and would recommend
Stainless steel guide rod w/dual spring
BMc - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
I purchased this spring to do away with the plastic rod that came with my model 26. It took just a minute to install. I have fired 200 rounds and can tell that adding this spring helped my lockup,along with my crimson trace laser I feel more sure about bullet placement.
Needs work
Christopher P - Hyde Park, New York (my profile)
Just received and it holds my aluminum 6P much too securely. Tuff to remove with both hands
great product
David B - Cincinnati, Ohio (my profile)
I just got mine is as easy to install as they say. I have not shot with it yet, but it was a blast to play with . of course my weapon was UNLOADED. I also have the in car portable safe, well worth checking into for yourself.
clint m - Salt Lake City, Utah (my profile)
Nice hat. Just wish the stitching on the back said GLOCK instead of having a URL
David B - Cincinnati, Ohio (my profile)
Just got mine in today,I have tryed my Glock 36 & my Glock 27 out , they fit great. the cable is the perfect size and length for my car. seems to be a great product. I have not been able to find this kind of security box anywhere else but here at GLOCKSTORE.COM
thomas t - Stafford Springs, Connecticut (my profile)
Very impressive. But I have a problem with my GTL21. I need help!
Glock extended slide lock
Leon C - Mbg, Pennsylvania (my profile)
Buy it. It is worth every penny. The added width is just enough to make takedown easy, but not enough to snag on things (holsters, etc.)
Great fun for little money
Rick P - Queen Creek, Arizona (my profile)
I received a Johnathon Ceiner conversion kit for Christmas several years ago. It was the biggest piece of junk that I have ever owned. I can count on both hands the times that it cycled an entire mag without some sort of problem in over five years of frustration. This summer I purchased a real conversion kit from the Glock store (Advantage arms). There has been well over a thousnd rounds through it without one failure. It is the most fun someone should have with their clothes on!!! I am using Remington bulk ammo.
glock gun smith mat
jojogunne - waukesha, Wisconsin (my profile)
these are so cool! i cant believe you dont have one of these.they last forever,and you get to show off your favorite pistol at the same time.
S.W.A.T. Omega Cross Draw Vest
Gene B - Nipomo, California (my profile)
Appears to be very versatile, comfortable, not bulky. Could still be worn under a jacket or coat. I like the pockets and clip pouches but would like to know if it available in crossdraw holster style?
Great Product
JBL - Houston, Texas (my profile)
This is the best low light sighting system available! Easy to install, fool proof operation, and accurate! The slide lock switch is in your safe finger position, ambidextrious, and easy to access. Much better than competing grip and other lasers. You will need to replace the spring (as they recommend) but the performance of your weapon is flawless with this product.
pin set
buddy w - richmond, Virginia (my profile)
gave the gun more detail, and a not the samae glock at the range look..
Improves accuracy
Keith G - Springfield, Illinois (my profile)
Adds a little needed weith to the front of the gun diminishing movment caused by trigger pull and thus incresing accuracy.
steel guide rod
James P - Las Cruces, New Mexico (my profile)
Makes a big difference in glock 20. Cycles a lot better and less felt recoil.
Great insurance.
Dirty - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
I use the Clipdraw and I just feel better when my Glock is in my pants that I don't blow my bollocks off.
Should have been installed at the factory.
Dirty - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
These are installed on al my Glocks now. Big difference.
Easy Install
Dirty - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
Anyone can install this part. It makes it much easier when your slamming in mags quickly.
Nice shooting!
Dirty - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
This was the first thing I installed on my Glocks. I put this in at the range after shooting with the stock connector and when I went back out, I noticed quite a difference.
Highly Recomended!!!
- San Diego, California (my profile)
Great Book
glock19 with CSP laser sights
James s - Antelope, California (my profile)
Great gun laser sights are very nice to have the holster is a little strange but ither then that
Low price - big difference
Arthur A - Huntsville, Alabama (my profile)
This part comes with a spring that is not quite as stiff as the factory spring. Not sure how much benefit comes from the spring vs. the rounded titanium safety plunger itself, but it does indeed make a remarkable difference. This and a 3.5 lb trigger connector turned a notchy trigger pull into the sweetest thing I've ever felt - while shooting, that is! I recommend it highly.
Josh L - Marietta, Georgia (my profile)
The only reason you would not need this trigger lock is if you live alone in the country and exercise safe gun control. In the cities, esp. if you have children at home, you need more than one measure availible to keep curious children from acting out what they have seen in movies. And even if the pistol is stolen, the liklehood that it would be used in a murder decreases dramictaly.
This is a MUST-HAVE accessory for your GLOCK!
Agent_Blammo - Long Beach, California (my profile)
I own a 2nd generation GLOCK 21C and I am left-handed. Lefties have to use their left index finger to release the slide after reloading and trust me, this can be a bitch and a half sometimes. The extended slide stop lever makes releasing the slide MUCH MUCH easier. I must add however, even if you're not a lefty, this is a worthy accessory for your GLOCK. Buy it, try it and you'll see a difference. No, did not pay me to post this review. This is just a great accessory for a great gun.
GLOCK Field Knife - Can't go wrong for this price.
Agent_Blammo - Long Beach, California (my profile)
At first glance this knife doesn't look all that impressive, considering the blade is rather narrow (sorry, I'm more accustomed to broader blades like a SOG). But for only 30 bucks, you can't go wrong. This knife has an excellent blade that consists of high-quality steel and it'll last indefinitely. The girth of the blade is just right, especially on the reverse end with the saw teeth. The saw teeth are exceptional. This is not a typical serrated blade, this is literally a SAW and it'll hack through just about anything. The weight balance is perfect for throwing. Trust me, just try it and you'll see. Lastly, the top side of the crossbar really does make a great bottle opener. For those of you who drink foreign beer (most foreign beer bottle caps are not twist-off) the GLOCK Field Knife is perfect for cracking open a cold one while out camping, during BBQs or when you're just kicking back on the couch watching the game. Great freakin' knife!
Gary J - Tempe, Arizona (my profile)
Works great on my Stainless Steel guide rod in my Model 20. Less apparent recoil and the cycling action seems smoother. No damage to the buffer after 500 rounds.
Top Comfort
Michael P - Moorhead, Minnesota (my profile)
This has got to be the most comfortable grip i have ever held. I thought that my G23 was comfortable before, but this is great. Just when you think you cant improve on perfection...
Handy Little Gun Rack
Harold H - Fox Island, Washington (my profile)
Absolutely great! They fit perfectly in my safe and keep my handguns safe, organized and handy. I already two of the Handy Little Gun Racks and am in the process of ordering a third.
.22 Conversion
RR - BIshop, California (my profile)
I just installed and fired my Glock 27 Mini 40/.22 Conversion, The first shot at 25 yards was dead center. It grouped 10 Rounds in a 2 inchs offhand. Not too bad for the mini Glock. I'm very impressed with the .22 and how well it shot with CCI stinger ammo. I will be getting these for my other Glocks as well.If you shoot a lot, BUY IT and save a lot of money. It's way too cool and well worth the money.
willard m - Fort Walton Beach, Florida (my profile)
I purchased this item for three reasons. I wanted to improve the fell and handling of my model #27. (with the sleeve you get full feel and control). The second reason was to use my hi- cap mags. The third reason it takes the wiggle out of the mag.
Aluminum Trigger
GLOCK26 - SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (my profile)
As of now i have installed the 3.5 pound connector, ultimate trigger stop, and the aluminum trigger. Big improvemont over the factory parts trigger feels great is smoother but the cosmetics looked less polished than i exspected. This is an improvement over the factory trigger, however i feel it is over priced $ 45 to $50 would be more like it.
Ultimate Trigger Stop
GLOCK26 - SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (my profile)
If you are looking for better performance and want to be able to do your own coustom trigger job on your favorate glock pistol this is the ticket. This is more than worth the price, you are able to adjust the trigger to exactly were you want it stop as much travel as you want. At this time its a good time to order the 3.5 pound connector, just press it in change out your old spring from your factory trigger stop and your good to go.
GLOCK26 - SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (my profile)
Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever
Rapide Eduardo - Prairie Village, Kansas (my profile)
Of all the things on my Model 20, the stock slide stop lever just didn't look like it came from the same engineers who designed the rest of the pistol. Yes, it worked fine. However, the extended lever is just that much better. It allows for dropping the slide on a fresh magazine with very little effort. The fact that it looks a lot like the original part justifies the design of the original. Well done, Mr. Glock.
Glock Plug Tool
Rapide Eduardo - Prairie Village, Kansas (my profile)
I bought this and got to use it once. Then I put it in the grip of my Model 20 and went to the range. After 5 rounds, a friend stopped me and pointed to the tool, now on the ground. I reinstalled it and after another magazine, found it on the ground again. Finally, it came up MIA. I tried changing my grip, thinking the recoil was an issue. No Joy. This is the only, repeat only part I have bought from Glock Store that didn't do everything promised.
Recoil Buffer
Rapide Eduardo - Prairie Village, Kansas (my profile)
I bought this at the same time as the stainless steel spring guide. My old Model 20 has not had any of the cycling problems or splitting reported by other owners. I have put about 300 or so rounds through the weapon with no failures to feed, etc. Maybe it's coming, but so far, so good!
Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Rapide Eduardo - Prairie Village, Kansas (my profile)
Since installing this part, my Model 20 seems to cycle more smoothly. The best part though, is not trying to corral the stock spring when reassembling!
Aluminum Trigger
Rapide Eduardo - Prairie Village, Kansas (my profile)
This trigger assembly should come from the factory as standard equipment, it is that good! I installed it myself, with the help of the excellent DVD on Glock Disassembly. Since then, I have run 300 rounds through my Model 20. This trigger has a more comfortable feel, perhaps it is a little wider than stock. Anyhow, I believe my groups have pulled in a little tighter since I installed this assembly. I can credit the improved groups on the new feel. Quality Part!
Gorgeous! Simple, Classic, and Elegant!
D'Lynne H - Springfield, Missouri (my profile)
This is a beautiful handbag. The quality of the leather and workmanship is excellent! I bought the red one, and it has a lovely pink lining. It is the perfect size for what I need to carry, and proportionate to my body. I love the design and configuration. It is handy to use. It is exactly what I was wanting in a bag, even without the concealment pocket. I don't have my CCL yet, and am using the concealment pocket for my wallet. I will buy other colors - at least the cognac or stone (ahough, the blood red is a very neutral color that blends with anything I have). I'd like to give it at least 10 stars!!!!
Excellent Concealment
Joseph C - Hempstead, New York (my profile)
This is the ideal concealment shirt to wear under a dress shirt and suit. It gives ultimate concealment while being comfortable to wear. I can carry my Glock 27 or my Baretta Tomcat and no one can tell. I highly recomment this for any law enforcememt officer who needs to go deep undercover.
mario d - Mexico (my profile)
I think they are good for some drills but not good for dry fire, because the hammer dosen´t hit anything(That space is empty) , it´s like shoothing without a bullet and that is bad for the gun.
Glock Hat
Cathy J - Madisonville, Kentucky (my profile)
Love my Gun...Love my Hat
It's Okay...
Phirehawk - Cincinnati, Ohio (my profile)
There aren't too many flashlights that fit in the adaptor (mini MagLites don't fit). The one that I was able to find that did aimed the light too low on my G19 to be able to use it to aquire the target (light fell far below sight picture - a slight cant up on the item would be helpful). It was easy to install, but a pain to remove. I have removed it and will probably eBay it sometime in the future. I will just get better at tactical light carry for my G19 (no weaver rail). It's not something that I'd order again. Glock stopped making it for a reason. Service from the vendor was GREAT though.
A Must Have
Ron S - Sparks, Nevada (my profile)
Very nice to have, the performance is at it's best.
guide rod
michael s - taylors, South Carolina (my profile)
perfect fit, durable, improved performance, nice upgrade,would highly recommend!
glock tee
michael s - taylors, South Carolina (my profile)
great tee, but after i washed the shirt the first time it went from a large to a medium
Jonathan C - Grants Pass, Oregon (my profile)
Normally I dont do product reviews but when I saw that I had a chance to do one on the Glock Field Knife, I couldnt pass up the chance. The Glock Field Knife is everything you need in a sheath knife. Its extremely tough, as I have never broke mine under some very extreme conditions. Its very well balanced, as I have used mine for throwing practice countless times. And most of all, The quality steel maintains a good sharp edge longer than most other knives out there. Its no wonder that the Austrian Army issues these to their troops. The next best thing they could do is make these knives with bayonet attachments for the M-16, M4 etc. My only concern is that I havent been able to find the model with a smooth back for some time. Do they still manufacture them?
3.5 lbs Connector
ROB - Bradenton, Florida (my profile)
For more accuracy and smoother trigger pull!! This is the way to go!!!
Recoil Buffer
ROB - Bradenton, Florida (my profile)
Did not think I would have much results for a 10 dollar part, But I would recommend this for any glock owner! Less recoil felt and alot smoother shooting!!
Concealed Carry Jeans
Bharnz - Soo, Michigan (my profile)
Just received my jeans, and I like the quality, made for left and right carry, nice heavy feel demin, , fits well, 34x30. My XD40SC fits perfect, the pocket as type of adjusting for gun. I'm placing an order for 3 more pairs, these are some of the best fitting / feeling jeans I have worn. and the XD40SC does not cause any discomfort when sitting, and no buldge or show when standing , or walking, ME HAPPY BOY
5.11 3-in-1 Jacket
Gary S - San Diego, California (my profile)
Very comfortable jacket . . . great buy!
Perfect concealment for a female
kd - Oregon (my profile)
I've had a lot of difficult finding a concealment holster that works with my body type (female) and this is IT. No one has been able to spot the gun or extra magazine yet, even knowing I'm carrying. It looks a lot like a back support too, which is nice.
I would not buy this set
J B - Houston, Texas (my profile)
The disassembly tool is very handy and quite strong. It is, of course, just the right size to push the various pins out of Glocks. This tool is also perfect, nothing else even comes close, for removing the bottom plate of your Glock mags. If you have a Glock, you should have one of these tools. I would not recommend using the gizmo that fills in the gap at the bottom of the Glock. The gap is there for a very good reason. If you have a jam that can not be cleared by a tap-rack drill, you will need to pull the mag from the gun by brute force. In a serious jam the mag release will probably not work, you must be able to get your thumb up into the gap to rip the mag out. With practice, one can accomplish a Tap, Rack and Rip drill in only a few seconds. If you have the gap plugged with some kind of gadget you will probably be dead before you can figure out how to get your gun up and running again.
These pants will do the job
J B - Houston, Texas (my profile)
These pants are extremely well made especially considering the reasonable price. They are similar to BDUs but more practical in my opinion. They are not as baggy in the legs and they have a zipper fly, I hate the button flys on regular BDUs. There are pockets inside the knees that hold knee pads but I have not used that feature. I like the regular pockets and the fit. There is a light weight, rip stop version that might be more appropriate in really hot weather. These pants are available in at least two lengths which is a tremendous benefit for someone that is over 6 feet tall. These pants have a nice cut to them. While I wouldn’t wear them to my office, I would be much more likely to wear these out to the store or movies before I would wear BDUs. I wore these just before Rita was supposed to hit Houston. Things were hairy here and I wanted tough, functional clothing that didn’t stand out as too military looking. These pants will do the job, look good while you are at it but , depending on color selection, not stand out as much as BDUs.
This is a well made and thought-out product
J B - Houston, Texas (my profile)
If you haven’t used a timer before you are probably thinking “Why the heck do I need a timer?”. The answer is that if you want to improve your shooting you need to regularly practice a series of drills that conform to your goals. The timer comes in handy in many ways, two that come to mind are: 1) You can not tell how fast you are doing a drill by “feel” alone. Some of my fastest times actually felt a little slow or normal at best. Some drills that feel fast will turn out to be slow and you will only know this from a timer. 2) Timers put a little pressure on you which always makes things interesting. When alone you can shoot the same drill over and over and tweak your form. When shooting with one or more people, someone can run the timer with the group watching. If you can do your drills under time and on target with your buddies watching and waiting to give you a little good natured grief, you have the drill firmly down. That being said, I have only used this one timer. I bought it because my instructor used the same kind. It is simple to use, the battery seems to have a good life span, it has an auto-off (important feature in my book) and the timer has been dropped a couple of times with no ill effects. The buzzer is loud enough to hear with good ear protection in place. There is belt clip and an option offering a slight random delay that allows you to train alone. I would like the belt clip to be a little better designed but that is a trivial matter. This is a well made and thought-out product that serves an important function at a competitive price.
The “Tim Allen” in me likes knowing it is there.
J B - Houston, Texas (my profile)
This part is simple to install if you can easily disassemble your Glock slide. I can not really tell if it improved the trigger pull much but I have it on a G34 with a 3.5 lb trigger pull, Ghost trigger bar and lightly polished surfaces. I plan to move it to a 23 with a 5.5lb trigger to see if I can tell a difference. Logically, I could see how a heavier trigger pull might benefit more from less friction. The “Tim Allen” in me likes knowing it is there though.
Replacement slide cover
J B - Houston, Texas (my profile)
This is an easy device to install. It looks only slightly different than the Glock part, no one else will probably ever notice if you buy the black one. The silver piece might add a different look to your gun if that is your style. The Glock part, being plastic, is probably cheaper. I can not see how this part would improve performance in anyway. If you shoot, and clean, your gun a lot you may see a little less wear on the metal part than the plastic one. There is probably no other practical reason to pay 2-3x more for a metal part over the Glock factory part unless you are just really picky. I put this piece on simply because I didn’t like a small scratch my plastic part had on it and I figured if I scratched it once, I could do so again if I replaced it with a factory part.
3.5 Pound Connector
Rapide Eduardo - Prairie Village, Kansas (my profile)
I always thought my Glock 20 was capable of better accuracy, if I could control the trigger pull a little better. This part is the ticket! If you don't have the video for disassembly, get it too. This connector makes a fine pistol even better. Well worth the price.
Is it supposed to do this?
Javelin - nowheresville, Florida (my profile)
I got one, installed it on my Glock 23, and went to the range. I shot approximately 100 rounds. Recoil was reduced, but when I got home and took my pistol apart to clean it, I noticed that the buffer is split in numerous places, and looks like it may come apart if I keep using it. Is this intended, or do I need to buy another $10 part every tiem I plan on going shooting?
Recoil Buffer
Vanowen L - Hanford, California (my profile)
Great product that dramatically reduces recoil. I put this on my Glock 37 in conjunction with a stainless steel recoil rod from Springco.
Slug Plug
Vanowen L - Hanford, California (my profile)
Very good product! Snaps right into the empty spot.
GLOCK Tactical Light
Smooth - Crane Hill, Alabama (my profile)
I have strapped on a few tact-lights to my G21 and have to say I like the Glock tactical light the best. There are many good lights out there, but a few I've tried didn't "snug-up" to the rails like I wanted or didn't "snap" into place all that great. The Glock light works perfectly and hugs the rails of my G21 like it was forged on the frame. This light is also very bright and has a smooth, tuned field of view that is crisp, clear and even. No odd angles or distorted images on the surface it is illuminating. The switch is easily accessible with your index (trigger) finger and can be activated with your middle finger (while your index is on the trigger) with little or no effort. I highly recommend this light for your Glock. It works great and looks so damn cool. Makes your already cool Glock look even better.
Richard S - St.Catharines (my profile)
The Glock-17 Is the best hand gun I've ever shot off or owend I wouldn't trade it for anything.
quality jacket
Dean - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I am pleased with the jacket. I am 5'7'' tall and weigh 170 lbs and the medium size I ordered fits me well. It is heavier than I expected. The concealment pockets are large enough for a full size auto and have velcro seals. This jacket is large for its size. I almost ordered a large and that would have been too big for me. Heavy duty construction and warm. This is not a dress jacket.
Moises Hernandez Millet
Moises H - Hatillo PR (my profile)
Moises Hernandez Millet
amar a - malmo (my profile)
send it hidden
Decal grips
Smooth - Crane Hill, Alabama (my profile)
I just purchased these decal grips for my G36 and G21. They are great, but the decals for the slide part do not adhere as well as I hoped. The decals for the grip of the guns do good and stay put, best I can tell. They don't seem to adhere to the metal parts as well as the composite parts. All in all they are a good investment for a better grip on your Glock. I would try them, but only for the hand-grip.
Glock Field Knife
Steve F - Manhattan, Kansas (my profile)
I bought this knife 3 years ago, and had not been able to use it much until about 18 months ago. I bought a metal detector and when I went the first time I took it. I have used it since as a shovel, hammer and wire cutter. It has been an excellent tool and I would recommend any one that is looking for a camping or survial tool that this should be on the top of their list.
Larry C - Nappanee, Indiana (my profile)
It Works
Tony T - Port Neches, Texas (my profile)
This is a really good holster for concealment and duty. I can hide it very easilywith no bulges. It also keeps the gun (Glock 22) secured until I pull up on it to release it. Over all I reccommend this holster to anyone.
Great add on
Jerry E - Crookston, Minnesota (my profile)
This is 100% better than the factory slide release. It is much easier to close the slide without having to move the position of your hand.
Paddle Holster (Roto)
Thomas Fountain - Marrero, Louisiana (my profile)
I have used this holster on several occasions. I have a CCW & carry a Glock "36" .45 caliber. I never owned a paddle holster until this one & didn't think it would be that comfortable or concealable, but for the price I wanted to try one. I must say not only is it comfortable, it is very concealable. The light weight & all other factors make it a winner for me! TF
The best there is
J B - Houston, Texas (my profile)
These are the best dummy rounds that I have seen or used in any of the classes that I have taken. I ended up buying one from a classmate (at a real premium) because I could not find them anywhere until I found them here. The weight is perfect and they function just like a real round. In fact, they use a real bullet so the weight is more correct. These are perfect for practicing stoppages and reloads. The projectile is a tad loose on mine as I only have one and it has hit the cement many, many times but it doesn’t show any sign of coming apart. True, they don’t have a spring or cap where the primer would normally be but they don’t need it as dry firing a Glock won’t hurt it anyway.
S.W.A.T. Tactical Holster
John - Kinmundy, Illinois (my profile)
I recently purchased this tactical holster and is of really good quality. Nothing cheap about it. This will hold up and last for some time. The inside is lined so not to wear on the finish of your side arm. Has plenty of room for your aiming sites. So not to wear on them. The leg straps adjust but are also made of elastic. This sure helps to give you room when your leg moves. But will keep the holster snug. Even comes in a heavy plastic bag. Zippered sealed. “Holds in the freshness” I had to throw that in. But serious, this tactical holster is well worth the money.
Glock Tactikal Light
Goran L - Atlanta, Georgia (my profile)
This is very good tactical light. Adjusting laser was easy, xenon light is very strong. Only one problem – can’t find holster that can hold Glock 35 with mounted Light.
chandler - portsmouth, Virginia (my profile)
The product description says it all, highly recomended!
chandler - portsmouth, Virginia (my profile)
Perfect product! Make sure you clean the laser lense during your regular weapon cleaning when your done shooting!
Glock Tactical Light w/ Laser
Matthew M - Mystic, Connecticut (my profile)
This is an excellent product! Much cheaper than the M6 light/laser combo, and made by Glock with the logo on the side, a perfect match. Slides on in seconds, gives you easy ability to have the xenon light, the light and laser, or just the laser. I found the laser simple to adjust and had NO problems whatsoever. Highly recommend for home defense, eliminates the need to tie up a hand with a flashlight. Plus it's just down right fun.
3.5 pound connector
Michael C - Houston, Texas (my profile)
I carry a Glock 23 for personal protection and shoot at least once a week. Each time at the range I shoot a minimum of 100 rounds, although I often shoot more. I practice tactical shooting and sometimes shoot IDPA matches to learn new skills and hone the skills I already have. Since putting in the 3.5 pound connector I have noticed a marked improvement in my shooting. The trigger pull is smoother and I feel I can fire faster and more accurately. At first I was concerned the lighter pull would result in accidental misfires. However, the Glock trigger has enough travel to make those fears unfounded. I would definitely recommend this product to any Glock shooter who wants to improve his or her accuracy.
Economy of scale
JAV - New Milford, Connecticut (my profile)
Have now fired 1,000 rounds of various quality; stick with quality ammo and you'll enjoy the accuracy and savings over always practicing with carry rounds. Seamless intigration with my Glock27, perfectly manufactured, and more functional than having a second varmit or training with a SA unlike your carry. I only wished they packaged it with more magazines, so consider them when you purchase. Best Glock training accessory for the money.
These kick ass
chris m - san antonio, Texas (my profile)
I bought these right after I bought my new glock 17 years ago, they made the gun feel way better in my hand and felt like i had more control at the range. Mine are starting to peel in some corners but they are easily replaceable and have had them for five years.
Recoil Buffer
Brant B - Mesa, Arizona (my profile)
I'm not sure why the recoil buffer does not work with the stainless steel guide rod... The receiver will not stay open. Wish I would have known BEFORE purchasing.
Great trigger
Jerry E - Crookston, Minnesota (my profile)
This is much stronger than the original factory part. I have not fired my glock since i have made my modifications, but as soon as I get all of my items I will take it out. The trigger pull is much better than the plastic part when you are dry firing the gun. Excellent trigger, You shouldspend the $100 and get it!!!
Kick ass grip
Jerry E - Crookston, Minnesota (my profile)
This is much better than that Glock factory so-called grip. It is very easy to put on, it not only comes with the handle grip but also two areas on the slide to place it and under the trigger guard. Be carfeul on how you put it on, my right hand grip doesnt look as neat as the left, but still functions great. Make sure you place the decals on every area that it shows you, including the two areas on the slide. You can place it near the muzzle on the slide and use it to check your rounds or to load a round into the chamber. This saves you $200 compared to sending in your slide and having them refinish it and make it look like the back portion of the slide. Works excellent, makes a little tougher to pull out a concealed holster, but just a little bit.
Complete Glock Video
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
A must if you won a Glock. How can I shoot without it? Has saved me much $$$ by doing my own Glock smithing. Very professionally done. Easy to understand. Highly Recommended!
Glock Disassembly Tool
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
A must if you own a Glock. Period. Very usefull.
Decal Grip
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
I have the sandpaper finish. Great product. Easy to put on, and doesn't come off unless you take it off. Better the grip, better the shot. No sliding gun in hand. Looks cool too! Recommended.
Hi-Viz Front Sight
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
Great! I kept the Glock back sight and just replaced the front sight with Hi-Viz. Very bright! Quick visual target acquisition. Easy to replace, use "Customizing Your Glock" Video sold by; Also, use a drop of locktight when installing so the hex screw does not come loose. Recommended!
Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
Highly recommended for ease of closing slide. Very easy to install with Complete Glock video sold by Comfort for fingers. Should be a mandatory after factory replacement part.
Glock Extended Slide Lock
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
Highly recommended for comfort. Easy to install with Complete Glock video sold by; this should be a mandatory replacement part
Slug Plug
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
Good product - recommended
Recoil Buffer
Ralph F - Manchester, New Jersey (my profile)
Worked well with factory plastic guide rod. Did not work well with stainless steel replacement guide rod - slide would not remain open.
An off duty / concealed carry must for any Glock
Bill E - Camden, New Jersey (my profile)
I put one of these on my G27 about a year ago and I honestly can't imagine carrying without it now. I used to elect not to carry off duty because I just couldn't find a confortable and concealable holster. In todays society, that's not a good idea for an LEO. The Clip Draw has made it easy, safe and confortable to carry off duty and under cover again and all my colleagues are buying them up after seeing mine. My 27 also still fits in my leather pancake with the Clip Draw attatched.
Must have
Edge_glock37 - Victoria, Texas (my profile)
Great upgrade, makes the strike feel so much better. Also it does come with the spring. Only thing is takes 4 hands to put the striker back together. But works great worth the upgrade.
Extended Slide Release
Justin M - Normal, Illinois (my profile)
I would also like to echo the comments of my fellow Glock fans that reviewed this product. With the factory slide release it can be difficult to release the slide when your hands are wet or if you have oil on the gun from cleaning it. This piece makes it easy to grip even when it's wet. The only way to improve this product would be to make it metal instead of plastic. (That's just my opinion for durability's sake)
Not for Glocks
Imatman - Jackson, Tennessee (my profile)
This is not made for a Glock. Enough said.
Beaglockhead2 - Marion, Illinois (my profile)
Another small inexpensive part that makes shooting and cleaning Glocks a little better. Taking down the Glock used to make my fingers hurt, not any more! This makes it a breeze by adding just a little more surface area to grab onto when releasing the slide. Easily installed. If you're a Glockhead, you need this!
Slide Stop Lever
Beaglockhead2 - Marion, Illinois (my profile)
Glock handguns have very few drawbacks but the factory Slide Stop Lever is one of them. This extended lever gives you the added surface area to release the slide easily. Much easier than the factory lever. Installs in seconds. I recommend this part for all Glockheads.
patrick c - terre haute, Hawaii (my profile)
need one sent to me if you want the review
Items you do not need!!!
Guy in Texas - Southeast, Texas (my profile)
This is the kind of item that we do not need. This is left wing ideology being forced upon us.
good to go who ya!!!!
john l - merrimack, New Hampshire (my profile)
great deal for such precision made barels
Edge_glock37 - Victoria, Texas (my profile)
Its great when you need a tool to clean or break down and you are not near tools. I aslo like how it doubles as a plug.
Recoil guide rod
Edge_glock37 - Victoria, Texas (my profile)
Much more rugged and does help on overall performance. My stock one was already getting worn and I have not had the pistol more than 4 months. This one appears to hold up to me a lot better. A deffinate must have upgrade with recoil buffer.
Titanium safety plunger
Edge_glock37 - Victoria, Texas (my profile)
Works really well does smooth the trigger some. It does include the sping the ad does not say or show in the picture. Becareful when dissassembling because the spring is small and is easily lost. Looks better then the stock part also.
Get One NOW!!
Joe H. - Subang Jaya (my profile)
It really does improve the performance. Just as described. Highly recommended. Get one NOW!!
WoW ! !
Joe H. - Subang Jaya (my profile)
The word for this product is WoW!! But I wish the batteries lasts longer though.
Joe H. - Subang Jaya (my profile)
Had these sights installed on my Glock 19 last year and all my glock owner friends were impressed. They just glow 24/7. Thank you for this amazing product.
glock disassembly tool
clifford k - dallas, Georgia (my profile)
Great product, The slug plug tool is wounderful. Finally I don't have to go find a punch to clean my glock. Plus it fits flus and looks great.
Love this shirt!
John D. - Pheonix, Arizona (my profile)
This is the best way to carry....for me it makes a lot of sense because I wear a lot of gym clothes and don't wear a belt often. The shirt is comfortable and I carry my G19 with me even when I'm working out!
Recoil buffer upgrade
Edge_glock37 - Victoria, Texas (my profile)
Just got my new glock 37 and saw this part so decided to try it. Well results are in helped close my groups up about 1/4 inch. The felt recoil is reduced a little which helps on follow up shots. Deffinately worth the cost just becareful when taking apart you don't lose it!!!
Complete Glock
John - Kinmundy, Illinois (my profile)
This is one complete video. Mr.Magill covers everything that you need to know on breaking your Glock all the way down. He makes sure to point out certain way parts need to be put back. If you did not have this video. You would not know this. Like the title reads complete Glock. I would recommend this video. I am now going to order another title. Since I was so happy with this one.
Justin B - Sacramento, California (my profile)
Rounds are perfect for clearing jams and other malfunction drills however they are not good for those who need to dryfire their weapons alot since they have no internal spring to stop the firing pin. If you don't need to dryfire than these are perfect, they don't fall apart in your gun like the plastic ones.
Glock Extended Slide Lock
Mr. 44 mag. - Salem, Oregon (my profile)
THESE ARE GREAT!! They should be a standard item on Glocks!! Every Glock owner needs one for each pistol!!
Doc - Hamilton, Ohio (my profile)
I had purchaced one for my G17. It is just what I wanted. I wear both pants that are elastic waste and belt loops. I can carry my G17 safly with or without a belt. I own several holsters for my G17 some of which I spent over $125.00 for, and the clipdraw is what I use most. It's holds the gun securie and it has never come off unless I draw the gun. I have had trouble with the 125.00 holster and it has lost my gun but not the clipdraw. It has proven to be the most confortable for me. I am licened to carry a concieled handgun and do so daily so I speak from experance. As a side note you can still use your holster without removing the clip it works for me when I am using my Fobus.
ROGELIO LUIS M - Santiago (my profile)
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